Highlights of Fight Julio César Chávez vs Héctor Camacho Jr. in Box 2021


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Here is a summary of the fight
2:13 AMa year ago

This is how the Mexican Grand Champion bids farewell!

At 58 years of age and in front of the audience at the Jalisco Stadium, Julio César Chávez said goodbye to the ring for good with a great exhibition.
1:56 AMa year ago

It's over!

Although he didn't get the KO, all indications are that the decision will go to Julio Cesar Chavez.
1:54 AMa year ago

Round 4

Julio César Chávez gives a boxing lesson and culminates this last round with a barrage of direct blows to Camacho's face, who could not get off the ropes during the entire fight.
1:52 AMa year ago

Round 4

Julio Cesar tried to take off his mask and his opponent imitated the action, however, both put it back on. The Mexican Grand Champion stops the fight and asks Saul 'El Canelo' Alvarez to join his corner.
1:50 AMa year ago

Round 4

Tempers flared at the end of the third round, when even after the bell had rung, Hector unleashed a straight punch to Chavez's face.
1:48 AMa year ago

Round 3

Unreachable! Chavez doesn't stop throwing lefts, 'El Macho' manages to lock the Grand Champion in the ring and tries to connect with Chavez's torso, but the sound of the bell prevents it.
1:42 AMa year ago

Round 2

Chavez backs Camacho Jr into the corner and twice connects with the 1.2.3.
1:38 AMa year ago

Round 1

The Mexican Grand Champion comes out to propose and forces Camacho to go around the ring. Chavez managed to connect on a couple of occasions on the Puerto Rican's face.
1:33 AMa year ago

The fight is on!

The bell rings for the first episode
1:20 AMa year ago

The anthem is sung

The Mexican National Anthem is performed by Edith Márquez
1:16 AMa year ago

Great presentation

Julio César Chávez is accompanied by singer Julión Álvarez, who provides the music for the presentation.
1:07 AMa year ago


This bout will only be fought over 4 rounds. Chavez comes into this fight at 58 years old, while Camacho Jr will be 42 years old.
1:03 AMa year ago

Cheers for the champion

Julio César Chávez makes his appearance at the Jalisco and the crowd doesn't wait to show their admiration. A great reception for the legend of Mexican boxing.
1:01 AMa year ago

Ceremony begins

Camacho Jr is the first to come out and the people's rejection is not long in coming.
1:00 AMa year ago

The legend returns!

Julio Cesar Chavez will say goodbye to the ring in a few minutes when he faces the son of Hector Camacho.
12:59 AMa year ago

Silva wins!

As expected, the Brazilian takes the fight by decision.
12:55 AMa year ago

Round 8

Last episode of this battle. Everything indicates that the Brazilian takes the victory.
12:54 AMa year ago

Round 6

Julio Cesar has dealt too few punches and can't find the space to trouble La Araña.
12:49 AMa year ago

Round 5

Silva connects nicely in the face of the Mexican and tips the scales in his favour.
12:46 AMa year ago

Round 3

Chavez Jr tries a couple of combinations but does not trouble Anderson Silva, who has looked comfortable in the first few episodes.
12:43 AMa year ago

Chávez Jr vs Silva

The fight between Jr and the Brazilian martial artist will be the penultimate fight before the main event between Julio César Chávez and Héctor Camacho Jr.
12:34 AMa year ago

Victory for El Inocente

By unanimous decision, Ramón Álvarez defeated Omar in a duel where the Jalisco native slightly dominated from the first round. Although after an accidental headbutt Omar was hurt with a wound near the right eyebrow, the fight was not stopped and the 8 episodes were concluded.
11:51 PMa year ago

8 rounds

Ramón Álvarez and Omar Chávez will battle for eight rounds of three minutes each.
11:49 PMa year ago

Minutes away from the start of the Chavez vs Álvarez showdown!

In a few minutes the fight of the Chavez dynasty will start, Omar will face 'The Innocent' Alvarez, brother of Saul 'Canelo Alvarez'.
11:40 PMa year ago

Mexican win

Jaime Munguía was declared the winner by technical knockout, it took him 6 rounds to settle the bout. The fight was scheduled for 12
11:14 PMa year ago


Preliminary battle kicks off between Jaime Munguía and Kamil Szeremeta
10:45 PMa year ago

Chavez Jr vs Silva

The son of the legend will face UFC star Anderson Silva, a mixed martial arts specialist. At the weigh-in ceremony, 'The Junior' missed weight and had to pay his opponent $100,000.
10:35 PMa year ago

With protection

The boxing legend will fight two rounds with a mask on medical advice and two without protection.
10:30 PMa year ago

Weighing ceremony

At the weigh-in ceremony, none of the fighters had any setbacks, however, they took the opportunity to issue some controversial statements.
10:25 PMa year ago

Jalisco Stadium

This is how the stage set up at the Jalisco Stadium looks like for the main fight
10:20 PMa year ago

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How to watch Chavez - Camacho Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Chávez vs Camacho Jr. live on TV, your options is: Azteca Deportes.

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What time is Chavez vs Camacho fight for Exhibition Box?

This is the start time of the game Chávez vs Camacho of 19th June 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 23:00 PM 
Bolivia: 22:00 PM 
Brazil: 23:00 PM
Chile: 22:00 PM in 
Colombia: 21:00 PM 
Ecuador: 21:00 horas 
USA (ET): 23:00 PM 
Spain: 24:00 PM 
Mexico: 21:00 PM 
Paraguay: 23:00 PM 
Peru: 21:00:00 PM 
Uruguay 23:00 PM 
Venezuela: 22:00 PM 

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Everything you need to know

Julio Cesar Chavez, will give his last fight at the age of 58, while his challenger, Hector Camacho is 42 years old. The fight is scheduled for 4 rounds of three minutes, in which the great champion will defend his title in the ring.
10:00 PMa year ago

Full line-up

 Julio César Chávez vs Héctor Camacho Jr.

- Julio César Chávez Jr vs. Anderson Silva - Peso Crucero (90,72 kg)

- Omar Chávez vs Ramón Alvarez - Peso Mediano (72,57 kg)

- Kevin Torres vs Jorge Luis Melendez - Peso Superligero (63,5 kg)

- Mario Alberto Ramírez vs Pedro Castro - Peso Pluma (57,15 kg)

9:55 PMa year ago


In this show, the boxing legend will share the bill with his sons Omar and César.
9:50 PMa year ago


The great Mexican champion defeated the father of Hector Camacho Jr, in 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada. By decision, the fight went to Chavez and he retained the WBC lightweight title.
9:45 PMa year ago

Héctor Camacho Jr.

59 defeats by knockout, 7 defeats and 1 draw.
9:40 PMa year ago

Julio César Chavez

The legend of pugilism has 107 wins (86 knockouts, 21 decisions), 6 losses (2 knockouts, 2 decisions), 2 draws.
9:35 PMa year ago

Great fight

This clash has caused a lot of commotion as it will be the last fight of the great Mexican champion, Julio César Chávez. And for his part, Héctor Camacho will be looking for a rematch for his father.
9:30 PMa year ago

The match will be played at the Jalisco Stadium

El partido Chávezz vs Camacho se jugará en el Estadio Jaliscp. El estadio tiene una capacidad de 50 020 acficionados
9:25 PMa year ago

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