Highlights: Great Britain 12-17 Argentina in Tokyo 2020
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4:07 AM2 years ago

End of the match

The Pumas get the bronze medal, first Olympic medal for Argentina. Argentina manages to beat Great Britain by 12-17, good performance of both teams.
4:07 AM2 years ago

Ahead Los Pumas

The Pumas make it five, close to the bronze medal... Great Britain has to tie the match or they will finish fourth at the Olympic Games.
4:07 AM2 years ago

Part Two

What a start to the second half for Great Britain who tied the match at 12, how Los Pumas have relaxed.
4:03 AM2 years ago


The Pumas go to the break leading by 5-12, what a second half awaits us.
4:03 AM2 years ago

Two more points for Argentina

Two more points for Los Pumas, increasing their lead to seven points. 5-12 on the scoreboard
4:02 AM2 years ago

Argentina takes the lead

The Argentinian team takes the lead, scoring five, and they are ahead on the scoreboard, 5-10.
3:58 AM2 years ago

Get point Argentina

First points for Los Pumas, tying the match. Five equal in the scoreboard.
3:55 AM2 years ago

Great start for the British

Great start of Great Britain that begins the match with 5-0. Argentina will have the ball, will they be able to turn it around?
3:53 AM2 years ago

The match begins

The ball rolls in Tokyo Stadium, Great Britain and Argentina will fight for the bronze medal.
3:26 AM2 years ago

Who will win the bronze?

What a great match we are going to see at the Tokyo Stadium between the Pumas and the British team. Who will be on the podium?
3:21 AM2 years ago

Tune in here Great Britain vs Argentina Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you live coverage of the match between Great Britain vs Argentina, as well as the latest information from Tokyo Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
3:16 AM2 years ago

How to watch Great Britain vs Argentina Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Olympic TV.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option!

3:11 AM2 years ago

What time is Great Britain vs Argentina match

This is the start time of the game Great Britain vs Argentina match on July 28, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 05:30 hrs.
Bolivia: 04:30 hrs.
Brazil: 05:30 hrs.
Chile: 04:30 hrs.
Colombia: 03:30 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:30 hrs.
Spain: 10:30 hrs.
Mexico: 03:30 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:30 hrs.
Peru: 03:30 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:30 hrs.

3:06 AM2 years ago

Key player - Argentina

In the pumas stands out the presence of Santiago Mare, who is the maximum scorer of the team in what goes of the tournament with 31 points.
3:01 AM2 years ago

Key player - Great Britain

In the British team, the work of Dan Bibby, who has been so far the team's top scorer in the tournament with 21 points, stands out.
2:56 AM2 years ago

Results - Argentina

Group stage: 35-14 vs New Zealand (Lost)

Group stage: 14-2 vs Australia (Won)

Group stage: 50-5 vs. Korea Republic (Won)

Quarterfinals: 19-14 vs South Africa (Won)

Semifinals: 26-14 vs Fiji (Lost)

2:51 AM2 years ago

Results - Great Britain

Group stage: 33-7 vs Fiji (Lost)

Group stage: 24-0 vs Canada (Won)

Group stage: 34-0 vs Japan (Won)

Quarterfinals: 26-21 vs USA (Won)

Semifinals: 29-7 vs New Zealand (Lost)

2:46 AM2 years ago

Argentina wants to close with the bronze medal

The Pumas come to this game with the purpose of winning the bronze medal. It has been a relatively positive balance, they put the reigning champion in trouble and in the end they ended up selling their defeat at a high price.
2:41 AM2 years ago

Great Britain looks to finish decently

The British team has been left with the disappointment of not having had a chance against New Zealand, who were superior in the semifinal match. However, they will have a chance to celebrate and for that they must defeat the always tough Argentines.
2:36 AM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Tokyo Stadium

The match between Great Britain and Argentina will be played at Tokyo Stadium, also known as Ajinomoto Stadium, located in the city of Chofu, Tokyo, Japan. It has a capacity of 50,000 spectators.

2:31 AM2 years ago

Welcome to VAVEL

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