Highlights and best momentos of Canelo Alvarez's victory over Billy Joe Saunders in Box 2021
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the telecast of the WBC, WBA and WBO super middleweight title fight where Canelo Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Sanders.
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Impressive exhibition

Although he struggled at times, Canelo showed his power and pulled out the victory over Saunders, who talked too much during the week and took the loss.
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This is how the eighth and final round went

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Canelo is champion

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This is how Álvarez asked for support

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No more

Saunders did not come out for the eighth round due to a blow to the cheekbone and Canelo Alvarez has taken the win.
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8th round

El Canelo has come back with two right hands that doubled Saunders and, in addition, invited the fans to cheer him on, causing a deafening noise at AT&T Stadium.
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7th round

From Canelo's corner they yell at him not to despair, because Saunders has begun to gain in confidence and has tried to provoke him to get him into his game. In a very even round.
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Canelo vs Saunders

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6th round

When it seemed that Canelo would regain control of the fight, Sanders answered with a left hand that hurt and disconcerted Canelo, who needs to calm down in these moments of doubt.
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The power of Canelo

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5th round

Saunders begins to perk up and loosen up a bit more, in fact, at times, letting his guard down and stepping away to invite more offense from Canelo, who still can't connect with any powerful punches.
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4th round

Saunders continues to try to avoid the distribution of blows, although now Canelo found the oper that he had wanted so much to impact and bend the British.
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3th round

Saunders does not know how to hurt a Canelo who is being patient and, above all, throwing right hands, which is what has generated good dividends in the first rounds.
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2nd round

Canelo began to let loose and rocked the stadium with two right hands, especially a straight right that hit Saunders' face and made him step back and breathe for a few seconds.
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1st round

In the first minutes of the fight, both fighters kept their distance, although Canelo twice connected with Saunders' soft zone to hurt him.
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In this moments...

Both Saunders and Canelo are introduced in the ring, seconds before the fight starts.
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The Aguilar presenting Canelo

11:22 PMa year ago

This is how Saunders came out

11:18 PMa year ago

With Pepe Aguilar

After the daughter sang, Aguilar sings Mexico lindo y querido at Canelo's entrance.
11:17 PMa year ago

Enter Canelo

At this moment Canelo Alvarez makes his appearance in search of shutting Saunders' mouth for everything he said during the week.
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This is how the Mexican national anthem was intoned

11:12 PMa year ago

The Englishman comes out

Billy Sanders comes out to AT&T Stadium full of boos and thirsty for victory to continue his undefeated record.
11:11 PMa year ago

Mayweather appears

Mayweather says that if Saunders wins he would be willing to fight the Brit.
11:09 PMa year ago

The Canelo on the stadium screens

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Right now...

The anthem of Great Britain is sung, followed by the anthems of Mexico and the United States.
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Canelo fine-tunes the last details

10:58 PMa year ago

For another undefeated

Only against Mayweather and Golovkin has Canelo not been able to take away their undefeated records, but he has defeated all the others and expects Saunders to be one more to the list.
10:53 PMa year ago

Soto's celebration

10:48 PMa year ago

This is what the Dallas stadium looks like to watch Canelo

10:43 PMa year ago

The last defeat

Canelo has not lost since 2013 when he lost to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

10:38 PMa year ago

Coming soon

We are minutes away from Saunders and Canelo Alvarez entering the ring. Don't miss the details.
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This is how the eighth round went between Soto and Takayama

10:28 PMa year ago

Big win for Soto

10:23 PMa year ago

9th round

Soto started with a flurry of punches where the Japanese had no reaction for several seconds and the victory went to the Mexican.
10:18 PMa year ago

8th round

Now Soto connected with a left-handed volado that did some damage, but he lacked more speed and punching power against a Japanese who never gives up and continues to take control of the fight.
10:13 PMa year ago

Canelo Álvarez very calmly

10:08 PMa year ago

7th round

Takayama started the round better, dominating in the early stages, but Soto began to loosen up and in the end a couple of hooks were able to tip the balance of the round in his favor.
10:03 PMa year ago

6th round

Soto's forehand is still very powerful and is generating damage on the Japanese, who tried to react and was saved by the bell.
9:58 PMa year ago

Saunders is getting ready

9:53 PMa year ago

4th round

Soto's hooks continue to be very effective and twice hit the face of Takayama, who throws more punches, but can not face Soto's good guard.
9:48 PMa year ago

3er round

Now it is Takayama who carries the baton and rhythm of the fight, but the power punches, although they have been few, have been more effective from the gloves of the Aztec fighter.
9:43 PMa year ago

The Canelo says he is ready for the fight

9:38 PMa year ago

2do round

The Japanese is neglecting both his guard and distance and Soto has taken advantage of this to keep throwing punches, but he has not been able to finish the fight to send Takayama to the canvas.
9:33 PMa year ago

1er round

Elwin Soto was better, generated damage and put the power in the gloves to stagger the Japanese and took the first round.
9:28 PMa year ago

The following

Elwin Soto and Katsunari Takayama are already in the ring for the WBO World Light Flyweight title.
9:23 PMa year ago

It was even questioned

Earlier in the week Saunders' dad went so far as to claim that the fight was off, but the two boxers were able to come to an agreement.
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Words of encouragement

These were Eddy Reinoso's words of encouragement that he published today on his social networks:

Today a Mexican fights against an Englishman and they fight in the United States where the dream is difficult to achieve, this day support us because we will go out the whole team canelo to leave high the name of our MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO VIVA MEXICO CABRONES.

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El Canelo taking pictures

9:08 PMa year ago

Great victory

Souleymane Cissokho defeated Kieron Conway to become the new WBA Super Welterweight Intercontinental Champion.
9:03 PMa year ago

Tyson Fury present

8:58 PMa year ago

The stars present

Michael Irving is on hand at AT&T Stadium to witness the Canelo vs Saunders fight.
8:53 PMa year ago

This is how Canelo Alvarez arrived

8:48 PMa year ago

Saunders' impressions before the fight

8:43 PMa year ago

We start

El Canelo will have one of the biggest tests of his career in recent years when he takes on Britain's Billy Sanders in a super middleweight title fight. We begin.
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Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries and analysis for this heavyweight fight Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders.
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Previous fights

This will be the complete card for this Saturday:

Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama: WBO world minibossa; Kieron Conway vs Souleymane Cissokho: WBA Intercontinental super welterweight (10 rounds); Frank Sanchez vs Nagy Aguilera: WBC Continental Americas heavyweight (10 rounds); Marc Castro vs Irving Macias: (6 rounds) at featherweight; Keyshawn Davis vs Jose Antonio Mez: (6 rounds) at lightweight; Christian Alan Gomez Duran vs Xavier Wilson: (8 rounds) at welterweight; Kelvin Davis vs Jan Marsalek: (4 rounds) at super lightweight.

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Billy Joe Saunders' record

The British fighter is undefeated in his professional career with a record of 30 victories, 14 of which have been by knockout.

8:18 PMa year ago

Canelo Alvarez's record

The Mexican will hold his second fight of the year after defeating Avni Yildirim last February, remembering that he has a record of 55 wins (37 by knockout), one draw and two defeats.

8:13 PMa year ago

They complied with the weigh-in

This Friday both fighters met the weigh-in under 168 pounds and declared themselves ready to face their first fight of 2021.

8:08 PMa year ago

Be smart

The British fighter analyzed the upcoming fight and assured that beyond the physical skills that both have, he will have to keep a cool head to be able to defeat Canelo.

"It will be brains over brawn here. I think it will be this way: I have to win every moment, every second when the bell rings."

8:03 PMa year ago

Confident of winning

Because of everything that has happened outside the ring, Canelo has assured that he will come out with the victory no matter what:

"I'm going to win, no doubt. I'm training at 100 percent, I came here to win and I want to make history, that's the only thing that goes through my head.

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It was in suspense

Earlier this week the fight was on hold because both fighters could not agree on the conditions of the bout, especially the size of the ring.
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Start time

The Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders fight will take place at the Texas (AT&T Stadium). The start is scheduled at 11pm ET.
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