The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly moments of WWE Backlash 2018
Bobby Roode emerges out of the Conga Line to deliver a Glorous DDT to Elias | Photo Credit:

Note: This piece was initially written by our very own James Houghton

The Good

Elias’ Concert

Apparently, the WWE has found another way to insert Elias into a segment and it was a hilarious one. Just as Elias was about to play his piece, The New Day interrupted and wanted to walk with Elias.

Unfortunately for the trio however, Elias wasn't interested in a choir. To make things more interesting, everyone was suddenly outshone by the interruption of the melodic voice of Aiden English as he sang the symphony of Rusev Day.

Just as Elias has had enough of the interruptions, No Way Jose's music would hit and

The Intercontinental Title match

The Intercontinental Title used to be referred to as the workhorse title. Unfortunately, the mid 2000s gave us a series of poor champions which devalued the title's prestige.

Seth Rollins and The Miz put on a show at Backlash that earned them the Match of the Night in the eyes of veteran analysts. The two put on a good show worthy of starting an Intercontinental Title renaissance.

Whether it was the creative spots or the good storytelling involved, Rollins and Miz put on an awesome show as they formally part ways into their respective brands.

The only drawback from this matchup is that it became hard to invest in a match with kayfabe making the outcome predictable. Had The Miz won, then that would leave Raw without a midcard title.

From the story of Rollins hurting his knee and a really fluid and clean submission sequence, there is no doubt in everyone's mind that this was match of the night.

The Bad

Low blow again?

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura each showed repeatedly in Japan why they were some of the most exciting talents in pro-wrestling. Whilst they only fought each other one on one once in Japan, their match at Wrestle Kingdom 10 will testify to how good each of these talents are.

A lot of hype surrounded their arrival when both came to the WWE. Many considered a Styles-Nakamura matchup on a WWE stage as the "ultimate dream match". The problem here is that once the two finally squared off, the WWE may have colossally messed this feud up with a series of low blows.

Styles and Nakamura did some great work outside of the ring and while the third matchup seemed to show signs of the instant classic we all expected since WrestleMania, unfortunately, everything wrong with this feud was summed up with the finish to this match.

A simultaneous low blow meant that both men were counted down and the match finished with a draw. This feud has had a bigger focus on low blows than on the two men in it.

What was supposed to be a storied saga has been degraded into a silly comedy feud usually given to two enhancement talents. This is supposed to be the main title feud but instead, they built it around the fortitude of each man’s groin.

Samoan street fight

Street fights are never a pretty sight and that is just what happened with the Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe match. A lot was expected of this match given the history of the two but instead, it became a pointless fight between the two since Reigns is staying on Raw and Joe is going to SmackDown Live anyway.

Reigns running out of offensive moves in the middle of the match sure does not help matters.

The Ugly

Nia Jax’s post-match promo

Nia Jax’s message of body positivity and anti-bullying is one will always be a good one by default inspirationally speaking. The problem was how they went about it.

Following Jax’s win over Alexa Bliss she was interviewed by Renee Young and gave one of the most cookie cutter promos about “believing in yourself” and “never changing for anybody”. The content was all good but it was the delivery that didn't go well with the WWE Universe.

Although the actual content might have been watered down by WWE’s writing team, they should have kept the substance over marketing catchphrases for this one.

Moving forward, Nia Jax should be kept as an "irresistable force" rather than a mouthpiece for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Finish of the Charlotte vs. Carmella match

Carmella is not bad as an in-ring performer and her heel character can easily mask her limitations in executing some moves. Charlotte Flair on the other hand has proven time and time again that her quick rise to the top isn't a product of sharing Ric Flair's last name.

What's "ugly" about this match is the lack of in-ring storytelling as opposed to how good the promos were in the buildup. The ending of the match looked like it was rushed and that alone is enough said.

What was your favorite moment at Backlash? Do you thing the show was fine or could the WWE have done better? Let us know in the comments below.

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