Federal Court decides to close Olympic arenas in Rio de Janeiro
Photo via Riotur

On Thursday (16), the Brazilian Federal Court issued an order to ban the Olympic arenas in Rio de Janeiro. The arenas are located in neighborhoods Deodoro and Barra da Tijuca. 

The decision complies with a request from the Federal Prosecutor's Office, which argued that these facilities can't be used because of the absence of licenses that certify the safety requirements of these locations, such as the Fire Department inspection report and other municipal documents. In addition, prosecutors allege the precariousness of the Olympic Parks and theft of power equipment.

"This scenario, made up of places punished for carelessness and the presence of thousands of people, can result in tragedies", said said federal judge Eugenio Araujo in the document.

In a press release, the federal government, under the command of President Jair Bolsonaro, said it will work to continue the activities. The city government wants to appeal the decision in court.

Its worth remembering that many government promises in 2016 for the Olympic Games haven't been fulfilled yet. Many places are extremely abandoned, such as Athletes' Park and Future Arena.