Highlights Diving Men's Scynchronised 3m Springboard
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3:18 AM2 months ago


2:57 AM2 months ago

It's over!

China, USA and Germany take the medals in the men's synchronized 3m springboard final
2:56 AM2 months ago


Germany snatches bronze for Mexico. The Germans obtain more than the 80 points that separated them from the Mexicans.
2:53 AM2 months ago


Perfect. Diving secures gold for the Republic of China
2:52 AM2 months ago

Great Britain

Not Goodfellow's night. Good result 91.00
2:51 AM2 months ago


68.40 for the Italians, who cannot get any closer to third place.
2:50 AM2 months ago


66.12 for the Mexicans. The execution of the jump was not clean
2:48 AM2 months ago


La leyenda TERAUCHI se despide de los J.O con un 75.33
2:47 AM2 months ago


Poor performance of the Russians, 0.00 in the last dive that takes away their medal chances.
2:45 AM2 months ago


Last jump, excellent performance by Capobianco and Hixon 88.92 for the Americans.
2:43 AM2 months ago

Round five

Qualification table moves Mexico has the third port at the close of this round. China and USA lead the medals
2:35 AM2 months ago

Round 4

China, USA, ROC and Mexico lead the competition
2:31 AM2 months ago


80.58 for the Italians who receive a good rating on their pitch
2:30 AM2 months ago


Mexicans perform their most difficult jump and total 79.56 and are third for the moment.
2:29 AM2 months ago


82.62 For ROC in round 4
2:28 AM2 months ago


Perfect execution and timing by Capobianco and Hixon to take the lead in qualifying
2:26 AM2 months ago


The Teutons receive 7 and 7.30 which places them in fourth position.
2:24 AM2 months ago


86.70 for Wang and Xie
2:24 AM2 months ago

Great Britain

Goodfellow's failure that costs him and four and gives them a 64.73.
2:22 AM2 months ago


Marsaglia and Tocci total 171.87 for their third jump.
2:22 AM2 months ago


7.5 and 8 for Mexicans going to 176.94
2:20 AM2 months ago


The Russians do not do the best execution and go to 74.63 which tames them to 177.06.
2:18 AM2 months ago

USA 3 Round

Capobianco and Hixon go slightly over vertical but score 83.64 which adds up to 182.60.
2:17 AM2 months ago

Second Round

United States: 99.00

ROC: 102.60


Mexico: 98.40

Italy: 98.40

Great Britain:98.40

China: 113.40

Germany: 102.00

2:13 AM2 months ago


Teutons close first round with 50.40
2:12 AM2 months ago


Gold favorites go as high as 55.80 on first attempt
2:12 AM2 months ago

Great Britain

The English are so far the lowest scoring with an average score of 47.40.
2:11 AM2 months ago


49.20 for the European pair in a good opening performance
2:11 AM2 months ago


7.5 for Celaya and 8.0 for Castillo with a total average of 48.60
2:11 AM2 months ago


Hosts take 51.60 total points in the first round
2:10 AM2 months ago


Great performance by the Russian pair, 8.5 on their opening jump;
2:09 AM2 months ago


The first in order are the North Americans who obtained 8, and 8.5 in the first round.
2:01 AM2 months ago

Competition begins

Competition kicks off at Tokyo Aquatic Center
1:58 AM2 months ago

Tokyo 2020 Qualification

For these Olympic Games, 136 places were distributed divided into the two branches, that is, 68 places for each, with 4 direct places in each for the host country.

For synchronized diving, only 8 pairs qualified, including that of the host country, in addition to the first 3 from the FINA World Championships. The last places were distributed to the first 4 places of the 2020 World Cup.

For the individuals, the 12 first places of the FINA World Championships qualified, in addition to the 5 champions of the continental tournaments and the 18 first places of the 2020 Swimming World Cup.


1:55 AM2 months ago

Tokyo 2020 Diving

Diving is governed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA), which also includes swimming, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, high diving and water polo.

There are eight diving events, which are divided into 4 for men and 4 for women, and in turn into 2, individual and synchronized, which are performed from the 10m platform and the 3m springboard.

1:47 AM2 months ago

Dominio estadounidense

Since their appearance in Sydney 2000, the Americans have dominated the gold medal count at the Olympic Games in this discipline. Until Rio de Janeiro, the Americans had won 49 gold medals and China is not so close behind with 33 gold medals.
1:45 AM2 months ago

Recent competition

Synchronized diving appeared in Sydney 2000. Just 20 years ago. Although trampoline and platform were added in Paris 1908 and the Olympic program in this discipline was standardized in 1928, the history of synchronized diving is very recent.
1:40 AM2 months ago

History of Olympic diving

The Olympic Games hosted diving for the first time in Saint Louis 1904. Only the men participated in two events, normal and varied jumps. Women joined the Olympic practice in Stockholm 1912.
1:35 AM2 months ago

The medal table is as follows

With the host team at the top of the medal table, the United States in second place, the Republic of China in third place and the Russian Olympic Committee in fourth place, this is how the medal table looks 5 days before the official opening of the competition.https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/olympic-games/es/resultados/todos-los-deportes/clasificacion-por-medallas.htm
1:30 AM2 months ago

Strong competition

Great Britain and China are the nations that dominate this discipline and during this final they will fight for first and second place. Generally Mexico also manages to compete and sneak into the medal standings.
1:25 AM2 months ago

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Patrick Hausding 32 years old

2016 Rio bronze in trampoline 3m and fourth in synchronized 3m

2012 London fourth in individual 3m springboard and seventh in 10m synchronized

2008 Beijing eighth in 3m springboard, ninth in platform 10m and silver in synchronized 10m

Lars Rudiger 25 years old

1:10 AM2 months ago


Zongyuan Wang 19 years old;

Siyi Xie 25 yrs old


1:05 AM2 months ago

Great Britain

Daniel Goodfellows 24 years old, third place in synchronized 10m.

Jack Laugher 26 years old, silver in 3m springboard and gold in synchronized 3m in Rio. In London 27th in 3m springboard

Jack Laugher 27th in 3m springboard.

1:00 AM2 months ago


Lorenzo Marsaglia 24 years old

Giovanni Tocci 26 years old, sixth in synchronized 3 m at Rio 2016


12:55 AM2 months ago


Yahel Castillo 34 years old

London 2012 sixth in 3m and 7th in 3m synchronized

Beijin 2008 7th in 3m individual medley

Juan Manuel Celaya 22 years old

12:50 AM2 months ago


Nikita Shleikher 23 years old in R&I 2016 finished 17th in the 10m platform and seventh in 10m synchronized.

Evgenii Kuznetsov 31 years old, in R&I 2016 was fourth in 3m platform and seventh in synchronized 3m. In London 2012 he was 14th and second, respectively.


12:45 AM2 months ago


Andrew Capobianco 21 years old;

Michael Hixon 27 years old, in Río 2016 was first in three-meter platform and second in synchronized three-meter springboard


12:40 AM2 months ago

Tokyo Aquatics Center

The Tokyo Aquatics Center has been one of the new constructions, and has been built on the Tatsumi-no-Mori waterfront. After the 2020 Games, the venue will host domestic and international competitions.

Capacity of the venue: 15 000

Olympic aquatic sports (swimming, diving, synchronized swimming)

Capacity of the venue: 15,000



12:35 AM2 months ago


Sho Sakai 28 years old, with experience in Rio 2016 where he finished 22nd in the 3 m platform.

Ken Terauchi 40 years old :

2016 Rio 20 on 3 m platform

2008 Beijin 11 on 3m platform

2004 Athens 8 on 3m platform

2004 Athens 8 on 3m platform

2000 Sydney 8 on 3m platform and fifth on 10m platform

2006 Sydney 8 on 3m platform and fifth on 10m platform

1996 Atlanta 10 on 10m platform

Atlanta 10 on 10m platform

Athens 10 on 10m platform


12:30 AM2 months ago

Strong branch for Mexico

This is one of the disciplines where Mexico always aspires for medals. In the women's division, Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agundez have already won bronze. In the men's division, they are also looking to add to the medal count.
12:25 AM2 months ago

Men's synchronized 3 m springboard synchronized finals

The men's three-meter springboard synchronized diving final Tokyo2020 will be held early this morning;

Teams from the United States, Olympic Committee of Russia, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, China and Germany will participate in this competition.

12:20 AM2 months ago

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