Highlights and Best Moments: Women's 4x100 combined relay swimming in Tokyo 2020
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The United States took the gold medal, Great Britain the silver and Italy the bronze. The Americans achieved a world record.
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3rd round

The United States and Great Britain are neck and neck for the gold medal, behind them is Italy.
10:49 PM2 months ago

2nd round

Great Britain is now the new leader, followed by Italy and the United States.
10:48 PM2 months ago

1st round

The United States, Italy and China dominate the competition after the first round.
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The race begins at the Tokyo Aquatic Center.
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The last competition

The men's 4x100 relay will be the last swimming competition at Tokyo 2020.
10:32 PM2 months ago

Right now

Emma McKenon of Australia will be awarded the gold medal after winning the women's 50 m freestyle.
10:25 PM2 months ago

The winning team

McKEOWN Kaylee, HODGES Chelsea, McKEON Emma and AMPBELL Cate were the women who gave Australia gold in the final women's swimming competition at Tokyo 2020.
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Gold medal for Australia with an Olympic Record of 3:51:60, followed by the United States with silver and bronze for Canada.
10:23 PM2 months ago

3er round

The United States, Australia and Canada remain at the top of the race after 300m.
10:21 PM2 months ago

2nd vuelta

The United States, Australia and Canada remain the leaders at the halfway point of the race.
10:21 PM2 months ago

first round

Canada, the United States and Australia are in the lead after the first round.
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The 4x100 relay race begins.
10:17 PM2 months ago

Already entering

Athletes are entering the pool for the penultimate swim and last race in the women's race.
10:12 PM2 months ago

Order in the pool

1 Russia, 2 Sweden, 3 Australia, 4 Canada, 5 United States, 6 Italy, 7 Japan, 8 China.
10:09 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the penultimate swimming event of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
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What a test

The men's 1500 m freestyle was contested in a spectacular race where the American Robert Finke won the gold medal with a time of 14:39:65, followed by the Ukrainian ROMANCHUK Mykhailo and the German Florian Wellbrock.
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Second test

The women's 50 m freestyle was also contested, with Australia's Emma McKedon taking first place, Sweden's Sarah Sjoes-Troem taking silver and Pernille Blume of Denmark taking bronze.
9:55 PM2 months ago

This day's activity

First, the men's 50 m freestyle was disputed with a thrilling race in which the American Caeleb Dressel won the gold medal, followed by the Frenchman Florent Manaudou and the bronze medal went to Brunus Fratus.
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Swimming comes to an end with one of the most interesting events, the women's 4x100 relay. We start with the coverage.
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Tune in here Women's 4x100 combined relay swimming final Live Result

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What time is Women's 4x100 combined relay swimming final match for 2020 Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the event Women's 4x100 combined relay swimming final of 31th July in several countries:

Argentina: 11:15 PM.

Bolivia: 10:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Brazil: 11:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Chile: 10:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Colombia: 9:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Ecuador: 9:15 horas in Marca Claro.

USA (ET): 10:15 PM in NBC.

Spain: 4:15 AM.

Mexico: 9:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Paraguay: 11:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Peru: 9:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Uruguay: 11:15 PM in Marca Claro.

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It should be recalled that in the middle lanes will be the countries that had a better record in the semifinal round:

1 Russian Olympic Committee; 2 Sweden; 3 Australia; 4 Canada: 5 United States; 6 Italy; 7 Japan and 8 China.

9:57 PM2 months ago

The four disciplines

In the 4x100 combined, four competitors per country will be in the pool and each one will perform a different modality, which include: breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and close with freestyle.
9:52 PM2 months ago

Second semifinal

In the second semifinal, Canada registered the best time with 3:55:17, followed by the United States, Sweden and the Russian Olympic Committee; the Netherlands, Belarus, Honk Kong and Denmark were eliminated.
9:47 PM2 months ago

First semifinal

In the first semifinal held on Friday in Tokyo, Australia had the best time with 3:55:39, followed by Italy, Japan and China; Great Britain, Germany, South Africa and Spain were eliminated.
9:42 PM2 months ago

Olympic and world records

In both cases, the United States holds both the Olympic and world records. In the former, it achieved a time of 3:24:48 at the London 2012 Olympic Games; the world record was obtained in Gwangju, South Korea in 2010 with a time of 3:23:01.
9:37 PM2 months ago

The venue

The Tokyo aquatic center was built exclusively for these Olympic Games, started to be held since 2017 and being inaugurated last October 26, 2020, with capacity for 15 thousand spectators.

9:32 PM2 months ago

Kick-off time

The Women's 4x100 combined relay swimming final will be played at the Tokyo Aquatic Center, in Tokyo, Japan. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:15 pm ET.
9:27 PM2 months ago

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