Highlights: Athletics: Final 4x400 Mixed


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Photo of champions

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it's over!

Poland takes the Gold and sets an Olympic record with 3.09.87". The Dominican Republic and the United States won the Silver and Bronze, respectively.
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Medals are here!

Poland takes Gold and sets Olympic Record of 3.9.97 minutes.

Dominican Republic takes second with silver and the United States takes bronze

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Last relief

The Dominican Republic took the lead, but Poland, with a great strategy, managed to tighten its grip in the last meters.
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Second Relief

Países Bajos toma la delantera. Las mujeres serán los relevos de en medio
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All 9 teams will start with a man in the first relay
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Almost ready!

Teams come out and introduce themselves minutes before the start of the event in its first edition in the history of the Olympic Games.
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Start list

RAIL 1 Ireland
RAIL 2 Great Britain
lane 3 germany
RAIL 4 united states
RAIL 5 Poland
RAIL 6 Dominican Republic
RAIL 7 netherlands
RAIL 8 Belgium
RAIL 9 jamaica
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Teams to follow

In Doha, 'Team USA' - always strong in the individual 400 m events - finished first. Jamaica followed, with Nathon Allen, Janieve Russell, Roneisha McGregor, and Javon Francis, with a national record of 3:12.73. Just 0.01 seconds behind was Bahrain, in third place, with a new Asian record of 3:12.74, and ahead of Great Britain (3:12.80).
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High expectation

One of the most exciting aspects of a test debut is the unknown, especially when it comes to predictions of winners.
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New strategies

Jacques Borlee, father and coach of the talented brothers, believes that the event is conducive to new and varied strategies, which can change the momentum of the race. "We have to establish a strategy considering the quality of the athletes at our disposal," he says. "And we have to imagine the order our rivals will choose and find an answer to that. It's always a difficult choice and requires a lot of thought."


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What do the athletes think of this test?

For Kevin Borlee, bronze medalist in the 400 m at the 2011 World Championships, the relay means an opportunity for countries that otherwise would not have the number of athletes to succeed in the traditional relay events. "It gives more opportunities to more countries," he explains. "With the mixed relay, with just two men and two women, you can create an Olympic team, whereas for the traditional relays you need at least four athletes of the same gender."


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Junelle Bromfield
Tiffany James

Javeir Brown
Rusheen McDonald

7:43 AM2 months ago


Camille Laus
Imke Vervaet
Dylan Borley 
Kevin Borlee
7:38 AM2 months ago

Países Bajos

Laura de Witte
Hanneke Oosterwegel
Ramsey Angela
Nout Wardenburg
7:33 AM2 months ago

Dominican Republic

Anabel Medina Ventura
Marileidy Paulino
Andrés Lidio Feliz
Alexander Ogando
7:28 AM2 months ago


Dominika Bacmaga
Kornelia Lesiewicz
Patryk Grzegorzewicz
Jakub Krzewina
7:23 AM2 months ago


Lynna Irby
Taylor Manson
Bryce Deadmon
Elija Godwin
7:18 AM2 months ago


Hanna Mergenthaler 
Alicia Schmidt
Marc Koch
Marvin Schlegel 
7:13 AM2 months ago

Great Britain

Zoey Clark
Emily Diamond
Jodeph Brier
Cameron Chalmers
7:08 AM2 months ago


Sophie Becker
Healy Phill
Greene Cillin
Christopher O´Donnell
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World Record: United States in Doha, Qatar 2019. Olympic Record: Poland in Tokyo 2020.
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What is it?

The medley relay involves a team race of four athletes - two men and two women - in which each athlete must complete one lap of the track before the next person on the team starts his or her leg. Each team can decide in which order its athletes run, with two men followed by two women, or vice versa, or in an interspersed manner.
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New format

This new competition format in mixed relays was only introduced at the Nassau World Championships in 2017, but it was not until two years later in Doha 2019 that it became popular.

Today this format makes its debut at the Olympic Games.