Mae Young Classic: Episode Three Recap
Bianca hits a Spear!

The third episode of the Mae Young Classic is loaded with some of the tournament's big names which give it a star studded feel as this fun tournament continues to grow as some will progress into the next round, whilst others will be going home. 

Toni Storm vs Ayesha Raymond

Toni Storm was welcomed to the ring with one of the biggest ovations of the tournament which should come as no surprise given her track record as the first ever Progress Women's Champion amongst many other accolades. As we have seen with other matches in the tournament, the women have done well to react to the crowd in the ring and Ayesha Raymond provided another example of that, working as the heel in this bout.

Even though Raymond certainly had a size and strength advantage, Toni Storm brought the fight to her opponent and really picked up the pace when she was in control of the match. In the end, Storm would take advantage of a mistake by Raymond as she chose to trash talk the fans and eventually missed from the top rope as Storm rolled her up to progress into the next round. 

Winner: Toni Storm 

Storm progressed to the next round.
Storm progressed to the next round.

Dakota Kai vs Kavita Devi

Right from the start of this match, Kavita Devi dominated by using her strength and power but she also showed some impressive agility by walking the top rope but Dakota Kai didn't give in by using her speed and kicks.

Devi's strength wasn't enough.
Devi's strength wasn't enough.

This was probably the most one sided match so far in the tournament and it was kept fairly simple due to Devi's inexperience as she threw Kai around the ring but she was eventually caught taking too much time as Kai used her speed and a big boot to the face to set up a Coup De Grace for the victory.

Winner: Dakota Kai  

Sage Beckett vs Bianca Belair 

This was a match up between two of the strongest athletes in the Mae Young Classic and that was on display in the opening exchanges as it was incredibly even. It would be Bianca Belair that gained the upper hand first after a dropkick but Sage Beckett quickly turned things around to keep this one unpredictable throughout. 

Beckett and Belair had a closely fought battle.
Beckett and Belair had a closely fought battle.

Beckett appeared to have the bout won, but just like Devi in the match before took too much time and Belair avoided the splash and used her hair as a weapon before a huge spear to gain the win. The hair is certainly unorthodox but it is something that separates her from the rest of the women and could easily get over with the fans. 

Winner: Bianca Belair 

Piper Niven vs Santana Garrett 

This match is another main event that brings two tournament favourites into the ring together to create a great match. Santana Garrett gained a slightly bigger reaction but both ladies were clearly people that the fans knew and right from the handshake the mutual respect was clear and the dual chants highlighted that the fans knew it was going to be an even match.

Whilst Garrett's speed and agility were an advantage early on, Piper Niven's strength and power quickly saw the Scottish wrestler take full control of the match with some big power moves and a huge crossbody that floored her opponent. That wouldn't be enough for Niven as Garrett fought through it and hit an amazing superkick but a Michinoku Driver would prove too much for Garrett and Niven progressed after a brilliant match.

Winner: Piper Niven 

Niven earns a hard fought victory.
Niven earns a hard fought victory.

This was another terrific episode of the Mae Young Classic with another very enjoyable main event to close the show. Both Piper Niven and Toni Storm really stood out as impressive stars that will be difficult to defeat in this tournament and overall each match told a good story that, once again, had the audience on the edge of their seats. 

Match of the Night: Piper Niven vs Santana Garrett 

Star of the Night: Toni Storm