Highlights: China 3-0 Italy in Women's Volley at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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11:19 AM2 months ago


We will stop here with our broadcast. Thank you very much for choosing VAVEL and staying with us to follow the match between China and Italy. Have a great afternoon and see you next time!
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Even eliminated, China played a great match and broke Italy's unbeaten streak by 3 sets to 0 (25/21, 25/20, 26/24).  Brazil is the only team with a 100% record.
11:08 AM2 months ago


Pietrini stays in the blockade
11:06 AM2 months ago


Wang through the middle of the net
11:05 AM2 months ago


Bosetti attacks on the floor
11:01 AM2 months ago


Danesi scores on the block
10:58 AM2 months ago


Bosetti pussy no simples
10:56 AM2 months ago


Wang Stays in the Italian Double
10:49 AM2 months ago


Bosetti attacks in category. The ball lands in the middle of the blockade
10:47 AM2 months ago


Yao wins in a net dispute
10:39 AM2 months ago


Pietrini ends rally diagonally
10:34 AM2 months ago


China has been playing well and is close to the end: 2-0
10:33 AM2 months ago


Gong explores blocking
10:30 AM2 months ago


After rally, Egonu takes it from Wang with a great start
10:29 AM2 months ago


Bosetti in paralela
10:26 AM2 months ago


Egonu stops Li's block, which vibrates too much
10:25 AM2 months ago


Ace! Danesi on the balanced
10:20 AM2 months ago


Zhang takes advantage of Sylla's blunder to propel it into the net
10:17 AM2 months ago


Li comes from the bottom to explore the triple
10:15 AM2 months ago


Pietrini invades the line of three
10:12 AM2 months ago


Danesi enters the court and scores on the block
10:05 AM2 months ago


Wang in china
10:05 AM2 months ago


China wins first leg 25x21
10:04 AM2 months ago


Li ends the set on a point deep in the court
10:04 AM2 months ago


Li ends the set on a point deep in the court
10:04 AM2 months ago


Yao wins net dispute with Pietrini
10:03 AM2 months ago


Li attacks with the left-handed on the pipe
10:03 AM2 months ago


Wang attacks on Egonu, who fails to pass
10:00 AM2 months ago


Egonu attacks from the back of the court
9:44 AM2 months ago


China opens the scoring
9:14 AM2 months ago

Players from Italy

Caterina Bosetti, Cristina Chirichella, Anna Danesi, Monica De Gennaro, Paola Egonu, Sarah Fahr, Raphaela Folie, Alessia Gennari, Ofelia Malinov, Alessia Orro, Elena Pietrini, Indre Sorokaite, Myriam Sylla.
9:13 AM2 months ago

Players from China

Yuan Xinyue, Zhu Ting, Gong Xiangyu, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Yao Dim, Li Yingying, Ding Xia, Yan Ni, Wang Mengjie, Liu Yanhan
8:55 AM2 months ago

Champion eliminated

The reigning Olympic champions, China, are eliminated. Turkey defeated Argentina by 3 sets to 0 (25/23, 25/20 and 25/18), on Saturday morning.
8:49 AM2 months ago

Ariake Arena

The match between the South American teams will take place at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo. The venue was designed to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
8:44 AM2 months ago


Divided into two groups, Italy and China are members of Group A, along with the USA, ROC, and Turkey. Group B is made up of Brazil, Serbia, Japan, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Kenya.
8:39 AM2 months ago

Group stage

In all, the teams face each other in five rounds, where the top four in each group advance to the quarterfinals, then the semifinals, and finally the bronze, silver, and gold medals.
8:34 AM2 months ago

When is the China-Italy match and how to follow it LIVE?

Championship: Tokyo Olympics
Venue: Ariake Arena
Time: 9:00 am ET
Where to Watch: SporTV, FloVolleyball.TV
Real time: VAVEL USA
8:29 AM2 months ago

China Results

China 0-3 Turkey (21/25, 14/25, 14/25)
China 0-3 United States (27/29, 22/25, 21/25)
China 2-3 Russia (25/17, 23/25, 20/25, 27/25, 12/15)
8:24 AM2 months ago

Chinese women at risk of elimination

In fifth place, China is in great danger of being eliminated in Tokyo 2020. The team did not win a match, but got the better of two sets. With this, it has one point.
8:19 AM2 months ago

Italy's Results

Russia 0-3 Italy (23/25, 19/25, 14/25)
Italy 3-1 Turkey (25/22, 23/25, 25/20, 25/15)
Italy 3-0 Argentina (25/21, 25/26, 25/15)
8:14 AM2 months ago

Italian women on top of the B

Unbeaten, Italy is first in Group B, with nine points, one ahead of the second - the USA. 
8:09 AM2 months ago

Not long to go

China vs Italy live face each other this Saturday (31), at Ariake Arena, at 9am ET, in the Olympic Games. The match is the fourth and penultimate round of the group stage of the competition.
8:04 AM2 months ago

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