NXT Live Dublin Review
The Hometown Hero (photo:youtube.com)

Well the NXT Tour is winding down with a show in Bournemouth tonight and the final show in Plymouth tomorrow night. This author was in attendance at the show in the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday night. It was an action packed show from first minute to last. So let’s take a look at the card.

Not So Perfect for Perfect 10 in Dubliin

The Opening bout of the night saw Hugo Knox take on The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger. Dillinger taunted the crowd about the Irish National Soccer Team. In what was a decent contest Dillinger quickly took control of the bout and taunted the home crowd throughout the match? However Knox was not there to take things lightly and as Tye taunted this gave Knox a chance to rally and Knox took the chance to get the 1…….2……3.

This kick is a Perfect 10 (photo:WWE.com)

Almas impresses again

The second match saw newcomer Andrade Cien Almas take on Wesley Blake in what was an ok match. Throughout the match Blake got “Murphy’s better” chants. Blake looked to use the power but Almas took the fight to Wesley Blake and ultimately go the win with the double knees in the corner. As the match wore on the crowd warmed to Cien Almas.

The Alpha males prove a point

Then American Alpha took on Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton in what was actually a lively match. It was a case of don’t fix it if it ain’t broken for American Alpha as it was another huge win for Alpha. They hit the Grand Amplitude on Wolfe to get the 3 count. Throughout this match the crowd loved Jason Jordan & Chad Gable.

Then The Revival came out to confront American Alpha and they teased a Tag Team Title Match. Dash & Dawson had other ideas but Dash Wilder would receive a double ankle lock. This is far from over.

No Way Jose shocks Aries

Then came what was such an insanely funny match between Austin Aries and No Way Jose. This was a back and forth bout with both men trading blows. Then half way through the match we got treated to a dance-off between both men, the dance off was abruptly ended after Austin Aries hit Jose with a cheap shot but Jose would get the last laugh as he won via roll-up.

Double Ankle Lock on Dash Wilder (photo:WWE.com)

The Empress of Tomorrow rules The Day

Asuka then defended her title against Peyton Royce. It was highly entertaining as this match quickly became the Asuka Show but she did not have 100% all her own way but when The Japanese Sensation took control she never looked back and ended the match with a knee to the head of Royce. Great Asuka’s gonna kill you chant throughout the entire match.

Dream Match Number Three

Then after a brief break we came back to see Bobby Roode making his way to the ring his opponent for the night The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura. It was an instant classic with both men giving it their all throughout the match they each traded big hits throughout the match. Roode got a great reception but became the heel in the match and in the end, Kinshasa ended the match but Roode has nothing to be ashamed of after a great showing in the match.

BayMella Reign supreme in Dublin

The Bayley & Carmella took on Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax in what was another fun match from the outset it was all about Bayley and Carmella but Bliss and Jax played the role of the bad girls to perfection and dominated for a large portion of the match isolating Carmella but once the Princess of Staten Island got to Bayley it turned the match quickly. Then Bayley cleared house then there was a rather funny incident with the ring apron. She then hit the Bayley to Belly on Nia for the win.

Bayley Poses for Pictures (photo:twitter.com)

The Fairytale Return doesn't get a Happy Ending

The main event saw hometown hero Finn Bálor take on Samoa Joe in a title match. There was a huge pop once Bálor’s music hit the arena was behind Bálor all the way throughout the contest which was an NXT Championship match. The match was intense which just pumped up the crowd even more so when Balor lost when Joe rolled him up.

As Bálor remonstrated with the ref due to Joe holding his tights, Joe tried a sneak attack but would ultimately be fought off and we did see a Coup De Grace.

Finn Made a Speech before leaving: