WWE Releases Top Heel
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WWE Releases Top Heel

With a promising future as a singles competitor, no one saw it coming for the SmackDown Live superstar.

Jaime Luis Aldecoa

Big bad news

The WWE announced on its website that thy have come to terms with the release of Big Cass. The full details of his release were not disclosed but the rumors regarding backstage heat may have lead to the release.

The news came as a shock to the entire Wrestling community as big things were set to happen for the 7-foot superstar. More details regarding the release should emerge soon.

Shades of superstardom

Big Cass was signed to a developmental deal in 2011 prior to the FCW-NXT merger. He got his break when he was paired up with Enzo Amore in NXT and up on the main roster.

Since the pair split, Big Cass was poised for a main event run but was halted when he sustained an ACL injury in a match against Amore. This kept Cass in the shelf for eight months.

Since his return, he was put in a "David vs Goliath" feud with Daniel Bryan. He lost to Bryan twice by submission with the last one being at Money In The Bank last June 17.

This would be Big Cass' last match in the WWE.

What's next?

The details behind the release weren't disclosed but if the rumors are true, it may be the backstage heat. Since the reasons behind the heat are not of major gravity, there is a possibility that the WWE rescinds its decision.

It can be remembered that his former partner Enzo Amore was released last January 23 for allegations of rape which were soon dropped. Whether the WWE decides to bring them back together as a team or not is yet to be seen.

Right now, it is best to wait for further details regarding Big Cass' release.

Do you think the WWE made a right move? Where do you see Big Cass going? Let us know in the comments below.

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