Highlights and Best Moments: Italy 80-71 Nigeria in Tokyo 2020
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Italy is in the next round!

The match began with a first quarter largely dominated by the Italian team, however, Nigeria pulled out all the stops and gradually managed to balance the balance of the match. 

Despite the great effort made by the African team, it did not prevent the Azzurri team from pulling out all the stops in the last quarter and taking the victory with the qualification to the next round. 

With this result Italy finished the preliminary round with 2 wins and 1 loss, while Nigeria signed their worst performance with 3 defeats in the group stage. 

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It's over!

The match is over in Saitama! In a duel full of emotions, the Italian national team took the victory over Nigeria and qualifies for the quarterfinal round.

Final score: Italy 80-71 Nigeria

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Q4 3:18

Polonara scores a three-pointer to extend Italy's lead to victory
2:09 AM2 months ago

Q4 5:33

Nicolo Melli continues to score points and leads Italy by a double.
2:06 AM2 months ago

4Q 6:35

Nicolo Melli is the hero with a double that turns the score around.
2:04 AM2 months ago

Q4 8:13

Ricci brings the Italian team closer with a triple.
2:02 AM2 months ago

Q4 9:32

Nico Mannion brings Italy to life with a fabulous double.
1:59 AM2 months ago

End of third quarter

Great game in Saitama. Nigeria wins it 56-63.
1:54 AM2 months ago

Q3 2:53

Nwora hangs up a double and again gives Nigeria the lead.
1:52 AM2 months ago

3Q 4:23

Vincent pulls out all the stops and scores a three-pointer to give Nigeria the lead
1:51 AM2 months ago

Q3 5:34

Nicolo Melli gives Italy the lead again with a stunning triple.
1:47 AM2 months ago

Q3 6:34

Okafor brings Nigeria closer with a double single.
1:46 AM2 months ago

Q3 7:35

Nwora scores free kick to give Nigeria life
1:44 AM2 months ago

3Q 8:46

Tonut gets back on the scoreboard with a double
1:43 AM2 months ago

Q3 9:43

Nicolo Melli scores a double to increase Italy's lead
1:31 AM2 months ago

Scenarios for Nigeria

These are the scenarios that the African team needs to move forward
1:28 AM2 months ago

Half Time

The first half is over, Italy beats Nigeria 40-39 for the moment.
1:25 AM2 months ago

2Q 1:37

Tesitori sharpens his aim and gives Italy back the lead
1:24 AM2 months ago

Q2 2:30

Achiuwa gives Nigeria the sale with a nice double shot.
1:22 AM2 months ago

2Q 3:06

Nwora ties the game despite missing 1 of 2 free throws.
1:19 AM2 months ago

2Q 4:57

Fontecchio comes back into the game and extends the Italian lead once again.
1:16 AM2 months ago

2Q 6:24

Tonut gives the Italians a break with a double.
1:14 AM2 months ago

2Q 7:36

Metu again scores a fantastic three-pointer to keep Nigeria in the fight.
1:12 AM2 months ago

Q2 8:13

Okafor keeps African hopes alive with a double-double.
1:11 AM2 months ago

2Q 8:47

Metu gives Nigeria hope with a fantastic triple.
1:07 AM2 months ago

End of first quarter

Italy takes the victory for the moment 29-17 against Nigeria.
1:05 AM2 months ago

1Q 1:01

Nwora sharpened his aim and scores a perfect and encouraging three-pointer
1:03 AM2 months ago

1Q 2:22

Nico Mannion makes two free throws to extend the Italian lead
1:02 AM2 months ago

1Q 3:05

Okafur raises his hand for Nigeria and they keep hope alive with a nice finish that ends in a double.
1:00 AM2 months ago

1Q 3:38

Tonut again put the Azzurri squad ahead with a fantastic double.
12:57 AM2 months ago

1Q 4:25

Okogie makes the right free throws and brings Nigeria closer.
12:52 AM2 months ago

1Q 6:02

Fontecchio sends an incredible triple into the net to extend the Italian lead.
12:49 AM2 months ago

Time Out

Italy wins it at the moment 12-5.
12:48 AM2 months ago

1Q 6:33

Polonara adds a double for the Italians and extends the advantage
12:46 AM2 months ago

1Q 7:42

Jordan Nwora brings Nigeria closer with a fabulous triple.
12:44 AM2 months ago

1Q 8:51

Pajola puts Italy ahead with two well-taken free kicks.
12:43 AM2 months ago

1Q 9:42

Nigeria opens the scoring
12:42 AM2 months ago

The match Start

Start bouncing the ball from Saitama.
12:41 AM2 months ago

We will start soon!

The action is about to begin from Saitama, in a few moments we will start the minute by minute of the Italy vs Nigeria matchday 3 of Group B.
12:33 AM2 months ago

Free Kicks, a factor to consider

Italy averages 81.8% effectiveness in free throws, while Nigeria averages 52.8% activity. Data that could be important during the duel!
12:21 AM2 months ago

Finishing the last details!

The Nigerian national team is also fine-tuning the final details prior to their most important match at the Olympic Games.
12:18 AM2 months ago

They're already warming up in Saitama!

The Azzurri team is already warming up on the field where the action will take place.
12:08 AM2 months ago

Nigeria, the sleeping giant

Nigeria has been one of the disappointments of the competition, being the second team with more NBA players, but they have lost in the first two rounds, even though they are still alive.

12:03 AM2 months ago

Why take the risk?

The Italian team has had an irregular performance in the first two rounds, with one win and one loss, so it is vital for them to win in this last round in order to qualify for the finals.

11:58 PM2 months ago

They're going for the win!

The Azzurri team has a clear objective, today they are going for victory and a place in the top eight.
11:53 PM2 months ago

How Group B is progressing

Australia is at the top of Group B with 4 PTS and 2 wins, followed by Italy with 3 PTS (1 win and 1 loss), Germany with the same points (1 win and 1 loss) and at the bottom the Nigerians with 2 PTS (2 losses).
11:48 PM2 months ago

They go for all or nothing!

The Nigerian national team will be looking to win this match at any cost to dream of qualifying for the quarterfinals in Tokyo 2020.
11:43 PM2 months ago

They meet for the first time

For the first time in history, the Italian national basketball team will face the Nigerian team in the Olympic Joust. Can the African team beat the experienced Europeans?
11:38 PM2 months ago

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What time is Italy vs Nigeria match for 2020 Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the game Team USA vs Iran of 30th July in several countries:


Argentina: 1:40 AM.

Bolivia: 12:40 AM in Marca Claro.

Brazil: 1:40 AM in Marca Claro.

Chile: 12:40 AM in Marca Claro.

Colombia: 11:40 PM in Marca Claro.

Ecuador: 11:40 PM in Marca Claro.

USA (ET): 12:40 AM in NBC.

Spain: 6:40 PM.

Mexico: 11:40 PM in Marca Claro.

Paraguay: 1:40 AM in Marca Claro.

Peru: 11:40 PM in Marca Claro.

Uruguay: 1:40 PM in Marca Claro.

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Key Player Nigeria

Jahlil Okafor can be the main source of scoring for the team from his inside position. He was drafted #3 overall in the 2015 Draft, but his play gradually made him lose prominence. He has been bouncing from one spot to another for several years, and his time in Detroit in 2020-2021 was not as expected either (5.4 points and 2.4 rebounds in 12.9 minutes). However, the youngster's age and NBA experience could make a difference with a team that will give him more responsibility.

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Key Player Italy

Danilo Gallinari, the Atlanta player is usually the reference of his teammates by taking him as the game leader, product of his enormous qualities, especially offensive. He averages 13.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 24.0 minutes. A super-performing veteran who will give a leap in quality to a team that stood out with several pieces in the Pre-Olympic.

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Nigeria in JJOO

The Nigerian basketball team currently occupies the 22nd spot in the FIBA Ranking and has only participated twice in the Olympic Games. In fact, its best performance was a few years ago at London 2012, when it placed tenth.

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Italy in JJOO

The Italian national basketball team is currently ranked #10 in the FIBA Ranking, has participated (without taking into account Tokyo 2020) on 11 occasions and has won a medal on only 2 occasions (Silver in Moscow 1980 and Athens 2004).

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Nigeria National Team

Gabe Vincent, Miye Oni, Obi Emegano, Josh Okogie, Caleb Agada, Ike Nwamu, Jordan Nwora, KZ Okpala, Chimezie Metu, Jahlil Okafor, Precious Achiuwa, Ekpe Udoh
11:03 PM2 months ago

Italian National Team

Nico Mannion, Marco Spissu, Alessandro Pajola, Stefano Tonut, Ricardo Moraschini, Michele Vitali, Giampaolo Ricci, Simone Fontecchio, Nicoló Melli, Danilo Gallinari, Amedeo Tessitori, Achille Polonara
10:58 PM2 months ago

They go for all or nothing

The African team is also coming off a 84-67 loss to Australia in the group stage. The Nigerian team, which boasts eight NBA players in its ranks, will be looking to achieve the feat and give a blow of authority against Italy.
10:53 PM2 months ago

They come inspired

The Italian basketball team will be looking for its second victory in these Olympic Games after defeating the Germans by a score of 92-82. The national team of the country of the boot is aiming to seal its pass to the next round and for that they will have to take care of the "sleeping power", Nigeria.
10:48 PM2 months ago

Saitama Super Arena

This facility, located in the city of Saitama, is one of Japan's leading multi-purpose venues. Sports competitions, concerts, conferences and many other events are held here. The venue has a capacity of 21,000 spectators and was chosen as the official venue to host the basketball competitions for Tokyo 2020.

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Kick-off time

The Italy vs Nigeria match will be played at the Saitama Super Arena, in Tokyo, Japan. The kick-off is scheduled at 23:40 pm ET.
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