Summary of Olympic final Weightlifting men's 73 kgs in Tokyo 2020
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8:40 AM2 years ago

This is how the competition turned out

Gold - Zhiyong Shi (CHN) = 364 kgs

Silver - Julio Mayora (VEN) = 346 kgs

Bronze - Briken Calja = 341 kgs

4- Bozhidar Dimitrov Andreev (BUL) = 338 kgs

5- Karem Ben Hnia (TUN) = 338 kgs

8:35 AM2 years ago

Mayora is called to the platform with 199 kgs.

Looking for the world record. Mayora was not able to do it and he gets the silver medal. Congratulations, Julio
8:33 AM2 years ago

Chinese to the platform

Shi steps onto the platform to lift 198 kgs and manages to lift it correctly and secures the gold medal.
8:32 AM2 years ago

Cummins looking for bronze

The North American sought to reach the podium with 198 kgs and could not lift it, he finished his participation with 180 kgs.
8:31 AM2 years ago

Miyamoto to the platform

The Japanese man seeks the bronze medal with 196 kgs. but fails to lift it and ends his participation with 188 kgs.
8:29 AM2 years ago

With some difficulty

China's Shi lifted 192 kgs, but the judges ruled the lift invalid. The Chinese team requested a review and the judges indicated that the lift was correctly invalidated from the start.
8:26 AM2 years ago

Tunisian also fails

The Tunisian ends his participation by failing the 190 kgs.
8:24 AM2 years ago

Andreev to the platform

The Bulgarian missed his third attempt at 190 kg.
8:23 AM2 years ago


The Venezuelan continues to consolidate his second place, with a correct lift of 190 kgs. Let's go boy
8:21 AM2 years ago

Cummins and Calja fail

Both failed in their attempts at 190 kgs.
8:17 AM2 years ago

Bulgaria failed

Andreev was unable to successfully complete his second attempt at 189 kg.
8:15 AM2 years ago

Problems for Albania

Albanian Calja failed in his second attempt at 188 kgs and appears to have been injured since the first attempt.
8:14 AM2 years ago

Miyamoto again to the platform

The Japanese successfully lifted the 188 kgs on his second attempt.
8:12 AM2 years ago

Shi, the favorite, returns to the platform

The Chinese lifted the 188 kgs correctly on his first attempt.
8:12 AM2 years ago

Julio Mayora's turn

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mayora lifted the 186 kgs in his first attempt and is in medal contention. Let's go boy
8:09 AM2 years ago


The Tunisian representative successfully lifted 185 kg on his first attempt.
8:07 AM2 years ago

Correct surveys

The Bulgarian successfully lifted his first attempt with 184 kgs and remains in the fight for the medals. Although the lift was achieved with some difficulty. The Albanian also successfully lifted the same weight.
8:05 AM2 years ago

Correct lifting

Local representative, Miyamoto, successfully lifts 183 kgs on his first attempt
8:04 AM2 years ago

Marin Robu

He could not successfully lift 182 kgs, and now he will have to come again to try the same weight. And this time the Moldavian also failed to lift the 182 kgs and finishes his performance in the clean and jerk with 177 kgs.
8:00 AM2 years ago

Sanchez's third attempt

He desisted from finishing the movement, as he was not very comfortable, so he finished the clean and jerk with 177 kg.
7:59 AM2 years ago

Cummins Jr to the Platform

The North American successfully lifted the 180 kgs.
7:58 AM2 years ago

Now it is

The Spaniard returned to the platform and correctly lifted the 177 kgs.
7:58 AM2 years ago

Wrong survey

The Spaniard managed to lift the 177 kgs, but was overruled by the judges.
7:56 AM2 years ago

Marin Robu

First wrong attempt for the Moldavian, despite having managed to lift the 175 kgs, the three red light bulbs came on and he was declared invalid, but after the review he was found positive
7:47 AM2 years ago

Here are the positions at the snatch

1- Shi (CHN) - 166 kgs

2- Mayora (VEN) - 156 kgs

3- Robu (MDA) - 155 kgs

4- Andreev (BUL) - 154 kgs

5- Ben Hnia (TUN) - 153 kgs

6- Abdullah (INA) - 152 kgs (Group B)

7- Calja (ALB) - 151 kgs

8 - Miyamoto - 147 kgs (Group B)

9- Sanchez (ESP) - 146 kgs

10- Cummins JR (USA) - 145 kgs

7:38 AM2 years ago

Olympic Record

China's Shi sets new Olympic record with 166 kgs and finishes first in the start-up competition
7:35 AM2 years ago

The Chinese man gets on the platform

Shi easily lifts 163 kgs and strengthens his gold medal favoritism
7:33 AM2 years ago

Marin Robu

The Moldovan finishes his participation in the start-up with 155 kgs, as he missed the third attempt at 159 kgs
7:32 AM2 years ago

The platform favorite

China's Shi comfortably lifted 158 kgs on his first attempt.
7:31 AM2 years ago

Closes his presentation with 156 kgs.

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Julio lifted 156 kgs to close a spectacular participation in start-up
7:29 AM2 years ago

Ends its participation

The Bulgarian lifted 154 kg on his third attempt.
7:27 AM2 years ago


Mayora successfully lifted his second attempt at 154 kgs.
7:26 AM2 years ago


Bulgarian Andreev failed in his second attempt at 154 kg.
7:24 AM2 years ago

Correct lifting

Tunisian Ben Hnia lifted the 153 kgs with some difficulty on his third attempt.
7:23 AM2 years ago

Participation ends

Japan's Miyamoto failed in his third attempt at 151 kgs and finishes his participation in the snatch with 147 kgs.
7:21 AM2 years ago

Second attempt for Albania

Correctly lifts 151 kgs
7:20 AM2 years ago

Albania and Tunisia

The Albanian failed in his first attempt, while the Tunisian successfully lifted the 151 kg.
7:19 AM2 years ago

Cummins JR and Sanchez's participation comes to an end

The North American could not lift the 150 kgs and remains with the mark of the second lift in 145 kgs. The Spaniard was also unable to lift 150 kgs and was left with 146 kgs.
7:17 AM2 years ago


Julio Mayora successfully lifts his first attempt at 150 kgs 
7:15 AM2 years ago

Marin Robu

Moldavian Marin Robu lifted with some difficulty the first attempt at 150 kgs.
7:14 AM2 years ago

To the platform

Bozhidar Dimitrov Andreev successfully lifted his first attempt at 150 kgs.
7:12 AM2 years ago

Correct lifting

The Tunisian lifted 148 kgs correctly on his first attempt.


7:11 AM2 years ago

Masanori Miyamoto

The Japanese lifter successfully lifted his second attempt at 147 kgs.
7:10 AM2 years ago

Valid survey

Spain's David Sanchez successfully lifts his second attempt at 146 kgs.
7:09 AM2 years ago

Under review

The U.S. survey was being reviewed and was ultimately validated as valid.
7:08 AM2 years ago

The American returns

This time he was able to lift the 145 kgs on his second attempt.
7:06 AM2 years ago

Clarence Cumming JR

The next to step onto the platform is the American, who failed in his first attempt with 145 kgs.
7:05 AM2 years ago

Masanori Miyamoto

Japanese successfully lifts 143 kgs and becomes momentary leader
7:04 AM2 years ago

Competition begins

The first to start is Spain's David Sanchez who successfully lifts 142 kgs.
6:21 AM2 years ago

Less than an hour to go before the athletes' presentation

In 30 minutes the 9 athletes will go to the platform for the presentation and prepare for the start of the competition.
7:00 PM2 years ago

Olympic Records

Whoever wins the best marks in this weightlifting competition in the men's 73 kgs category will set new Olympic records, since this weight is making its debut in the games.
6:57 PM2 years ago

Asian dominance

It is not a secret about the dominance that exists in this sport discipline of athletes from the Asian continent, they are the best exponents of this sport, so to get into the fight for the medals, you have to beat the Asians who are a very tough nut to crack.
6:55 PM2 years ago

Representatives of the American Continent

The American continent will be represented by the Venezuelan Julio Mayora and the North American Clarence Cummings JR, who have a chance to get into the fight for the medals.
6:49 PM2 years ago

The 9 Competitors in Group A

Bozhidar Dimitrov Andreev (BUL)
Marin Robu (MDA)
Zhiyong Shi (CHN)
Masanori Miyamoto (JPN)
Briken Calja (ALB)
Karem Ben Hnia (TUN)
Clarence Cumming JR (USA)
Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia (VEN)
David Sanchez Lopez (ESP)
6:46 PM2 years ago

The event will be held at the Tokyo International Forum.

The Weightlifting event will be played at the 5,000-seat Tokyo International Forum, although as is already known, it will not be attended due to Covid-19 restrictions. The venue is a multidisciplinary and multipurpose space.
6:41 PM2 years ago

Julio Mayora

The Venezuelan weightlifter comes to the competition as the best in the category of the American continent. In the last Pan American in Lima 2019, he was crowned champion of the competition, registering a new Pan American record.
6:39 PM2 years ago

Weightlifting prediction

The Olympic champion is expected to be the representative of China, Zhiyong Shi who is the current holder of all world records in the category.

Snatch: 169 kgs

Clean and jerk: 198 kgs

Total: 363 kgs

It should be noted that this weight is a debut in this category, so the Olympic record has not been set.

6:34 PM2 years ago

What time is Weightlifting match for olympics games?

This is the start time of the event Weightlifting of 28th July 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 7:50  
Bolivia: 6:50 
Brazil: 7:50 
Chile: 6:50 P
Colombia: 5:50 
Ecuador: 5:50
USA (ET): 6:50 
Spain: 12:50 
Mexico: 5:50 
Paraguay: 6:50 
Peru: 5:50 
Uruguay: 7:50 
Venezuela: 6:50

6:26 PM2 years ago

How to watch Weightlifting Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the event Weightlifting live on TV, your options is: Eurosports.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and Eurosports app.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the weightlifting competition in the women's 59kg weightlifting category, part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The competition will take place at 8:50 a.m. at the Tokyo International Forum.