Full Highlights: Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua


6:17 PM10 months ago

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6:11 PM10 months ago

Anthony Joshua wins by Unanimous Decision

The judges score it at 118-110, 118-110 and 119-109.

The winner and new World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua.

6:07 PM10 months ago

12th Round

Ruiz attempts to go all out, but Joshua's fitness keeps him from being connected.

The challenger continues to walk around the ring and counters him with ease.

6:03 PM10 months ago

11th Round

Ruiz is too slow to hit Joshua. The challenger continues to walk the ring with great awareness and will try to take this to the cards where he's likely to re-gain the World Title.
5:59 PM10 months ago

10th Round

Joshua keeps moving. His speed is making the champion struggle to connect him.

If Ruiz plans to retain, he'll have to look for the knock out in the final two episodes.

5:52 PM10 months ago

9th Round

When Joshua feels trouble, he attempts to clinch Ruiz to stop his offense. Joshua continues to move around and avoids exchanging punches with the champion. The challenger came here to have a smart fight.
5:52 PM10 months ago

8th Round

Ruiz starting to show some fatigue, however, he has started to throw more punches that can hurt Joshua.

The two fighters stare each other down and begin to have more closely fought combat.

5:48 PM10 months ago

7th Round

Joshua works the fight very patiently and avoids being hit by the champion.

The fighters exchange a few blows during the round, but the challenger tries to keep an important distance so as not to be connected by Ruíz.


5:43 PM10 months ago

6th Round

Andy Ruiz is dangerous when he throws punches, but he is struggling to throw more combos at the challenger.

Joshua keeps moving and attacks faster while taking advantage of his larger reach.

5:40 PM10 months ago

5th Round

Ruíz is very cautious and does not throw any punches, while Joshua tries to mantains distance to avoid getting hit by the champion.

The last blows from the fourth round were a wake-up call for the british challenger.

5:35 PM10 months ago

4th Round

Joshua keeps moving despite Ruiz's attempts to corner him.

The challenger connects with a couple right jabs, but the champion responds at the end of the round with two strong right hands of his own.

5:31 PM10 months ago

3rd Round

Joshua with a cautious position because he knows about Ruíz's power. The Mexican has trouble finding the challenger's body because of his shorter range.
5:27 PM10 months ago

2nd Round

AJ using his longer reach to try to establish distance between himself and the champion, however Ruiz has managed to strike him and cause a cut on his face.
5:23 PM10 months ago

1st Round

Joshua with more mobility. The first important blow from Joshua causes a cut just below Ruiz's eyebrow.
5:13 PM10 months ago

Official Ceremony!

"God Save The Queen",  "Star-Spangled Banner" and the Mexican National Anthem play inside the arena for the ceremony prior to the bout.
5:10 PM10 months ago

Andy Ruíz walks to the ring!

The champion walks down the aisle towards the ring. He's also alone and with a very focused face.

He is booed by a large portion of the crowd.

5:06 PM10 months ago

Anthony Joshua makes his entrance!

The challenger to the Heavyweight Title of the World walks down the ramp.

The English fighter walks in alone and with a very serious face.

5:03 PM10 months ago

The British fanbase is here!

Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" plays at the arena. The crowd sings along showing their support for Joshua.
4:54 PM10 months ago

The area is now set for tonight's main event


4:38 PM10 months ago

Ruíz vs Joshua is live next from Saudi Arabia

4:29 PM10 months ago

The UFC World Lightweight champion here to witness the fight


4:22 PM10 months ago

We have some precipitiation in a very cold city of Riyadh. This might be a factor since we're in an outdoor stadium for this fight
4:18 PM10 months ago

The Weigh In

Andy Ruiz Jr: 283.7lbs (15lbs heavier than 1st fight)

Anthony Joshua: 237lbs (10.8lbs lighter than 1st fight)


4:10 PM10 months ago

Who you got?

While the Mexican tallys 22 KO’s as a professional, the British is an olypmic gold medalist in London 2012.


4:03 PM10 months ago

International music superstar Usher is also in the house


3:59 PM10 months ago

The challenger is here!


3:56 PM10 months ago

Canelo Álvarez greets Andy Ruíz

3:54 PM10 months ago

3:49 PM10 months ago

LIVE Coverage Begins!

We're ready to bring you the best actions from Saudi Arabia in this World Heavyweight bout!
11:13 AM10 months ago

The combat will take place in the so-called Diriyah Arena, with capacity for 15,000 people. It is a stadium built in record time, as works began at the beginning of October.

11:11 AM10 months ago

It is very striking the physical difference between both fighters, hence the special preparation that has required combat. 15 centimeters separate one from the other, which also joins that both have decided to lose weight for this fight, thus gaining agility. It seems obvious that Joshua wants to be more agile to be able to counter the Mexican.

11:09 AM10 months ago

It is therefore the most anticipated rematch of the last decade, which has been referred to as `` Clash of the dunes. '' No doubt an impressive show that will host the dunes of Saudi Arabia.​​​​​​​
11:05 AM10 months ago

That historic fight took place at Madison Square Garden, in the month of June this year, and this Saturday seems to be even more exciting given the background. A Joshua who wants revenge against a Ruíz delivered, who wishes to prove that it was no accident.
11:03 AM10 months ago

Joshua wants a rematch


Ruíz surprised everyone in one of the biggest surprises that are remembered leading to Joshua's first defeat in his career. A hard defeat, because the British had a hard time losing their two titles, in addition to being their only professional defeat.

11:01 AM10 months ago

Andy Ruíz, ready to fight

For his part, Andy Ruíz, also 30, has a balance of 33 wins, 22 of them by KO, and a single defeat. The American fighter of Mexican descent claims to be "at home", in reference to the fight being held in a neutral setting.

10:59 AM10 months ago

22 wins, 21 of them by KO are the brutal data that the boxer of Watford has. His only defeat, hence the tremendous preparation he has made, was precisely before Andy Ruíz, so the rematch is imminent.
10:56 AM10 months ago

Joshua, focused

The 30-year-old Briton has prepared thoroughly for this fight, even changing his way of training. Joshua has studied Ruíz to the millimeter and has even prepared himself fighting with sparrings similar to his rival.
10:53 AM10 months ago

Nothing more and nothing less than 60 of those 100 million will end up in the hands of Anthony Joshua, being only nine that will take his rival this afternoon. The remaining 40 will be for the promoter: Matchroom.

10:52 AM10 months ago

The show will take place in Saudi Arabia, a country that is betting heavily on sport and has invested an amount that exceeds $ 100 million for this fight to take place.

10:50 AM10 months ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the fight between Andy Ruíz vs Anthony Joshua.