News on how Baron Corbin is being booked
Corbin is being booked strong by the company. Photo- DailyDDT

News on how Baron Corbin is being booked

Does the WWE have big plans for the Lone Wolf?

Matthew Wilkinson

Since debuting on the main roster at WrestleMania 32, Baron Corbin has been booked strongly by the WWE, winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal on his shock debut the Lone Wolf has gone on from strength to strength, becoming a force to be reckoned with on the blue brand. Whilst he was at risk of being lost in the shuffle prior to the brand split, his move to SmackDown has allowed the former NXT star to flourish and as the road to WrestleMania begins Corbin has never been in a stronger position. 

WWE's plans 

Recent weeks have shown that WWE has plans to use Corbin regularly in the main event scene, fighting for the WWE Championship and getting involved with the returning John Cena are all signs that he has a bright future. Now it appears that WWE could be protecting Corbin in order to make him even stronger as he has been working the live events against both Cena and AJ Styles. 

Whilst simply working in that match is another sign that WWE wants to push him, the interesting note is that Corbin isn't the one taking the pinfalls during these matches, it is the champion, AJ Styles. Traditionally when WWE does these style of matches it is so the lower level superstar, in this case, Corbin, can take the pin whilst the others continue to look strong, but the fact that isn't happening shows that WWE is prepared to keep him strong. 

It has been heavily rumored that Corbin is set to receive a big push and this could be an indication that it is going to be starting soon and with 'Mania just around the corner, it could be the perfect time for Corbin. The Lone Wolf has certainly shown he is capable of performing at the highest level, he is a natural heel who is very strong in the ring and with his abilities only growing each time he steps in the ring this booking should be the start of a bright main event career.