Highlights and best momentos of Gallo Estrada's victory over Chocolatito González in Box 2021
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the fight between Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez for the WBA and WBC unified titles.
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Very even

The Gallo Estrada shook off the malaria and in the second edition defeated Chocolatito Estrada by split decision.
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Thrilled by the victory

"I think it's a deserved win. He's a great fighter and I think we deserve the third fight," commented Gallo in a post-fight interview.
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He got his revenge

El Gallo retaliated and pulled out the win, leaving Chocolatito to suffer his first setback against a Mexican fighter.
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115-113, 115-113 and 111-117 gives Gallo Estrada the win in a great victory and becomes unified super flyweight champion.
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The fight of the year

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12th round

A wholesale exchange of punches in one of the best fights of the year. A punch from Chocolatito staggered Estrada, who held on and kept the punches coming. It will all come down to the scorecards.
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11th round

The exchange of blows began again. El Gallo came out more determined to get in more punches, but Chocolatito continues to have more aim in the exchange where he has come out well.
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10th round

Oper del Gallo is doing some damage, but Chocolatito can't get enough of throwing punches, many of which have been very effective in hitting his opponent's face. A very even episode with six minutes remaining.
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9th round

El Gallo made an impact with a solid right hand that Chocolatito quickly answered with a powerful overhand right. The distribution of punches has been decreasing, but both fighters are looking for the knockout.
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8th round

Chocolatito's bomb with the right that connects the face, before a Gallo who took a little more his distance, but did not stop insisting with the one two. Chocolatito was more mobile and dodged several punches.
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7th round

Gallo's punches are going to the body and Gonzalez is going more to the face in the give and take that is getting good on the ring in one of the best fights of the year.
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6th round

Although Chocolatito started better, El Gallo bounced back in the closing seconds with several right hands to both the liver and face that hurt Gonzalez.
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5th round

Gonzalez's right hand connected cleanly, but El Gallo reacted with powerful straight rights and has been over 80% effective.
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The red-hot exchange of blows

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4th round

Now Gonzalez's lefts are getting in Estrada's face, who on a couple of occasions was left on the ropes and managed to get out of there. 

The two fighters are exchanging punches that are getting the crowd pumped up.

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3rd round

Chocolatito exchanged blows throughout the episode, Chocolatito with straight rights, but Gallo Estrada answered in the counter-punches with a couple of hooks.
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2th round

A powerful straight right that did some damage, but Chocolatito responded in kind with a pair of right hands that set the crowd on fire.

Gonzalez also connected with a right hand that went into the face of Gallo.

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1st round

It was not a round of knowledge, El Gallo jumped in with a lot of momentum, however, Chocolatito started to land the rights that evened the first few minutes.
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United for victory

11:50 PMa month ago

The Mexican presents himself

Juan Estrada arrives in Dallas for a shot at the WBC and WBA titles.
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Enter the ring

El Chocolatito, after some confusion, enters the ring to defend the pride of Nicaragua.
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In this moments

A tribute is being paid to former boxer Marvin Hagler, who died on Saturday at the age of 66.
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Estrada's maximum concentration

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The following

Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez for the second time. Stay tuned for more details.
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Jessica McCaskill defeated Cecilia Brækhus by unanimous decision and remains champion.
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The fight between Jessica McCaskill and Cecilia Brækhus

11:29 PMa month ago

10th round

Cecilia Brækhus went all out in search of the knockout that would give her the win, but the arguments were insufficient to be able to do any damage to the champion Jessica McCaskill.
11:27 PMa month ago

9th round

The wear and tear is already showing on both boxers, although Jessica McCaskill is in control of the action and looks set to defeat Cecilia Brækhus on the scorecards.
11:24 PMa month ago

8th round

Jessica McCaskill regaining control of the fight, with Cecilia Brækhus' left jabs starting to lose effectiveness. Only two rounds to go.
11:20 PMa month ago

7th round

Jessica McCaskill started to get more animated with her forehand and Cecilia Brækhus started to over-hug, so she has been deducted a point.
11:19 PMa month ago

6th round

Cecilia Brækhus continues to improve and her left foot caused damage to Jessica McCaskill, who has now taken her distance and the fight is starting to even out.
11:17 PMa month ago

The bandaging process begins

11:14 PMa month ago

5th round

Cecilia Brækhus threw a left-footed punch down the stretch that hit Jessica McCaskill, who has struggled to regain control of the fight in the closing minutes.
11:11 PMa month ago

4th round

Jessica McCaskill's explosiveness is wearing off and Cecilia Brækhus, in her own way, is starting to hold her back a little, but she will have to tighten up because she is clearly down on the cards.
11:08 PMa month ago

3rd round

Cecilia Brækhus is really mucking up the fight, hugging and slowing down the pace of the fight which has favoured Jessica McCaskill.
11:05 PMa month ago

2nd round

Jessica McCaskill again went to the front to land a couple of forehands that again staggered Cecilia Brækhusy who miraculously stayed on her feet.
11:02 PMa month ago

1st round

Jessica McCaskill came out all guns blazing and on the final straight she unleashed a right that hit Cecilia Brækhus in the face.
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El Gallo fine-tunes details

10:52 PMa month ago

Juan Estrada's uniform

10:51 PMa month ago

Now it is

Women's co-main event fight between Jessica McCaskill vs. Cecilia Braekhus.
10:49 PMa month ago

Gallito Estrada warms up

10:43 PMa month ago

6to round

The referee stopped the fight in the middle of the round, as the Frenchman had a wide dominance over Echeverría who did not react and fell back to the canvas.
10:40 PMa month ago

5to round

Cissokho sent Echeverría to the canvas, but was unable to knock him out due to the Mexican's reaction that spoiled the fight.
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Gonzalez takes it easy in the minutes leading up to his fight against Estrada.

10:36 PMa month ago

4th round

The Frenchman Cissokho again put the Mexican in bad conditions, who held on, threw several punches and managed to resist another episode in a fight that looks very uneven.
10:32 PMa month ago

3rd round

The Frenchman was far superior, who continued to generate damage with his forehand that sent the Mexican reeling, who fell in the first few seconds after another forehand that he was unable to contain.
10:28 PMa month ago

2nd round

Cissokho was much better on the canvas, where the Frenchman did not put the pedal to the metal and caused Echeverría, who did not know how to control the European, to fall due to a slip.
10:25 PMa month ago

1st round

Cissokho looked superior from the first minutes against the Mexican Echeverría, who failed to defend himself in the best way and allowed a couple of hooks to hurt him.
10:20 PMa month ago


Mexican Daniel Echeverría is already in the ring to fight Souleymane Cissokho.
10:16 PMa month ago

The following

Jessica McCaskill vs. Cecilia Braekhus will take to the ring for the night's co-main event.
10:12 PMa month ago


In the moment of releasing the blow to the Asian's face, Aragon hurt his hand and left him unable to continue in the fight.
10:09 PMa month ago

5th round

The fight was over. One punch from Kyoguchi was more than enough to defeat Aragon, although he was injured by a blow that prevents him from moving his right shoulder.
10:04 PMa month ago

This is how people gather in Nicaragua to watch the fight.

10:02 PMa month ago

3er round

The Japanese was more reserved and decided to keep his distance, resulting in less exchange of blows compared to the previous period.
9:57 PMa month ago

2nd round

In an explosive second period, Kyoguchi pulled out the oper, but the Mexican came back and hit the Asian's face on several occasions.
9:53 PMa month ago

1st round

Kyoguchi with more initiative in the first minutes, dropping a couple of hooks that Aragón Vega has eluded.
9:51 PMa month ago

More than clever

El Gallo declared himself ready for tonight's fight.

9:46 PMa month ago

The following

For the WBA men's bantamweight title fight.

9:39 PMa month ago

There is support

Mexican fans all over the world are always supporting and in Dallas it is no exception to cheer on Gallo Estrada.

9:36 PMa month ago

Great victory

By unanimous decision, Austin Williams remains undefeated by defeating Denis Douglin in a nine-round fight.
9:33 PMa month ago

In impeccable condition

This is what the American Airlines Center venue looks like for the rematch between Chocolatito and Gallo.

9:29 PMa month ago

We start

The rematch came nine years later and this Saturday Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez will meet face to face in the ring. We start with the coverage.
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Tune in here

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Previous fights

Axel Aragon Vega for the WBA lightweight crown; Jessica McCaskill vs. Cecilia Braekhus, for the WBC, WBA, IBF, IBF, WBO and IBO welterweight titles; Austin Williams vs. Denis Douglin at middleweight; Souleymane Cissokho vs. Daniel Echeverría at welterweight and Raymond Ford vs. Aarón Pérez.
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Chocolatito Gonzalez's Record

The Nicaraguan has a record of 50 wins (43 by knockout) and two defeats; his last fight was in October 2020 when he defeated Israel Gonzalez by unanimous decision.

5:14 PMa month ago

Gallo Estrada's record

The Mexican has a record of 40 wins (27 by knockout) and three defeats; his most recent fight was on October 23rd when he defeated Carlos Cuadras by knockout.

5:09 PMa month ago

Weigh-ins completed

This Friday both Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez complied with the 121 lbs. weigh-in, in addition to testing negative for coronavirus and everything is ready for the fight.
5:04 PMa month ago

The Mexican destroyer

The Chocolatito has the measure of Mexican fighters and has defeated 20 of them, starting on March 30, 2007.
4:59 PMa month ago

Focused on winning by way of knockout

The Gallo made it clear that he does not want to leave any doubts in order to become unified title champion:

"I'm going to focus on knocking out Roman Gonzalez, because I don't want to leave any doubts, simply because of that."

4:54 PMa month ago

The rematch

These two fighters met on November 17, 2012 with a vibrant fight that ended by unanimous decision of the judges in favour of "Chocolatito" Gonzalez, who retained the WBA title at that time.

4:49 PMa month ago

Start time

The Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez fight will take place at the Dallas (American Airlines Center). The start is scheduled at 10pm ET.
4:44 PMa month ago

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