The Cruiserweight Classic Final Results
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I have been Joel Lampkin, and this has been The Cruiserweight Classic, it has been a privilege to be able to report on the show each and every week and it has been 2016 one of the best year's in professional wrestling.

What a huge moment for TJ Perkins, what a huge moment for WWE, what a huge moment for wrestling!

"This is not just one person, this is 32 people, when I started they were just my peers, and tonight at the end of this, every single one of them are my hero, this is for everyone!" 

TJ Perkins: "On my necklace I always keep this key, it was the last placed I lived before I was evicted, it was a reminder of the placed I could never go back to, but for the first time ever, I dont feel as if I need it.

TJ Perkins revels in his accomplishment and is congratulated by William Regal, Triple H and Gran Metalik, what a moment for this man.

The body of TJ Perkins has told a story of its own tonight, he has been through it all and come out better on the other side, it took three kneebars but finally he managed to force the luchador to submit!

Perkins counters and locks in the kneebar and forces Metalik to TAP OUT! An 18 year career, homeless for a portion of his life but now TJ Perkins will enter Monday Night Raw as the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

Metalik goes for his finisher once more but it is countered into an arm drag but with Perkins struggling to walk he allows The Luchador time to recover and he goes fo the Metalik Screwdriver from the top rope!

Both men are exhausted, but are trading blows in the centre of the ring as Perkins' body is covered in red blotches.

TJP looked to readjust his hold but is fooled into a roll up by Metalik, and as both men get to their feet, The Mexican hits the Metalik Screwdriver but it looks as if the knee of The Luchador may have just saved Perkins from defeat.

A DDT spikes Perkins and forces him to kick out at two! Both men are laying it all on the line, as Metalik goes for the 450 splash he is met with a kick to the face, and Perkins now has the knee bar locked in with Metalik a long way away from the ropes!!

Just as Metalik was looking to build momentum, he is taken out by Perkins who has surely soften up the knee of the Luchador!

Never under estimate Perkins as the Fillipino grabs the leg of Metalik to lock in the kneebar but somehow he finds a way out before hitting a devastating slap to the back of his opponent.

The balance of The Luchador is incredible as he jumps from rope to rope before hitting a huge dropkick!

TJP somewhow gets back into the ring to beat the 10 count but is met by a huge elbow from Metalik upon arrival! 

TJ Perkins make a huge error, he took a breather following a slap to Metalik but the lucha libre performer hits a hurricanrana following by a springboard frontflip, but The Mexican landed awkwardly on his back!

A corner headstandby Perkins followed by a headscissors then a hurricanrana to send Metalik tumbling to the outside, with a centon from the outside shortly behind.

Metalik locks in a gruesome surfboard stretch stretching the back of Perkins in ways it never should but luckily the 32-year-old just manages to get the ropes to break the hold.

TJP goes for the high risk move but Metalik sends him crashing to the floor before hitting a perfect suicide dive, headbutting Perkins!!

Perkins locks in the head scissors on Metalik but the Luchador counters with a submission of his own as he slaps the head of the man from the Phlllipines! TJP has the reverse pendulum locked in and he is causing The Mexican a whole lot of problems!

As if this match did not need hyping enough; the winner will head to Monday Night Raw as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

Triple H says "right now infront of you, you seen two of the best in the world, but we are not looking for two, we are looking for one! We are looking for THE ONE." 


Here we go, the final match of the first ever Cruiserweight Classic! T.J. Perkins of The Phillipines will take on Gran Metalik of Mexico.

Corey Graves, commentator on RAW where the Cruiserweights will be performing and says "we will take great care of the division for you guys, promise."

The NXT General Manager says he has always been "envious" of cruiserweights as they could do what he never could.


William Regal says "Triple H was the brains behind the operation" and said part of this tournaments aim was to find the best that the world "had not seen" and we "found the best of the best."

No more semi-finals, no more stop-gap matches, now it is time for the final of The Cruiserweight Classic where the world's best cruiserweight will be named as Gran Metalik takes on T.J. Perkins. Who will win? Head over to @Vavel_Wrestling and share your thoughts!

A double dropkick from DIY knocks Cedric out of the ring to set up Dar for the double team kick to pick up the pinfall victory!

Ciampa is lodged in the top-rope and is met by a dropkick from Alexander who hits a brain buster to get a contentious two count!

Dar hits a series of uppercuts to Gargano but asfter gloating is attacked but counters with the kneebar, with his partner in trouble Ciampa helps break the hold.

All four men go at it in the centre of the ring as Alexander hits a clothesline from the top rope onto Ciampa before Gargano runs into the kick from Dar, but Johnny Wrestling delivers a kick to his own to the Scot.

Dar keeps the lively pace going with a kick to Ciampa drawing out the near fall from the NXT performer.

Alexander looked to help out his partner with a suicide dive but is met by a spear from Gargano.

Great teamwork from DIY as Ciampa has Dar in the Electric Chair position before Gargano hits a brutal kick to the face of the youngest participant in the CWC.

Cedric Alexander enters the match in a big way kicking Gargano of the apron before hitting a pelee kick to Ciampa knocking him out of the ring, as he follows up with a dive over the top-rope.

A vicious knee to the jaw of Dar has stopped him in his tracks as the tag to Ciampa is made who goes to work on the head of the Scotsman.

Ciampa and Alexander start of the action, and the two start things off with a great back and forth but the tag to both Noam Dar and Johnny Gargano is made.

A stoke of brilliance and genius to keep the pulses racing tonight with this tag-team match with four of the most exciting performers all in the same ring!

Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar will team up tonight to take on DIY Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa with former WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks, Kalisto, Rich Swann, Jack Galllagher and Bayley all present at ringside! Huge collection of stars!

NXT GM Wlliam Regal presents Perkins with his keepsake medal, will he have his hand raised come the end of his next match?

The CWC Final has been set, T.J. Perkins will take on Gran Metalik! Huge shocks see Zack Sabre Junior and Kota Ibushi knocked out at the final hurdle.

OH MY GOD! What a huge shock as TJ Perkins forces Kota Ibushi to tap out as he pulled and choked the surgically repaired neck of The Golden Star!

The never say die attitude of TJP is unbelieveable as Ibushi once again goes for the Golden Star powerbomb but Perkins counters int the kneebar coupled with a choke forcing IBUSHI TO TAP OUT!!

The Pheonix Splash from Ibushi but no one is home and both men are currently dead on their feet but who can summon enough energy to advance to the final?

Ibushi is caught in the kneebar but somehow wiggles his way free to hit the Golden-Star powerbomb, but to the suprise of Ibushi and everyone else TJ PERKINS KICKS OUT!!

The powerbomb from Ibushi is countered into a DDT followed by an Inverted Lungblower byt The Golden Star kicks out at two!

Ibushi was looking for the German Suplex from outside of the ring but the resillience of Perkins halted any further attack!

A series of horrific kicks to the body of Perkins force the official to check whether the 32-year-old can even continue! 

A kick to the face of The Golden Star has little effect as Ibushi sends Perkins flying with a brutal German Suplex into a pinfall but he kicks out at two.

TJP has the kneebar locked in but Ibushi just about makes it to the bottom rope! So close to the second shock of the night!

That is not a place that Perkins wants to be as Kota Ibushi connects with the triangle moonsault! Such a beautiful move from The Golden Star!

The elder athlete shows his experience as just when it looked as if Perkins was gaining momentum he is hit by a dropkick then a hurricanrana to send him flying outside of the ring!

A wild kick from Ibushi is countered by Perkins with a leg drag as he begins to soften up the leg of his opponent.

No dab tonight from Perkins as he is purely focussed on winning tonight, as Ibushi looks to gain the upper hand with the triangle moonsault set him, the man from the Phillipines wipes out the legs of the man from Japan to send him crashing to the outside of the ring!

T.J. Perkins showing how Kota Ibushi needs to be very careful in this match as he goes for the kneebar, the submission move that has defeated each of his opponents in this tournament so far.

Metalik is presented with a keepsake medal following his advancement into the CWC final!

Gran Metalik has advanced into the CWC finals and will either the winner of the second match tonight; either T.J. Perkins or Kota Ibushi!

Sabre Jr. makes his first mistake as he runs straight after the unpredictable Metalik and The Luchador hits The Metalik Driver to pick up the pin-fall victory!

Metalik drops Sabre Junior onto the top rope almost taking out his ability to have children following by a hurricanrana, as he goes for the spingboard headbutt, his opponent catches him in a triangle submission!

We predicted that Zack Sabre Junior would win his match against Metalik check them out here!

A European Uppercut by Sabre Jr. followed by a vicious kick to the chest of Metalik draws a near fall from the Mexican as a series of slaps and headbutts are dished out from each performer.

A clothesline from Metalik knocks the wind out of the British technician who hits a springboard back elbow as he begins to find his rhythm.

Sabre Jr. has the guillotine locked in but the luchador someone wiggles his way out into a boston crab! Both men trade pinfalls but trade blows in the middle of the ring follow near falls.

A reverse slingblade buys The Mexican some time to catch his breath but Sabre Jr. counters into a pinfall to show how he can manipulate his opponent!

Sabre Jr. shows his agressiveness as he looks to twist and turn Metalik in every direction possible, halting the luchador from fidning his momentum.

The Luchador continues his enslaught as he dives over the top rope taking out his opponent before hit his springboard sommersauly, winding The Technical Wizard forcing a kick out at two.

It took less than 10 seconds for Mauro Ranello to get the first "Mamma Mia" out as Gran Metalik wasted little time going after The Brit as he hit a devastating dropkick knocking Sabre Jr. out of the ring!

Gran Metalik will take on Zack Sabre Junior in the opening match, the Unpredictable High-Flyer vs. the Technical Wizard, who will reign victorious?

Mauro Ranello says Kota Ibushi enters the finals as "the favorite" but all four men have an equal chance of coming out on top

Four competitors, four nations, competing to be named 'The Best in the World!'

The Cruiserweight Classic, "Sown in the seeds of the underground" and tonight in a special two hour broadcast a sole champion will be crowned!

Whether this is the last tournament of its style that the company creates remains to be seen but regardless they have shattered expectations and made believers of wrestling fans who never thought they would witness their favorite independent stars in the WWE spotlight.

When WWE claimed they had managed to get the ''best of the best' for this tournament, they were not kidding around and with both Mauro Ranello and Daniel Bryan captivated by each groundbreaking match-up they witness in the ring it is truly heartwarming to see their passion for professional wrestling become a part of the in-ring action.

No matter who walks away with the coveted trophy, all four of the finalists deserve major plaudits, in fact, all 32 men deserve credit, everyone has added their little part to the competition to make it a success, and all have certainly delivered.

2016, well the latter part of it has evolved into something beautiful and part of that beauty was molded by the CWC. The foundation of the tournament's future has already been laid and it looks as solid as it could possibly be.

The WWE are breaking the barrier between Free Agent and their promotion that not long ago seemed impenetrable now three former independent stars hold gold in the company; AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Under the guidance of Triple H, William Regal, Canyon Ceman and many others something brilliant has been established here, something that can only be positive for the future.

Both men deserve the victory, and both men could earn the victory but after such a tough tournament who will have enough fight left in them to make the leap to the final?

Kota Ibushi is included in many wrestling fan's top 10 lists of the current best in the world, the Japanese star has already conquered New Japan and he would love to add the CWC to his already impressive list of accomplishments.

The man from the Philippines is one man that has been on a touching journey including living on the streets but now he seems to have found his groove and the sky is the limit for the 32-year-old.

It will be tough to pick a winner between these two great talents but either man will be a great match against T.J. Perkins or Kota Ibushi.

The British-born Technical Wizard is no slacker either, as Sabre Jr. has defeated two hard hitting performers in Tyson Dux and Drew Gulak as well knocking out his United Kingdom compadre Noam Dar.

It will be high-flying versus pure technical prowess, the Luchador has already been shown to do the unthinkable in his matches leading up to the semi-final having already conquered Alejandro Saez, Tajiri, and Akira Tozawa.

Zack Sabre Junior has been one of the most exciting performers throughout the course of this competition but he may just have met his maker in the form of the outlandish Gran Metalik.

The winner will receive this trophy. Photo- Twitter
The winner will receive this trophy. Photo- Twitter

However, moments were created and legacies were established but the final four matches will take place tonight in the CWC to crown the best of the best, so who will be picking up the trophy?

With their partnership on the line, the two hugged it out in the middle of the ring and embraced the love from the Full Sail University crowd.

Both men stole the show that night and the beating that Johnny Wrestling took at the hands of his partner was shocking but to see him snatch a victory when all hope was lost was incredible.

The tag-team partnership of Johhny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa was pushed to the limit as the duo were due to take on each other in the opening round.

His bout against one man who still has a real chance of winning the tournament, Kota Ibushi, is still the benchmark for matches and told a touching story that considering it was their first ever encounter; is mightily impressive.

Cedric Alexander is a perfect example, the young performer was a man many believed to have potential but he shattered everyone's imaginations to prove he had the 'it' factor right now.

The talents of many were already known by the few but with the WWE spotlight placed on them, their stock only grew.

Many doubted, but the success of the tournament has been undeniable with stars made overnight thanks to their eccentric style or touching moments created in the squared circle.

It seemed crazy to imagine that it would even come to be, but after 10 grueling weeks and over a year's worth of preparation the final of The Cruiserweight Classic is here.

Welcome, everyone to VAVEL USA's coverage for the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic. My name is Joel Lampkin and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates throughout the show of all the action and results, as well as an in-depth preview, so sit back, relax and enjoy.