Update on Batista's WWE status
The Animal will not be unleashed anytime soon. Photo- The Inquisitr

Batista hasn't been seen on WWE television since his run with Evolution came to an end, which was unfortunate timing as the Animal was just hitting top gear and getting back to his best in the ring, but his commitments to his film career took him away from the ring.

Since then there have been several times when Batista has been rumored to return as well as countless interviews where he has spoken about his time with WWE and his desire to have a retirement match one day, however, according to reports on NoDQ.com, there isn't any sign of that match or a return, in general, coming in the near future.

No return plans

According to the report, it claimed that Batista is done with the WWE and there is no desire on either side to see him return to the ring, meaning his retirement match may never take place. The last time rumors were heard regarding the former World Heavyweight Champion came around WrestleMania 32 when it was reported that the company had contacted him to return for a cameo at the grand event; an invitation he turned down.

It is widely believed that he was asked to be part of the legends run in that took out the League of Nations following their victory against New Day, and Batista has stated previously he only ever wants to return for significant moments.

With Batista having huge success in Hollywood right now, particularly with Marvel series, Guardians of the Galaxy, which has a sequel coming out this year it is clear that the Animal doesn't need the WWE, although other wrestlers such as The Rock have used the company to promote those movies in the past.Those deals usually benefit both parties with WWE gaining good publicity and usually a ratings increase for a returning legend, but one-off deals are not of interested to Batista at this time.

It is inevitable that Batista will return to the company in some form in the future, but given his distaste for the PG rating the company is confined too, fans may have seen the last of him in the ring and could now be waiting for the seemingly guaranteed Hall of Fame speech.