Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony Highlights
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Thank you for joining us during this opening ceremony. Remember that in VAVEL we will be following the Olympic Games from time to time.
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates: Opening Ceremony is over!

With the Olympic fire already in action, sensitive Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony concludes
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates:The cauldron is lit !

Naomi Osaka! The new tennis star is in charge of lighting the cauldron. 

The fire that started in Olympia has culminated its way to Tokyo and will remain burning for the next three weeks until the culmination of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates:Road to the fire

The final Olympic torch relays are underway. The fire of Tokyo 2020 is almost ready to be lit. Veteran medalists, Paralympians and health care workers are among the relays.

The torch design is inspired by the cherry blossom tree.

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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates:Tomas Bach is speaking

The President of the Olympic Committee, Tomas Bach, sent a powerful message of unity and gratitude to the spirit that made these Olympic Games possible despite the adversities, at the end, on behalf of the Emperor and Prime Minister of Japan, he opened the XXXII Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates: Imagine sounds now!

Singers from different parts of the world sing the song Imagine, by John Lennon and Yoko Ono as a call for world peace and unity. John Legend, Angelique Kidjo, Keith Urban and Alejandro Sanz were chosen from each continent to sing at the inauguration.
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates:

The Olympic Oath is pronounced in Japanese. Athletes, coaches and officials recite it.
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Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony live: closing of the parade!

With the United States and Japan as scheduled, the athletes' tour ended at the National Stadium in Tokyo.
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates: The picture

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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates: ¡Viva México!

¡Por fin! La delegación mexicana, encabezada por Rommel Pacheco y  Gabriela López , hacen su recorrido en la ceremonia
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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE Updates: A lot of participants

Brazil stands out for bringing almost 350 athletes, the largest delegation they have ever presented outside their home country. The United States and Japan will be the nations that will conclude the parade with almost 500 participants each.
8:53 AM2 months ago

The parade continues

Athletes' color and excitement continues to light up the stage of the Mexican Olympic Stadium.
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Punishment for Rusia

The Russian delegation paraded under the representation of the Russian Olympic Committee, but not as the nation. As a sanctioning measure for state doping
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Argentina, the first Latin American nation to parade was led by Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza, both champion sailors in Rio 2016.
7:59 AM2 months ago

Refugee Olympic Team

For the second time in its history, the Olympic Games welcome the IOC Refugee Olympic Team

Leading the delegation into the stadium are the flagbearers, swimmer Yusra Mardini and marathon runner Tachlowini Gabriyesos.

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Parade of traditions

All delegations carry a distinctive mark of their culture, either in their clothing, in the colors they wear and, some more have opted for greetings or celebrations.

The order of the parade is according to the Japanese alphabet.

Greece was the first nation to parade, Argentina was the first Latin American delegation to parade. The order of the parade is according to the Japanese alphabet Greece was the first nation to parade.


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Equality message

For the first time in the history of the Olympics, the flag-bearing of delegations will be carried out by a man and a woman, sending a message of equality in sport around the world.
7:40 AM2 months ago

The great moment has arrived

The indications have been modified and 10 male athletes and 10 female athletes per delegation will appear.

The big moment has arrived and the delegations begin to parade.

7:38 AM2 months ago

Olympic Laurel

This award has been given by the IOC for the past 4 years to recognize a person who has done extraordinary work for the benefit of humanity.

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, was the recipient of the award and a video was shown in which he delivered his message of gratitude.

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Olympic Rings

The five rings representing the five main continents appear in the scenography. These five rings intertwined together, signify the union of the world through the Olympic Games.
7:24 AM2 months ago

Solemne moment

A moment of silence is observed for all those who lost their lives in their battle against Covid 1.
7:23 AM2 months ago

Separated but not alone

"Set apart but not alone" is the phrase that highlights the great effort made by all those involved in these Olympic Games and the global situation before Covid 19.
7:20 AM2 months ago

National Anthem

The National Anthem of Japan is now being sung.
7:18 AM2 months ago

Hinomaru in the Stadium

Thomas Bach, president of the IOC and Yoshihide Suga, prime minister of Japan appear in the main box of the National Stadium in Tokyo and receive the flag of Japan:Hinomaru
7:09 AM2 months ago

Worldwide celebration

The 32nd Olympic Games of the modern era are officially opened. 

With a video illustrating the atypical final stretch in the preparation of the Olympic Games and the athletes in the face of the pandemic and the ravages it has brought with it, the ceremony began.

7:00 AM2 months ago

Final countdown

10,9, 8... All set for Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony to begin
6:58 AM2 months ago

Imagine in Tokyo

Spain's Alejandro Sanz will be present at the opening ceremony and will sing John Lennon's iconic song Imagine.
6:55 AM2 months ago

Economic losses

The Olympic Games are a great economic source not only for the IOC, but also for the nations that host each edition. This time, Japan did not allow the entry of tourism for this activity, the official stores remain closed; which represents a great economic loss.
6:52 AM2 months ago

Olympians from afar

Although many attendees gathered at Tokyo's National Stadium, security forces restricted access to the stadium meters back to avoid crowds. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the public will have to watch from a distance.
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Nice view

Although melancholy because of its empty seats, this is how Tokyo's National Stadium looks like just minutes before the ceremony starts.
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What time is the opening ceremony?

These are the schedules for the inauguration in different parts of the world
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Mexican flag bearers

Rommel Pacheco has three medals in the World Swimming Championships and another three in the diving World Cups, but there is one podium that eludes him: the Mexican diver will try to climb his first Olympic podium in Tokyo 2020. Meanwhile, Gaby Lopez has twice been champion of tournaments of the Women's Professional Golf Association (the most recent, the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions in 2020) and will experience her second Games after her debut in Rio 2016, where she finished 31st.


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The creative director of the inauguration was dismissed a day before the ceremony after a video was leaked showing him mocking the Holocaust; days earlier, the music director was also fired after harassing and denigrating disabled people.
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No delegations

In addition to the absence of the public, the XXXII Olympic Games will have an unusual inauguration. Due to the large number of participants per delegation, only the flag bearers of each nation will be present at the parade;

As spectators, there will be less than 1,000 guests, including various dignitaries and prominent personalities.

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Tokyo Alert

Days before the start of the competition, about 71 Covid infections were reported related to people who traveled to the Asian archipelago to work or compete in the Olympic Games.

American gymnast Simone Biles left the Olympic Village for fear of being infected and is staying in a hotel.

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Without fans

The Tokyo Olympics will be held without the public due to the state of alert in Tokyo and what it could mean for the exchange and influx of tourists.
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Olympic disciplines

These are the disciplines in which the athletes will compete: Track & Field, Bádminton, Basketball, 3x3 Basketball, Handball, Baseball/Softball, Boxing, Freestyle Cycling, Cycling Racing, Mountain Bikingñ Cycling, Track Cycling, Road Cycling, Equestrian, Sport Climbing, Fencing, Soccer, Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Golf, Weightlifting, Ice Hockey, Judo, Karate, Weightlifting, Track and Field, Equestrian, Karate, Judo, Karate, Equestrian, Equestrian, Equestrian, Fencing; sped, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Modern Pentathlon, Slalom Canoeing, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprinting, Rowing, Rugby, Rowing, Rugby, Rowing, Rowing, Water Skiing, Water Skiing, Water Skiing, Water Skiing, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo, Water Polo; Sprinting, Rowing, Rugby 7-a-side, Diving, Skateboarding, Surfing, Taekwondo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting, Archery, Triathlon, Sailing, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Water Polo.


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Miraitowa & Someity

The mascots of this competition were presented in February 2020 by the Tokyo organizing committee. At the unveiling.
The mascots have supernatural powers that will help them spread the Olympic spirit, organizers said when presenting the two figures

The meaning of the names are as follows: Miraitowa is the union of two Japanese words: mirai (future) and towa (eternity).Its creators said the character is inspired by a Japanese proverb, "Learn from the past and develop new ideas.

Someity has a closer relationship with one of Japan's main attractions: the cherry blossoms every spring.Its name comes from  which is a type of cherry tree, and in fact its color is that of the fruit this tree bears.


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Tokio National Stadium

The New National Stadium (新 国立 競技場 Shin kokuritsu kyōgijō) is a multi-purpose stadium ;Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The stadium will serve as the main stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the venue for athletics events at the 2020 Olympic Summer Games and the 2020 Paralympic Summer Games. Demolition of the old National Stadium was completed in May 2015, allowing construction of the new stadium to begin on December 11, 2016.


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Tokyo 2020

This Friday, July 23, the thirty-second edition of the Olympic Games will finally be officially inaugurated. Although the competition should have been held last year, the Covid 19 pandemic forced the postponement of the Olympic Games for almost a year. This exception is added to those of 1916, 1940 and 1942, when they had to be suspended due to the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars.
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Good morning to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The event will take place at Tokyo's National Stadium at 6:00 am.