Scott Dawson comments on SmackDown match
Dawson made some controversial comments. Photo-

Scott Dawson might be a top guy but he put himself in hot water on Twitter this week which made him the disrespectful guy as one-half of The Revival expressed his feelings on SmackDown Live's tag team turmoil match which was set to create a new number one contender for the Tag Team Championships.

Fans have been asking Dawson about a potential debut for The Revival since the team dropped their NXT Championships at the recent NXT TakeOver event and the NXT star had this to say, "we’re the hottest act in tag team wrestling. You think we’re going to debut in a stupid multi-team gimmick match?”

Respectful issue

Whilst Dawson might be one of the top talents in NXT with a very bright future ahead of him, he isn't totally exempt from being put in his place and that is exactly what happened following his comments on the match, which didn't sit right with several WWE veterans. One man that Dawson has annoyed is tag team legend, Bubba Ray Dudley, who replied to him saying, “Great job. You managed to insult the entire creative team and your fellow workers in 1 tweet. Complete disrespect.”

Respect is something that is incredibly important in wrestling and Dawson's comments were clearly out of line against the teams involved in the match and those that created it which is potentially going to land him in a difficult situation if he ever does make it to the main roster. Wrestlers are known to put people in their place after being disrespectful and that is something that might happen to Dawson ni the near future.

Brian James, better known as Road Dogg also commented on the situation Tweeting him to say, "Keep talking like that and you won't debut at all." However, the tweet from Dawson was done in character which believes to be a 'top guy' and that is something that he would say, a situation which James understood, later stating that he was simply ribbing Dawson.