Highlights: Spain 0-2 China in Tokyo 2020 Olympics Women's Beach Volleyball


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China beats Spain 0-2 and passes to the next round, on the other hand Liliana and Elsa will have to wait for the round to see if they pass directly or have to play a repechage. That's all, until next time. Stay informed here on VAVEL.
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End of the match

The Chinese duo beat Liliana and Elsa by two sets to zero. In this second set they won by eleven points, 10-21, it was not the meeting of the Spanish that can still pass in the next phase.
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Match ball

The Chinese have it in their hand, the scoreboard shows a 9-20. Wang X.X serves, Elsa smashes... point for Spain. Spain serves, the Chinese play and in. The Chinese win the second set, they win by 10-21 and win the match by 0-2.
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Bola de partido

Las chinas lo tienen en su mano, el marcador luce un 9-20. Saca Wang X.X, remata Elsa... punto para España. Al saque España, jugada de las chinas y para dentro. Ganan el segundo set las chinas, vencen por 10-21 y ganan el encuentro por 0-2.
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Seven of advantage

Liliana is not fine, the Chinese know it and are trying to take her out of the match causing her failure, now she fails in the reception, seven of advantage for the Chinese.
4:42 AM2 years ago

Time-out for China

What a comeback of Spain, which has gone from 2-6 to 6-7, the Chinese call time-out to stop the Spanish duo.
4:40 AM2 years ago

What a block by Wang X.X

How well the Chinese player who perfectly blocked Liliana's shot. It is not having the game the number 1 of Spain, to see if it improves, 2-6 in the light.
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The second set begins

Spectacular start of the Chinese who begin with a 0-3, the Spanish ask for a timeout. They return to the court, serving the number 2 of China, so that the Spanish take the first point of the set, 1-3.
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The Chinese take the first set

First set for the Chinese, they take it by eight points, 13-21. The girls go to the bench, the second set will start soon.
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Two points away from the set

The Chinese are going to serve to put the 11-20 on the scoreboard, Wang X.X is going to serve and it goes out, point for Spain. The Chinese ask for a review, and point for China, that ball touched the line. First set ball of the match.
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Han vuelto bien las españolas

Very good now Lili to cut the gap to four points. Elsa is going to serve, to see the play of the Chinese, for inside the shot of the captain of China.
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Technical time of the first set

We reached the first technical timeout, where the Chinese were five points up. The score is 8-13. The protagonists return to the court, will the Spanish come back?
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They cut to four points

Well now Liliana, who finishes off and gets the point for Spain, second consecutive point for the Spanish, 6-10 on the scoreboard.
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Still ahead China

Point for China, who are three points ahead. Wang X.X goes to serve, prepares the Spanish player, Elsa finishes off, 4-8 for the Chinese duo.
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The match begins

The Spanish are going to start serving, the match begins. First point for the Chinese. The Chinese go to serve, second point for them, 0-2.
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The players warm up

Both pairs are already on the court doing the warm-up exercises, where they will soon go to the benches to begin the presentation of the participants of this last day of the group stage.
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This begins shortly

The match between Spain and China is about to start, who will advance to the next round? Make your predictions.
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Who will advance to the next round?

This group B is very evenly matched, the only one that has the pass assured is the United States, which has four points, in the case of losing would add one therefore would give him the pass but could lose the first place. On the other hand, the Netherlands is the most complicated to qualify, as they have to beat the Americans. Spain and China are the other two pairs that are supposed to join the United States in the next phase, what will happen?


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The other meeting of the group

The other match of the group will be USA (April and Alix) vs Netherlands (Keizer and Meppelink) in search of the pass to the next round, the American couple has it almost done, however the Dutch will have to win to have any chance.
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Statements by Elsa and Liliana on Teledeporte


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Where is it televised?

This Spain vs China women's beach volleyball match corresponding to the last match of the group stage can be seen on RTVE and Eurosport.
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Hours and location

The match will be played at 17.00 local time (10.00 Spanish time) at the Central Court of Shiokaze Park.
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With one matchday to go, the standings look like this:
1.United States, 4 points
2. China, 3 points
3. Spain, 3 points
4. Netherlands, 2 points
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Summary Spain vs. United States

In VAVEL you can watch the summary of the Spain vs USA women's beach volleyball match.
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The previous match (China)

The Chinese (Xue and Wang X.X.) obtained their first victory in these Olympic Games against the Netherlands by 1-2. In the first set they were 21-19 for the Dutch, but the Chinese turned the match around, in the second set they were 29-31, in a very exhausting set. The victory was obtained in the last set by 13-15.
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The previous match (Spain)

The Spaniards (Elsa y Liliana) suffered their first defeat in these Olympic Games against the United States by 2-0. In the first set they lost 21-13, and in the second game the American duo won 21-16.
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