Is WWE no longer planning Undertaker vs John Cena?
What are the new plans? Photo- Sky Sports

For the past several years wrestling fans have been calling for The Undertaker to face John Cena at WrestleMania and this year seemed to be the perfect time for that match to take place and the rumor mill was pointing straight towards it being one of the main event matches on the card in Orlando. However, after the Deadman's most recent appearance on Raw it appears the company has had a chance of heart on that decision, as the famous saying goes; 'anything can happen in the WWE.'

Change of plans

According to Dave Meltzer, the WWE have scrapped their plans to have the two icons face each other at the biggest stage of them all and it is now expected that the Phenom will challenge someone on the red brand, hence his return this week. Undertaker's original return on SmackDown Live was supposed to be the start of a potential feud with someone on the blue brand, but several changes to the WrestleMania card have been made this week and the biggest alterations have affected the man who hold the greatest ever 'Mania streak. 

Whilst there is no known opponent for Undertaker, Meltzer did report he is not expected to be in a title match, which could see a major surprise take place at the Royal Rumble as he is currently the favorite heading into the event. During his announcement on Raw that he would be entering the Rumble, an image was shown of Braun Strowman, watching him speak which could be a hint towards a potential showdown; after all they were the rumors last year. 

Strowman and Undertaker have history. Photo-Daily DDT.
Strowman and Undertaker have history. Photo-Daily DDT.

However, Meltzer also shot down that rumor, stating that whilst Undertaker's opponent is expected to be from the red brand, it is not going to be the former Wyatt Family member, and that is where people have been left confused. One potential reason this could have changed is if WWE has been given an official health update on Finn Balor, who could potentially step up to create a Phenom vs Demon match at 'Mania which would be a huge return match for Balor. 

But plans can quickly change in the WWE and The Undertaker and John Cena is a match that could still realistically take place, either way there is huge intrigue around Taker and his WrestleMania which is a good thing for the WWE as they head into their busiest time of year.