Daniel Bryan Undecided on Resigning with the WWE
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Photo credit: wwe.com

Daniel Bryan Undecided on Resigning with the WWE

On August 19th Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon had a meeting to discuss Daniel Bryan’s new contract. Bryan’s current contract with the company will expire on the 1st of September.

Bridgit Dunahee

Straight from the rumor mill, Daniel Bryan may be leaving the WWE. Is this rumor true or false? Not much information has been revealed yet and it seems that WWE is keeping any development on this story top secret until a final decision has been made.

Here is what VAVEL USA knows

On August 19th Daniel Bryan met with Vince McMahon in his office for a meeting to discuss Bryan’s new contract, which is set to expire September 1st.

The meeting went on for three hours upon which, Bryan has yet to sign anything. It is also believed to be the cause of Bryan’s loss to The Miz at WWE SummerSlam this past Sunday.

It may be hard to believe that Bryan would think of leaving the WWE after all he's been through just to get back in the ring. Some have speculated that Bryan may be thinking about leaving WWE and returning to the independent scene.

These are all speculation as of now and the fact that Bryan has been removed from future WWE Live events does not help for those who hope to see him stay in the WWE.

Thoughts, Opinions, Theories

Fans may not want to see Daniel Bryan leave the company, but it is entirely possible that he will be leaving. In recent clips of the reality show Total Divas, Bryan's wife Brie Bella has been throwing hints of feeling like a single parent.

Brie is currently hands on with their child Birdie, as well as balancing other endeavors outside the WWE. This is while her husband is out on the road five days a week to support her.

A WWE superstar’s personal relationships sometimes gets strained with all the time spent away from home.

Bryan has been wrestling for years and when his ability to wrestle was taken away from him, he went into a state of depression as seen on Total Bellas.

Since his retirement, Bryan has worked hard and is able to do what he loves again, but he is now a parent.

Both Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are new to parenthood so it is possible that this could be the reason Bryan has yet to sign a new WWE deal.

Former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio went to the indies for a lighter workload as compared to the WWE. This gave him more time to be with his family.

Mysterio can even be quoted saying that it’s because of his current schedule that he has yet to return to the WWE. Bryan may be on contemplating his new contract for the sake of his family.

It is just a matter of days now as the fans all wait for his decision.

Should Daniel Bryan re-sign with the WWE? Will he return to the indies if he doesn't? Let us know your thoughts.

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