Highlights: USA vs COR at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games women's volleyball (0-3)
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11:40 PM2 months ago

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We say goodbye for now, but stay tuned to VAVEL, which brings the best of sport in these Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
11:36 PM2 months ago

SET for Russia

The United States made a mistake as in several passages of the match and the Russians sealed their victory with this last point, which they won thanks to the USA's lack of concentration.
11:34 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 19-24

Point for match, it seems that this will be Russia's victory.
11:33 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 19-22

The United States asks for a review on the last play, but it is clear that it was a point for Russia and the visiting team is 3 points away from the set.
11:30 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 18-20

Again it goes two points up Russia, which is 5 points away from taking the set, there is time out by USA.
11:28 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 17-18

This set is tightened, the United States is coming from less to more and wants to force a fourth set.
11:26 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 15-17

Russia calls timeout and their DT looks like he is not comfortable with what he sees in this third set.
11:24 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 14-15

Poulter and a good block to take the point in dispute and get closer to the Russians.
11:22 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 12-14

Very close this set in the last points, where Washington is giving its best.
11:20 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 9-12

Drews shot a left-footed, hard shot to put the score on the scoreboard.
11:19 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 7-11

The Russians come back and continue long, they are halfway to the third set and can take the match.
11:16 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 5-8

Goncharova's show continues, and again she takes another point after a strong volley.
11:14 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 4-6

Russia turns it around and begins to see the light that will lead them to take this third set and therefore the match.
11:13 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 4-4

Goncharova says -Here I am- and ties this set with two straight points from her.
11:12 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 4-2

Thompson left, but Washington was left to try to make up lost ground.
11:10 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 2-1

The set begins and the United States came out with a different face, it seems that they want to take this set and force a fourth game.
11:08 PM2 months ago

SET 3| 0-0

What could be the last set will begin, because if everything continues as it is, Russia will take this third set and therefore the match.
11:06 PM2 months ago

SET for Russia

Russia is showing a lot of advantage and a spectacular game in this match, making the United States look very bad and if everything remains the same, the match will be for the visitors.


11:04 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 11-24

We are about to set and it seems that there is nothing that can stop Russia from taking this second set.
11:03 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 11-22

Russia doubles the score of the United States and will be 3 points away from taking the second set and a good advantage to win this match.
11:02 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 10-21

Already the lead is in double digits and Russia looks unstoppable, raises the intensity and wants to finish this set as soon as possible.
11:00 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 9-17

Washignton made a very good play and was able to make a small gain, so that the score was not too high.


10:58 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 8-17

Goncharova nailed it with a strong finish and remains the best of the day's match.
10:57 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 7-16

The Russian game starts to look very easy, which makes the American team look bad and manages to take a 9-point lead.
10:55 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 6-14

Service error by the United States, which fails to get up and it seems that Russia will also take this set.
10:54 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 6-13

The trend continues the same as the first set, Russia takes a lot of advantage and USA sometimes plays well.

This last point was very disputed, it seemed that it would be for Russia, but the perfect block of the United States meant to discount in the score of the set.

10:51 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 5-11

Russia takes a big lead, another point due to lack of concentration and the United States calls another timeout, but this time the coach does not speak, the players talk among themselves.
10:49 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 5-9

The U.S. calls a timeout and the coach talks to all the players.

Thompson starts to rest her foot to see if she can return to the game, but it looks like she is still in a lot of pain. 

10:48 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 5-7

Startseva takes advantage of the USA's lack of concentration and manages with one hand to deceive the defensive saga and score one more point.
10:46 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 4-6

Back and forth game, a very disputed point, but it is the Russians' at the end and allows them to go two points up in this set.
10:45 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 4-4

Russia's block, it seems that it was going to be a point for them, but the ball hit outside the line that limits the field of play and the point is for the United States.
10:43 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 2-3

Communication error in the United States and this allows Russia to go up again in this second set.
10:40 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 1-1

Down goes the best of the United States so far, Thompson hurts his right ankle, when he went to block a Russian attack and ended up bending his ankle.
10:39 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 1-0

First point for the United States in this second set, Thompson blocked and scored the first.
10:37 PM2 months ago

SET 2| 0-0

The second set begins, after a short break and both teams had a technical talk.
10:35 PM2 months ago

SET for Russia

The first set was won by the Russians, who came from behind to take a 6-point lead.
10:34 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 20-24

We are at set point, Russia has the opportunity to close and holds serve.
10:33 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 20-23

Gonchoreva and Thompson are the top performers for each team so far, the set is about to end and the match is getting pretty tight.
10:31 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 18-23

Again Goncharova puts order and Russia is two points away from closing this first set.
10:30 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 17-22

Russia loses concentration and after a USA block, nobody can return the ball and there is a point for the home team.
10:29 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 15-22

Goncharova scores another point and Russia is 3 points away from taking this first set.
10:28 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 15-21

The USA's discount continues, and with a triple block they managed to change the trajectory of the ball and take another point.
10:27 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 14-21

After a mistake by Russia, Akisradewo took advantage of it and with a strong shot beat the rival players.
10:26 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 13-20

Point from serve and Russia looks to take this first set very quickly.
10:25 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 13-18

It came down to the United States, which is 5 points down in this first set.
10:24 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 13-17

Great Russian block and they take another point to widen the gap in this first set.

The Russian coach calls timeout and there is room for hydration. 

10:23 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 13-16

Good point for Russia, which built it in zone 4 and has a good advantage.
10:22 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 13-15

Very intense match and with Russia looking a little better than the American team.
10:20 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 11-14

Goncharova put another point for the Russian team and they start to take a good amount of points of advantage.
10:19 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 10-12

Thompson shot hard, Starteva tried to clear, but the ball went wide and it was a point for the USA.
10:18 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 9-12

It's point from serve for Russia and the U.S. coach calls time out to talk to his players.
10:17 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 9-11

Now the Russians are two points up, starting to gain confidence and playing better than their opponents.
10:16 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 9-9

Again the United States tied the set, Larson with a strong hit forced the Russians to make an error and ended with a point for the Americans.
10:14 PM2 months ago

SET1| 7-7

The United States found themselves down on the scoreboard for the first time in the match, but recovered and tied the set.
10:13 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 6-6

Two hard-earned points, the U.S. point had to be reviewed by the technology that helps the referees and the Russian point was after a long play.
10:12 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 5-5

Podkopaeva's block and it's a point for the Russians.
10:11 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 5-4

The Americans took the lead again, after a good play by Thompson.
10:09 PM2 months ago

SET 1| 3-3

Good block by Russia on two straight points and manages to tie the set.
10:08 PM2 months ago

SET 1 | 3-1

Washignton scored the 3rd point of the set after a spectacular spike to take a two-point lead.
10:07 PM2 months ago

SET 1 | 2-0

First points in play of the match, the United States takes the lead and wants to take the first set quickly.
10:06 PM2 months ago

The match will start

The center judge calls the starters and they begin to introduce themselves one by one.

Team USA: Poulter, Wong-Orantes, Larson, Thompson, Bartsch-Hackley, Akinradewo and Washigton.

Russian Team: Koroleva, Goncharova, Fedorovtseva, Ste¿arteva, Fetisova, Voronkova and Podkopaeva.

9:52 PM2 months ago

Teams on the field

Both teams take the field at the coliseum, where they begin their pre-match warm-up, with the United States using the right side of the field and Russia the left.
9:47 PM2 months ago

Final stretch to the start of the game

In a little less than 20 minutes this exciting game will start, valid for group B of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Russia with the need to add up in the table and continue with the dream of qualifying, while the United States wants to enter early to the group of qualifiers to the next round.

9:39 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned for the United States vs COR live coverage

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for USA vs COR live, as well as the latest information from the Ariake Arena. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
9:34 PM2 months ago

Where and how to watch USA vs COR live online

The match will be televised on Marca Claro channel.
The USA vs COR can be tuned in from Claro Sports live streams.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL US is your best option.

9:29 PM2 months ago

Russian Olympic Committee women's volleyball team

Podkopaeva, Fedorovtseva, Enina, Fetisova, Smirnova, Startseva, Zarayazhko, Matveeva, Obmochaeva, Tchikrizova, Voronkova, Lazareva
9:24 PM2 months ago

United States Women's Volleyball Team

Micha Hancock, Jordyn Poulter, Justine Wong, Jordan Larson, Andrea Drews, Jordan Thompson, Michelle Bartsch, Kimberly Hill, Foluke Akinradwo, Haleigh Washington, Kelsey Robinson y Chiaka Ogbogu.
9:19 PM2 months ago

The Russians and the dream of staying in the competition

In the Olympic Games you can't give up anything, because you can be left out immediately, that's what the Russian team understands, they already lost a game and can't afford to do it again, that's why they must win today if they want to continue with the Olympic dream.
9:14 PM2 months ago

USA and early qualification

The North Americans are going for the victory that means they have one foot in the other round of the Olympic competition, they are the favorites and they want to confirm it tonight.
9:09 PM2 months ago

Group B of the women's Olympic Games women's volleyball tournament

The second group of the Women's Volleyball competition at Tokyo 2020 is made up of Italy, the United States, Turkey, Russia, China and Argentina.
9:04 PM2 months ago

Los rusos y la necesidad de ganar

The Russian Olympic Committee comes with 2 wins and a loss, which forces them to score points tonight if they want to continue with the dream of qualifying to the next round.

The Russians won in their first outing 3-2 against China, then beat the Argentines 3-0 and lost in their last match against Italy 3-0.

8:59 PM2 months ago

Estados Unidos y un puntaje perfecto

The U.S. team has already had 3 presentations so far in the games and obtained 3 victories, the first against Turkey by 3 sets to 2, the second against China, where they were convincing and won by 3-0 and in their last presentation, they also won by the same score, but this time against the Argentinean Volleyball team.
8:54 PM2 months ago

Welcome to

Welcome to the live broadcast of the USA vs COR match, corresponding to the women's volleyball group stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The match will take place at the Ariake Arena at 22:05 hours.