Highlight: Australia 0-2 Spain in Tokyo 2020 
Herrera, Olympic Beach Volleyball // Source: Spanish Olympic Committee


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Herrera and Gavira beat the Australians and will have to wait until the end of the day to see if they pass directly as third. That's all, until next time. Stay informed here on VAVEL.
4:49 AM2 years ago

End of the match

Very important victory for Herrera and Gavira who are waiting for a chance to pass directly as third of the group, they will have to wait for all the couples to play.
4:47 AM2 years ago

Match point

Six break points for the Spaniards, 20-14, they lose two match points, 20-16. Australia serves...
4:47 AM2 years ago

Three points away from winning the match

The Spaniards serve to put the lead at two, but the Aussies take the point, 18-14. Australia serves and the Spanish duo takes it, 19-14.
4:26 AM2 years ago

7-5 in the second set

The start of the second set for Herrera and Gavira has been very good. Herrera spikes... and point for Spain 8-5 on the scoreboard. On serve Spain finishes the point with McHuman's spike, 8-6 on the scoreboard.
4:20 AM2 years ago

First set

The Spaniards have it in their hand will serve to put the set, they have five balls to serve. Australia takes the point, 20-16. The Australian duo serves, and the Spaniards get the point. They take the first set
4:12 AM2 years ago

Good performance so far

What a match the Spaniards and Australians are giving us, the Spaniards have started a little better than the Australian pair. 13-8, Australia will go to serve.
4:03 AM2 years ago

Good start for the Spaniards

The Australian pair took the first point but the Spanish duo knows what is at stake and has turned it around, 5-2 on the scoreboard.
4:02 AM2 years ago

The match begins

The third day of Beach Volleyball begins. The Spaniards will start serving. The first point is taken by the Australians.
3:55 AM2 years ago

Players jump

The players come out onto the Shiokaze Park Center Court, warming up before the match. It's about to start.
3:46 AM2 years ago

15 minutes to kickoff

The match between Australia and Spain is about to start, Herrea and Gavira are playing for the pass as well as McHugh and Schumann, who will win?
7:36 PM2 years ago

Women's Volleyball

Yesterday Elsa and Liliana played against the Americans, where they lost 2-0. In the first set they lost 21-13, and in the second set 21-16 against a great couple, April and Klineman.
7:31 PM2 years ago

Where to watch the meeting?

The match can be watched live online on RTVE and Eurosport.
7:26 PM2 years ago

The other group match

The other match will be a great game between Norway (Mol and Sorum) and Russia (Leshukov and Semenov). Both already qualified for the next round, they will be looking to advance as group winners.
7:21 PM2 years ago

Schedule and venue

The match will be played at the central court of Shiokaze Park at 17.00 local time. In Spain it will be at 10.00 a.m.
7:16 PM2 years ago

Without a victory

Both pairs still do not know what it means to win, as both have lost to Russia and Norway. Now they will be looking for their first victory and why not the pass to the next round.
7:11 PM2 years ago


Group A is completed with this last day, where at the moment the classification is as follows:
1-Russia, 4 points
2-Norway, 4 points
3-Spain, 2 points
4-Australia, 2 points
7:06 PM2 years ago

Life or death

What a match we are going to see between two couples that are going to play for a possible pass to the next round. And the fact is that whoever wins would be third in the group and would have to wait for the rest of the groups to play to see who will go through as third.
7:01 PM2 years ago

In the previous meeting (Australia)

The Australians (McHugh and Schumann) lost to Russia by two sets to zero, with the first set 21 to 14 and the second set 21 to 16.
6:56 PM2 years ago

In the previous match (Spain)

The Spaniards could not win against the Norwegians (Mol and Sorum), who did not concede a single set. Norway won by 2-0, in the first set they won 21-17, and in the second set 24-22, where the Norwegian team came back to Herrera and Gavira.
6:51 PM2 years ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Good evening everyone and welcome to the online broadcast of Spain vs Australia in Men's Beach Volleyball for the Olympic Games. Follow the broadcast on VAVEL.