Paige set to return to WWE TV next week?
Paige is sticking around. Photo-

The story of Paige and Alberto Del Rio has been a crazy one so far, mainly fueled by rumor and speculation fans had all but conceived to the fact they wouldn't be seeing Paige again in a WWE ring after her partner, Del Rio parted ways with the company. However, according to reports from PWInsider that isn't the case, in fact, far from it. They are reporting that the former Divas Champion will be returning to the company and is scheduled to be at Monday Night Raw this coming week. 

It is a total 180 from the reports going round last week that claimed she was ready to quit the company and had hired legal representation but it is a positive change that will have been met with a good reaction from those inside the company and the fans out of it. 

Hopefully Paige will be back to her best soon. Photo- Sky Sports
Hopefully Paige will be back to her best soon. Photo- Sky Sports

Change in spirit?

The reports claimed that the WWE and Paige have been in talks this week and come to an agreement to see her return to the company, with her suspension (due to violating the wellness policy) coming to an end on the 17th of September she has now been booked on Raw's upcoming live events including the T.V. event next week. Whether or not she will be brought back on television straight away remains to be seen, and often the case is that talent in the bad books get punished on their first match back. 

Paige hasn't been on television for several months now as she was actually suffering from an injury prior to her suspension and hasn't been seen since she was drafted to Raw. With the women's division building and developing strongly on both Raw and SmackDown, the addition of Paige will only help that growth as she is an incredible talent. 

At such a young age it would have been a huge waste of talent to see Paige leave the WWE, especially since she brings something so different to the rest of the female roster in terms of her look and in-ring style. Whilst she won't be entering the title picture anytime soon, as it is currently being booked very well on Raw, a potential feud with Nia Jax could be interesting as Paige is known for her aggression.