The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode Two- Cruising Forward
These eight competitors set the bar even higher in The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode Two (image: Joel Lampkin)

The second episode of The Cruiserweight Classic recently concluded but while the action may have finished, some of the fans are still trying to catch their breath.

Four top matches took place with all eight of the performers showcasing their world renowned talents to a packed audience and viewers around the world. With expectations already at an all time how following last weeks showing, episode two has only raised the bar to that much greater heights.

Tajiri has still got it

Tajiri delivers the fatal Buzzsaw Kick to Slater (image: WWE
Tajiri delivers the fatal Buzzsaw Kick to Slater (image: WWE

The veteran of the tournament proved he can still kick it with the younger performers as he managed to see off the Australian underdog Damien Slater.

Despite the match taking a while to heat up, it suited Tajiri's methodical and sadistic style as the wacky performer from Japan used every ounce of his experience to see off his opponent. Slater looked to use his athletic ability throughout the contest, but the wily veteran was keen to keep the pace slow by using an array of holds and targeting the arms of the younger cruiserweight.

Eventually the wise former WWE tag-team champion took his opportunity against a weakened opponent and used his signature Buzzsaw Kick to pick up the victory.

Perkins the perfect performer

Perkins put on a hell of a show and threw in a dab for good measure (image: WWE Network)

TJ Perkins has been through a lot in his short life but in his match against German opponent Da Mack, he left everything he had inside the squared circle.

The quick paced movement of the performer from the Phillipines was far too much for the European to handle as a rendition of "TJP" was chanted by the crowd favorite.

Perkins was full of confidence and a 'dab' while locking Mack in a hold assured the audience of his this, but following a match full of never before seen moves, he was easily forgiven for his cocky attitude.

Mack who claims he is the "Michael Jackson reincarnation" may have put on a Thriller and was in no way a victim in this match, His simple style was not enough to trouble the former TNA performer who eventually took control and delivered the fatal blow via a Body Scissors into a Kneebar to force his opponent into submission.

Lince Dorado defeats the law

Lince Dorado gave it his all to see off Mustafa Ali (image: WWE network)

Two high flyers, but only one to advance in what was an expertly fought match from the two quick and athletic performers.

Both are relatively unknown wrestlers who announced themselves on the big stage in a very big way, Mustafa Ali quickly took control in the contest following a mistake from Lince Dorado who tumbled to the floor outside.

His dominance on the match would not continue until the final bell as the luchador capitalized on the part time police officer's failed moonsault to deliver a vicious dropkick and build momentum,

The spectacle of the night saw Dorado deliver a hellacious head scissors of the apron to Ali and onto the floor as the crowd could not believe the action they were witnessing as a collective chorus of "Holy S**t" was heard. A second mistake by the performer who was representing Pakistan ultimately cost him the match as the Mexican high flyer took to the drop rope to hit a hard shooting star press and pick up the pin-fall victory.

Akira Tozawa puts on a Master-class

Akira Tozawa put on a technical masterclass against Kenneth Johnson (image: WWE Network)

In one of the more technical wrestling focussed performances of the tournament so far Akira Tozawa who was already an icon in many people's eyes truly announced himself to the global audience.

His opponent Detroit's own Kenneth Johnson was a resilliant and tough opponent who refused to lie down and accept defeat but soon the raw aggression of the Japanese performer became too much to handle.

Tazawa became more and more frustrated as the contest continued and looked to unleash his anger toward Johnson who felt the full brunt of his strong style kicks in the build up the end of the match.

As the Dragon Gate performer unleashed relentless amounts of aggression on Johnson, it eventually worn down the American and a suplex bridge was enough to shatter the hopes of an underdog victory.