Highlights of the victory by unanimous decision of Cobrita Luna against Barby Juárez in Box 2020
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Cobrita Luna

"I am super excited. very happy. This was my dream, to be world champion and I am very grateful," said the Cobrita
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80-72, 79-73 the results in favor of Yulian la Cobrita Luna who has won. No anomaly was found in the gloves
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Barby Juarez is upset about what happened in the fight and claimed that Cobrita did something wrong. In suspense what will happen with the result of the fight
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They are checking Cobrita Luna's gloves for any anomaly
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10th round

They hit in the first moments of the last round, but in the end Barby could not look for the knockout. We will go to the cards
12:41 AMa month ago

9no round

Double left-handed of the Cobrita, coupled with a one two that generates damage to a Barby that has not stopped bleeding since the first round
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8th round

Cobrita Luna driving the distance and when you want it connects with the right in a solid way. She tries to react the Barby, but at 40 years old she is having a hard time
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7th round

The Barby who tries to cut her legs stays, but she can't find a way to do it in front of an effective Cobrita Luna
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6th round

Barby fell to the canvas, but it was due to a slip. Juarez tries to squeeze the difference, but has not been able to handle the good distance from Luna, who is now on the counterpunch
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5th round

It is not easy for Barby, who has suffered the ravages of the Cobrita that connected a solid right in the face of the rival
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4th round

Left hand flight entering from the Cobrita. The legs of the Barby have not responded and Luna, so far, winning the fight on the cards
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3rd round

Distance and height remain key factors that Barby has not been able to deal with. The most conservative Cobrita, but more accurate when launching the flights
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2nd round

Left hook that entered from the Barby and later the Cobrita slipped in the corner, who continues to show more speed and greater precision in the blows
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1st round

With more initiative the Cobrita and already generated damage to the face of Juarez, who already began to bleed
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The fight begins

The fight between Juarez and Luna begins
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Now Mariana Juarez does it with the song Mexico Lindo y Querido
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Already in

Cobrita Luna has entered the ring to start this battle
12:08 AMa month ago

It has already started

A few minutes ago the fight between Yesenia Gómez vs Mirna Sánchez began
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To remember

In the Oasis Arena this fight between the Barby Juarez and the Cobrita Luna will take place
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Minutes away

Don't leave here because the fight between Barby Juarez and Cobrita Luna is coming
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With people

With all the necessary health measures, about 400 people will be watching this boxing match
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To remember great deeds

Cobrita Luna in 2015 beat Argentina's Carolina Gutierrez to become the International Boxing Federation's super rooster champion
11:35 PMa month ago

The last fight

The last fight of the Cobrita Luna was in September of last year with victory against Kathia Rodriguez
11:26 PMa month ago

Did you know that...

The Cobrita Luna debuted on October 28, 2012, at the Hermanos Rojas Gymnasium in Gómez Palacio, Durango and beat Sandra Pulido in four episodes
11:15 PMa month ago

Very attractive

The co-star fight will also be quite attractive when Yesenia "The Girl" Gomez fights Mirna Sanchez

11:05 PMa month ago

Live a dream

Luna commented a week ago that it was a dream to fight against Juarez, although like every professional she will seek victory in the ring
10:57 PMa month ago

The last fight

Since October 13, the Barby Juarez does not fight when it defeated the Argentinean Carolina Duer
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The data

Everything you need to know about these great fighters, highlights the age difference that can be a point to follow

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We started

After a year of inactivity, mainly because of the coronavirus issue, Mariana Barby Juarez returns to the quadrilateral to measure herself against the Cobrita Luna
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Record of Mariana Juarez


The "Barby" has had 67 fights as a professional with a balance of 54 victories (18 by way of chloroform), nine losses and four draws.


3:18 PMa month ago

Record of Yulihan Luna

At 26 years old, the "Cobrita" has had 23 fights with a record of 19 victories (only three by knockout), three disagreements and a draw.

3:13 PMa month ago

How to watch Mariana “Barby” Juárez vs Yulihan “Cobrita” Luna Live TV and Stream

It will be broadcast on television is: TUDN

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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With fans

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, there will be a small number of people in the compound to watch the pugilistic billboard.
3:03 PMa month ago

Thinking of Jackie Nava

Juarez's mission will be to get the victory so that now the fight against Jackie Nava can take place, which, according to some sources, could happen in the first semester of 2021.
2:58 PMa month ago

For sure

Before the fight, "Barby" said she felt in optimal conditions to validate once again her championship. "There are ten defenders, a difficult record to reach in bantamweight; I like to give shine to my championships and that is why I did not hesitate to defend my title against a champion like Yulihan, these are the fights that people want to see now that boxing is back on TV," she said.
2:53 PMa month ago

The coestar fight

The second most attractive fight on the billboard will be when Yesenia "Niña" Gómez puts the WBC's Minimusca title into play, against Mirna Sánchez.

Also fighting in middleweight will be Manuel "Meño" Gallegos against Oziel "Russo" Santoyo; Alexis "Peje" Bastar vs Israel "Panchito" Gasparillo in the Super Rooster division and Rosario "Pinocho" Sanchez vs Miguel Tique in featherweight.

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For the title

This Saturday will be the World Boxing Council's (WBC) bantamweight championship, where once again "Barby" will present her title at her 40th birthday.
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Start time

The Juárez vs Luna fight will take place at the Cancún, Quintana Roo. The start is scheduled at 1 am ET.
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