Latest Goldberg/WWE speculation
Goldberg could appear at Clash of Champions. Photo-

Who's next? That has been the question on the lips of most wrestling fans ever since Goldberg was announced to be involved with WWE's latest video game, WWE 2K17. Past legends involved in the game have returned to the company in some form with Sting being the most recent example as the bridge seems to be drawn between the company and the talent thanks to those at 2K

The speculation involving Goldberg have been enhanced by the former WCW star himself during interviews promoting the game where he has teased a return to the company and in particular, a match with former rival Brock Lesnar, something that the Beast has also spoken about. 

Coincidence or secret plans? 

The latest speculation has sparked from the fact that Goldberg will be a guest on Eric Bischoff's podcast later this month, which is going to be recorded the same night as WWE's Clash of Champions PPV and it just so happens both of these events are taking place in Indianapolis.

Goldberg will be a guest on Bischoff's podcast. Photo=
Goldberg will be a guest on Bischoff's podcast. Photo=

This news has led to many believing that Goldberg will appear at Raw's exclusive PPV and Goldberg himself has stated that the podcast will finish just hours before the event has started, teasing fans with the possibility of a return. It is being reported on that both parties are currently negotiating a deal to see Goldberg return to the company and it will be interesting to see if that does happen. 

Of course, these rumors also took place at SummerSlam where Goldberg was also present conducting media events for 2K17 and he never appeared on the show so it must be taken with a pinch of salt. If he was to return, though, his one match would likely be at WrestleMania which is still quite far away so it is more likely his return would come closer to that time, perhaps the Royal Rumble, unless he was set to have a match before WrestleMania.