Goldberg on being 'difficult' to work with and Eric Bischoff
Goldberg was frustrated with being labelled 'selfish' (

Bill Goldberg's name automatically triggers thoughts of the product of WCW tearing through almost every performer and having one of the greatest records in professional wrestling history. 

However, the 49-year-old disagreed with the stigma that he was 'difficult' to work with but considering his 83% win rate how does he feel about the reports?

Goldberg Difficult to work with?

Goldberg felt he was viewed in a negative way which he believed was not true (image:
Goldberg felt he was viewed in a negative way which he believed was not true (image:

Goldberg does not have the greatest status in the wrestling world as from the outside perspective, he was a performer who stumbled into the business following his American Football who then went to  refuse to lose and ultimately prematurely ended the career of Bret Hart.

While he never commented on the latter during his appearance on The Steve Austin Show podcast he did however, comment on the rumors that suggested he was a 'difficult' performer when at the height of his WCW career he admitted he had a lot of 'power'.

He said "I had a lot of power, quote-unquote, In WCW at one point, I always felt bad about guys who had been in the business for twenty f*****g years and they are jumping off a building for twenty bucks, and here comes Goldberg - six months into the business and I got the f*****g belt and I am making whatever (a lot of money)."

The former American football player admitted he was not in favor of what is known as 'burying' his opponents but stated that it was backstage who wanted him to perform in this still style to make people believe he was a legitimate powerhouse.

With the wheels in motion regarding his undefeated gimmick, he said he wanted to lose in a match against Bobby Eaton in his hometown during a dark match, but he was forbidden.

He said "I cared, Bobby Eaton, I wanted to put Bobby over in his hometown on his birthday in a dark match during my streak. They would not let me do it."

As the frustration built, Goldberg became angry at the lack of appreciation he received from fans as well as the lack of 'inside' knowledge of his personal feelings surrounding his character.

He finished "Nobody f*****g tells you about that f*****g story, but it is always 'Goldberg- he was selfish, he was this and that'- at the end of the day I had power at times, and I never used it maliciously."

On Bischoff protecting him

Goldberg felt that Bischoff was trying to protect his gimmick (
Goldberg felt that Bischoff was trying to protect his gimmick (

When the gimmick was first created that suggested Goldberg would be something of an undefeatable monster, backstage in WCW wanted him to completely emasculate his opponents and when he did not do this during some of his early matches he was confronted backstage.

He mentioned one time when he was performing in one of his early matches against Barbarian that once it had ceased and he had walked backstage Eric Bischoff criticized him saying "Don't you ever do that again" referring to a spot where his opponent belly-to-belly suplexed him off of the top rope.

Goldberg admitted he relied on the experience of some his older opponents during his early days but felt that Bischoff was just ultimately trying to 'protect' him and he felt that he was "not a booker" so why should he decide "who beats him."