Highlights and best momentos of Oscar Valdez's victory over Miguel Berchelt in Box 2021
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the fight of the year between Valdez and Berchelt through Vavel. We look forward to seeing you next week with the Canelo Alvarez fight.
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WBC Super Featherweight Champion

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Fulfilled his dream

Valdez said he dreamed of being a world champion and tonight he achieved it with impressive footwork, hooks and his lethal southpaw jab.
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That's the end of the fight

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Round 9 Summary

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His reign is over

Berchelt suffered tonight and Valdez with better boxing and, above all, better punching won tonight.
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10th round

It's over, Valdez in the last second sent Berchelt to the canvas and has been proclaimed WBC champion.
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9th round

Valdez's left jab went straight into the face of "Alacran" and sent him to the canvas, although Berchelt once again got up and has managed to survive.
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8th round

A very even round where both were erratic in their punches, although Valdez tries from the start to punch, go out or hug to lower the decibels of the fight.
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Berchelt vs Valdez

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7th round

Valdez's speed is starting to fade and now his concern is to avoid punches and clinch to stay alive in the fight. Berchelt has thrown better and has taken the baton of the fight.
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6th round

Several flurries from Valdez have connected with Berchelt, but he has also thrown three punches to the back of the head that have already been warned. The fight begins to balance, where Berchelt seems recovered and with confidence to go forward.
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5th round

Berchelt was very static and recovering from the blows of the previous episode, however, Valdez lacked the impetus to go all out in search of victory and let him live.
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Summary 4th round

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4th round

Valdez started explosively with three direct punches and minutes later he landed several uppercuts that caused damage to Berchelt, who miraculously did not fall to the canvas and the bell saved him from losing.
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Summary round 3

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3th round

The "Alacrán" has gradually taken the initiative of the fight and has put Valdez against the ropes on a couple of occasions, who, intelligently, has managed to escape.
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2nd round

Round very even, although Berchelt had a little more initiative compared to the first, releasing a volado that contacted Valdez's face without causing serious damage.
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1st round

First episode of knowledge where there were very few punches, however, Valdez was the one who looked for more, especially with a couple of jabs.
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In case you missed the pugilists' presentation

12:01 AM8 months ago

Makes his presentation

Also under the theme of rap, Berchelt enters in search of revalidating his title.
11:59 PM8 months ago

Jump in the ring

Valdez makes his appearance at this time.
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Valdez is about to leave

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Friends and now rivals

Although they have a good relationship outside the ring, tonight Valdez and Berchelt will not tempt their hearts and will look to become champions in Las Vegas.

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Oscar Valdez's record

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Valdez is getting ready to leave

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This was the knockout victory

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To minutes

We are minutes away from the start of the fight between Valdez and Berchelt.

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Flores Jr. got on fire and with two right hands sent Velez to the canvas, who could no longer get up and the fight was over in the sixth round.
11:28 PM8 months ago

5th round

Velez begins to react and is now the dominator of the fight. Flores has a swelling near his eye, which could make it difficult for him in the following episodes.
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Perfect record in last 5 fights

11:25 PM8 months ago

Great victory

Falcao defeated Akavov in one of the fights of this billboard.
11:20 PM8 months ago

3rd round

In the first three rounds, the North American Flores Jr, has been dominant and with more precision in his punches against a Velez who could not get close in the first 9 minutes of the fight.
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Official weights

These will be the official weights of both fighters according to Izquierdazo Bozeo data: "Berchelt will go up as a welterweight at 146.2 and Valdez as a super lightweight at 140".
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The stellar fight

With one week to go before the Canelo fight, Valdez vs Berchelt promises to be one of the best fights not only of February, but of 2021.

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How are Flores and Perez arriving?

In the fight right now, this is how the boxers arrive.

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The favorite

The favorite among critics and bookmakers in Las Vegas is in favor of Alacrán Berchelt, will he be able to fulfill this prediction?
11:12 PM8 months ago

Great victory

By unanimous decision, Xander Zayas defeated James Martin in six rounds on the scorecards.

11:08 PM8 months ago

At this time

The bout between the North American Flores Jr. and the Tico Velez has begun.
11:06 PM8 months ago

Preparations are underway

Valdez is already warming up his engines to jump into the ring in search of victory.

11:03 PM8 months ago

The next fight

Next, Esquiva Falcao vs. Artur Akavov, followed by Gabriel Flores Jr. and Jayson Velez.
10:59 PM8 months ago

We start

The boxing show of the year is here with the fight between Oscar Valdez and Miguel Berchelt, in a Mexican duel for the WBC Super Featherweight World Title. Let's get started.
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Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries and analysis for this WBC Super Featherweight World Championship fight Oscar Valdez vs Miguel Berchelt.
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Previous fights

This will be the complete line-up for this Saturday:

Gabriel Flores Jr. vs. Jayson Velez, 10 rounds, junior lightweight; Esquiva Falcao vs. Artur Akavov, 10 rounds, middleweight; Elvis Rodriguez vs. Luis Alberto Veron, eight rounds, junior welterweight; Bryan Lua vs. Frevian Gonzalez, six rounds, junior lightweight; Xander Zayas vs. James Martin, six rounds, welterweight; Sonny Conto vs. Waldo Cortes, four rounds, heavyweight; Javier Martinez vs. Billy Wagner, four rounds, middleweight; Omar Rosario vs. Uriel Villanueva, four rounds, welterweight.

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Miguel Berchelet's record

The "Alacran" has a longer record with 37 fights, 36 wins (32 by knockout) and only one loss; he has also retained the WBC Super Featherweight title six times.

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Oscar Valdez's record

Valdez is undefeated as a professional with 26 wins in 26 fights and 21 of them have been by knockout; he also won the gold medal in the 2010 Central American Games.

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Clash of Mexicans

This is a highly anticipated fight, but more than anything to have two Mexicans in the ring, although both have more than a year without fighting.
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They met the weigh-in

This Friday both Oscar Valdez and Miguel Berchelt complied with the 130-pound weigh-in, in addition to testing negative for coronavirus and everything is ready for the fight.

3:23 PM8 months ago

He has fought with the best

For his part, the "Alacrán" pointed out that he has fought better boxers in his career than Valdez, who was an Olympic medalist: "There's a reason I'm the world champion and I've made six successful defenses. I think I have faced better opposition than Oscar (Valdez), fighters like 'Bandido' Vargas, Takashi Miura, Jason Sosa and Mickey Roman".
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Friendship will be put aside

It is worth remembering that these fighters have a good friendship outside the ring, however, Valdez reiterated that he will not tempt his heart to defeat him: "The Alacran is my friend, but since the fight contract was signed, that ended and I'm going for the title".
3:13 PM8 months ago

First confrontation

There has been much talk for several months about the possibility of this fight, however, due to pandemic reasons, until this February it will take place in the United States.
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Start time

The Oscar Valdez vs Miguel Berchelt fight will take place at the Las Vegas (MGM Grand Conference Center). The start is scheduled at 10pm ET.
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