SpeedGrip: The traction socks that will improve your game
Photo: Storelli

Are you looking for a sock that will improve you as an athlete? Look no further than SpeedGrip socks. The socks were created by Storelli Sports with the purpose of increasing the grip a player has within his/her shoe. The socks can benefit athletes in most sports as they showcased in their Kickstarter video.

No Rookies

This is not the first product the company has made. In fact, the company has a wide variety of products. Storelli products are being worn on the field by stars as big as Iker Casillas. The variety of products includes the SpeedGrip insole which serves a similar purpose to their latest product, the socks. Not only does the insole improve your game, but it will also decrease a chance of injury.

Photo: Kickstarter
Photo: Kickstarter

Socks have been created the same for decades, centuries even but the Brooklyn based company threw away everything they knew about socks and presented a new concept. In the past, socks were created to allow you to comfortably slip your foot into your shoes and have no worries for the rest of the day. However, that actually decreases the performance of an athlete on the field as their feet are sliding all over the shoe. The goal of Storelli Sports is to allow your foot to feel fused into your shoes.

How are they different?

Things that are needed in most sports like sprinting, cutting, jumping and stuff of this nature are all enhanced with the use of SpeedGrip socks. The socks themselves are made with a material made of fibers that are bonded together using compression. Most socks are usually knitted are woven, but SpeedGrip's material that is used to grip the sock is also used to grip your foot.

Athletes understand that fractions of seconds matter, no matter how minuscule they seem off the field hence why this product innovation is bound to be a split second faster than your opponent due to the grip you have wearing these socks, almost like an advantage.

The socks are not yet released but can be pre-ordered now. For additional information, you can check the Kickstarter link.