Highlights: Brady Ellison (623 pts) in Men's Individual Archery (Tokyo 2021)
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Brady Ellison will contest the next round against Iran's Milad Vaziri.
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Final statistics

American Brady Ellison finished in second place with 41 perfect shots and 11 shots off target for a total of 682 points.
1:59 AMa year ago

Last series of shots

And so the positions end, with Je Deok Kim first with 688 points. Brady Ellison moved up to second place with 682 points. Daniel Pineda finished 58th with 639 points.
1:50 AMa year ago

Penultimate round of firing

Je Deok Kim is still first with 628 points, Brady Ellison is third with 623 points. Colombian Daniel Pineda is 59th with 582 points.
1:40 AMa year ago

Tenth round of firing

Je Deok Kim is still in first place with 572 points, while Brady Ellison is fourth with 565 points. Colombian Daniel Pineda is 61st with 528 points.
1:38 AMa year ago

Ninth round of firing

The first place still goes to Je Deok Kim with 515 points. Brady Ellison fourth with 508 points, and Daniel Pineda 61st with 473 points.
1:27 AMa year ago

Eighth round of firing

The first place still goes to Je Deok Kim with 460 points. Brady Ellison is fifth with 451 points, and Colombia's Daniel Pineda is in 61st place with 419 points.
1:19 AMa year ago

Second half of shooting begins

In the seventh round of shooting, Je Deok Kim remained in first place with 403 points. Brady Ellison is sixth with 394 points, while Colombia's Daniel Pineda is 61st with 365 points.
1:03 AMa year ago

Time off

The athletes are in the resting stage, before continuing with the second and last half of throws.
1:01 AMa year ago

First half statistics

American Brady Ellison obtained 18 perfect scores and 8 shots off target for a total of 337 points.
12:52 AMa year ago

Sixth round of firing

The first half of the shooting ends with Je Deok Kim with 345 points. Brady Elling dropped to seventh place with 337 points. Meanwhile, Daniel Pineda fell to 60th place with 314 points.
12:45 AMa year ago

Fifth round of firing

The first place still goes to Korea, but this time to Je Deok Kim with 287 points. In fifth place is Brady Ellison with 281 points. Colombian Daniel Pineda drops to 58th place with 261 points.
12:35 AMa year ago

Fourth round of firing

One of the favorites, Woojin Kim takes first place with 227 points. Brady Ellison moves up to fifth place with 225 points. Colombian Daniel Pineda is 56th with 211 points.
12:29 AMa year ago

Third round of shots

Japan's Hiroki Muto continues in first place with 171 points. Brady Ellison is 12th with 167 points. Colombian Daniel Pineda is in last place with 159 points.
12:23 AMa year ago

Second shot performance

Brady Ellison held three perfect ten-point shots, while one shot went off target.
12:20 AMa year ago

Second launch of six arrows

Hiroki Muto takes the lead with 115 points. Brady Ellison is ninth with 112 points and Colombian Daniel Pineda is 49th with 105 points.
12:12 AMa year ago

First shooting round

Mete Gazoz of Turkey is in first place with 59 points. Brady Ellison is in 18th place with 56 points, and Colombia's Daniel Pineda is in 35th place with 54 points.
12:05 AMa year ago

Competition begins

The first competitor to start is Gijs Broeksma from the Netherlands, and with him the qualifying competition of the Men's Individual Archery begins.
11:54 PMa year ago

Participants introduce themselves

Competitors are in the presentation phase, in the moments prior to their initial presentation for the qualifying pairings.
11:40 PMa year ago

Arrival of participants

The participants adjust their positions in preparation for the competition.
11:18 PMa year ago

Previous competence

In the previous hour, the women's individual qualifier was held, and the first Olympic record was broken by the Korean San An, who obtained 680 points, surpassing the 673 points of Lina Herasymenko, who had held the record since the Atlanta Games in 1996.
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We start with coverage

We continue here with the news of the participants, and all the coverage of Archery at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
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Tune in here Men's Individual Archery Live Score

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How to watch Men's Individual Archery live on TV and online?

If you want to watch  live on TV, your options is: Olympic TV.
If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and YouTube app.
If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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What time is the Men's Individual Archery qualifier for the Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the Men's Individual Archery qualifiers on July 22/23, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 01:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Bolivia: 00:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Brazil: 01:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Chile: 00:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Colombia: 23:00 PM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Ecuador: 23:00 PM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
United States (ET): 00:00 on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Mexico: 23:00 on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Paraguay: 01:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Peru: 23:00 PM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Uruguay: 01:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
Venezuela: 00:00 AM on Olympic TV (YouTube and TV)
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Which competitors to follow?

Brady Ellison of the United States, Woojin Kim of South Korea, who are the current references, and Daniel Pineda of Colombia, who is emerging as a revelation, are the athletes to follow in this competition.
3:56 AMa year ago

Dominant countries in the discipline

Here is the top three countries with the most medals in archery. 
POS Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 South Korea 23 9 7 39
2 USA 14 11 9 34
3 Belgium 11 7 3 21


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Current Records - 70m round, 72 arrows - male

World Record
The American Brady Ellison achieved the world record at the Pan American Games, held in Lima (Peru), where he scored an incredible 702 points in his participation.

Olympic Record
Korea's Woojin Kim achieved the Olympic record at the Rio 2016 Games, held in Brazil, where he set the mark of 700 points in his participation.

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Third round of participants

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Second round of participants

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First round of participants

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History at the Olympic Games

Archery made its Olympic debut at the Paris games in 1900. Later, after many years of being excluded from the Games, the sport was modernized and reintroduced at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 and has remained on the Olympic program ever since. 
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How is scoring in Archery?

The gold circle awards ten to nine points, the red color awards eight or seven points, and the blue gives six or five points.
3:21 AMa year ago

What is the purpose of Archery?

The objective of Archery is the exact shot of the arrow, and that this element is as close as possible to the center of the circumference used as a target. The distance between the participant and the target is 229.7 feet.
In the Olympic Games, the target has a diameter of 48.03 inches, separated into ten rings of five colors, which differentiate the score.
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The event will be held at the Yumenoshima field

The field chosen for the qualification phase of Men's Individual Archery is the Yumenoshima field, equipped with the best infrastructure defined for the sport mentioned above.
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