First 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee leaked
The former WCW Champion is set to be a Hall of Famer. Photo- SportsKeeda

Reports on have leaked the first 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee and it is none other than, Diamond Dallas Page, the former WCW and WWE star who now owns his own yoga program called DDP Yoga is set to receive the honor this year in Orlando. 

Hall of Fame induction

DDP has been a name that creeps up at this time every year in recent memory as someone potentially be inducted into the Hall of Fame but it seems this year is set to finally be the one that it happens if reports are to be trusted. The decision would make sense as he has certainly had a career worthy of being inducted and the fact DDP has a positive working relationship with the company is a major boost as WWE tends to only induct people who they have a good relationship with for PR reasons. 

DDP made a surprise entrance in the 2015 Royal Rumble and was then brought back last WrestleMania as a special entrant into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal which shows the company is happy to use him. His DDP Yoga series has helped save the likes of Scott Hall and Jake Roberts and is something used regularly by current roster members such as Goldust and Chris Jericho, allowing them to continue wrestling at the top level after such long careers. 

DDP Yoga has become incredibly popular. Photo- Lots of Yoga
DDP Yoga has become incredibly popular. Photo- Lots of Yoga

The impact he has had through his yoga alone is making people talk and WWE loves to use the Hall of Fame inductees throughout the WrestleMania weekend to help promote everything. WWE will be aiming to make the Hall of Fame class as strong as possible in order to sell as many tickets, with the dates changing this year the annual event will kick off proceedings on the Friday night and having someone as talented as DDP will certainly help boost the show.