GGG Gennadiy Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko: Live Stream Online, Start time and How to Watch Fight 2019
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10:59 PMa year ago
That is a wrap for tonight drama show in Madison Square Garden, the mecca of boxing. GGG is the winner of the night but Dereyvanchenko won the entire crowd. We will see what will continue for GGG in the fights he will want. 
10:57 PMa year ago
Dereyvanchenko mentioned that he the knockdown was due to a hit in the back of the head. 
10:55 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko says that the cut changed the fight, he could not see because of the cut.
10:54 PMa year ago
GGG still wants Canelo and that is the only name he called out!
10:51 PMa year ago
GGG just said It was a bad day for me and a good day for Derevyanchenko!!!!!!!
10:51 PMa year ago
GGG body language shows everything of the night!
10:50 PMa year ago
Boos coming from the arena for GGG!
10:48 PMa year ago
GGG wins the fight thanks to the judges! A real close fight. After the 3rd round Derevyanchenko controlled the fight. GGG went through hell and looked beat! 
10:47 PMa year ago

115-112 X2

10:43 PMa year ago
We go to the judges!!!
10:43 PMa year ago
It is over, what a war in Madison Square Garden!
10:42 PMa year ago
Final minute of the fight!!!
10:41 PMa year ago
Last round!!! Derevyanchenko going strong to the body. GGG looking for an opening,
10:39 PMa year ago
What a chin on both fighters!! End of the 11th!!
10:36 PMa year ago
Championship rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:36 PMa year ago
Round 11.

Derevyanchenko activity and constant pressure is what making the difference of the fight!

10:33 PMa year ago
Round 10 Derevyanchenko landed nothing but power punches in the first minute of the round.
10:32 PMa year ago
It is your time, It is your time to shine- Derevyanchenko getting the motivation in the corner.
10:30 PMa year ago
It is rare to see GGG get pushed back and Derevyanchenko has pushed him back in this 9th round.
10:28 PMa year ago
Round 9 has started. This fight could go all 12 and It could be a close fight.
10:27 PMa year ago
Every time GGG lands a combination Derevyanchenko returns the favor.
10:24 PMa year ago
Round 8 and to our eyes this is a 50/50 fight. If . Derevyanchenko continues this way he could pull an upset!
10:22 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko has good body movement in the last four rounds. He is busier and throwing hard shots.
10:20 PMa year ago
Round 7, let see if both fighters stamina is shown in these rounds and beyond!
10:19 PMa year ago
GGG won that round, he did bounce back but he does shows what a 37 year old fighter goes through.
10:18 PMa year ago
This fight is close, closer than many could think!
10:18 PMa year ago
GGG looks lost and forced to move back when Derevyanchenko lays his punches!
10:16 PMa year ago
6th round and Derevyanchenko has made a come back from the first and second rounds.
10:15 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko is coming back, GGG was hurt with a body punch!
10:13 PMa year ago
GGG looks a bit worn down, those body punches did affect him.
10:13 PMa year ago
An entire minute has passed in the 5th round and Derevyanchenko threw many punches but GGG blocked with his arms and elbows.
10:12 PMa year ago
Round 5 has started! 
10:11 PMa year ago
The cut was opened due to a headbutt.
10:11 PMa year ago
This fight could be stopped!!! Due to the cut!!! Lets hope that does not happen because . Derevyanchenko is coming out strong.
10:10 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko tries not to stay in front of GGG every instance, he pulls away from GGG punches to not get high impacts on his cut.
10:08 PMa year ago
GGG throwing vicious Jabs with every punch he throws.
10:08 PMa year ago
Round 4 both fighters are coming out with guns blazing!
10:07 PMa year ago
Round 3: Derevyanchenko 10 GGG 9.


Derevyanchenko was more active and landed more punches.

10:06 PMa year ago
That cut on the right eye of Derevyanchenko is getting bigger and bigger with every jab GGG lands.
10:06 PMa year ago
GGG just hunting down his prey!!!
10:04 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko is tough coming forward and working GGG in different angles. Going to the body and finishing at the top!
10:03 PMa year ago
Round 3 is on Its way!
10:03 PMa year ago
Round 2: GGG 10 Derevyanchenko 9
10:02 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko is cut!!!!!


10:02 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko ges hit every time he places a punch or two on GGG. He has to get hit to hit GGG!!
10:00 PMa year ago
GGG is very conservative and patient in when to attack!
10:00 PMa year ago
Round 2 has started and Derevyanchenko coming out strong!!
9:58 PMa year ago
Round 1: GGG 10 Derevyanchenko 8
9:57 PMa year ago
Down goes Derevyanchenko, quick punch and gets up quick.
9:56 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko starting the first round with solid jabs, pushing back GGG with straight punches. 
9:55 PMa year ago
Round 1 is on Its way.


GGG with white shorts

Derevyanchenko with Gold Shorts

9:50 PMa year ago
Seven nation army is now heard as GGG gets closer to the ring!!
9:49 PMa year ago
Triple G, Triple G being heard by many fans as GGG makes his way into the ring.
9:49 PMa year ago
Everybody wants drama everybody wants a true fight, GGG words blurring out the arena.
9:48 PMa year ago
"Welcome to my house" by Flo Rida is GGG ring entrance song. 
9:47 PMa year ago


GGG is on his way into the ring now!!!
9:47 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko coming out to the famous song of Queen, " We will we will rock you".


9:45 PMa year ago
Ring entrance, first to come out Is Derevyanchenko!!! 
9:37 PMa year ago
National anthems are being played at this time, 3 different ones. Time is counting down now!! 
9:33 PMa year ago
At 37 years of age could GGG still have the same power and condition to take a fighter out in less than 6 rounds?
9:26 PMa year ago
Could there be an upset tonight or will GGG will walk away as a winner once again.
9:23 PMa year ago
Just an hour away or less from the big event of the night between GGG and Derevyanchenko.
8:59 PMa year ago
Welcome to this live online broadcast of one of the most anticipated fights of 2019. We are less than two hours away from the fight between Golovkin and Derevyanchenko.
10:25 PMa year ago

Tune in here

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10:24 PMa year ago

GGG spoke about his rival

“I know him for a long time, he has good experience from amateur. I remember like Kazakhstan boxing team and Olympic Ukraine team — he’s very good fighter...The last couple of fights he looks good, the same coach like, you know, Daniel Jacobs...I know this team, team is so strong.” 

10:23 PMa year ago

How to watch Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the fight on your TV, you will need to stream it through DAZN
To follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option! 

10:23 PMa year ago

Tonight’s card is shaping up to be a great one

Gennady Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko: IBF Middleweight Championship.

Israil Madrimov vs Alejandro Barrera: WBA Super Welterweight IC Championship 

Nikita Ababiy vs Isiah Seldon: Super Middleweight fight.

Ivan Baranchyk vs Gabriel Bracero: WBA Super Lightweight IC Championship 

Ali Akhmedov vs Andrew Hernández: WBC International Silver Championship.

 Brian Ceballo vs Ramal Amanov: Welterweight fight.

Kamil Szeremeta vs Oscar Cortes:Middleweight fight.

 Joe Ward vs Marco Delgado:  Semi Heavyweight fight.

10:20 PMa year ago

Open training session

This Tuesday, both fighters held a public training session in New York City. The fighters showed great physical and technical form ahead of their meeting for the vacant IBF Middleweight Championship. 

10:19 PMa year ago

Prize money for both fighters

For GGG, the Golovkin vs Derevyachenko fight will represent the second of six combats agreed upon his new deal with DAZN signed in March.

According to reports, the three year relationship contemplates a $100 million purse for the kazakh boxer. Hence, GGG can expect an 8-digit check for tonight’s showdown.

Derevyanchenko will receive $5 million for this fight, according to ESPN. This will be his largest payday after he only took home $462,500 for a world title fight in the autumn of 2018 against Jacobs. 

10:18 PMa year ago
Golovkin’s record is 39 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. Both unfavorable results came in his saga against ‘Canelo’ Álvarez for the unified middleweight titles. 
10:18 PMa year ago

Latest fight: GGG

In his most recent contest, GGG also fought at Madison Square Garden to defeat canadian Steve Rolls with a knock out on the fourth round.

10:18 PMa year ago
Sergiy Derevyanchenko arrives to this fight with a professional record of 13 victories and 1 lossl. His only defeat came on October 27th of last year against Daniel Jacobs on a split decision.

10:18 PMa year ago

Derevyanchenko last fight

Last April, the Ucranian boxer became the mandatory challenger for ’Canelo’ Álvarez, but as both parties were not able to reach an agreement for a fight, the mexican was stripped of the IBF Middleweight title.

Now, Derevyanchenko will face GGG for the vacant belt.

10:17 PMa year ago
Derevyanchenko’s last fight took place in Minnesota against Jack Culcay with a favorable result to today’s contender via a unanimous decision.
10:17 PMa year ago
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