Highlights: Denmark 30-33 Sweden for men's handball in the Olympic Games
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Quarterfinal games





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Swedish victory

Sweden dominated both halves, and had both goalkeepers on a great day. On the other side, Denmark was not effective in attack, not to mention that their main player Mikkel Hansen was not inspired.

First half: 13:17

Second half: 17:16

Overall score: 30-33

8:57 AM4 months ago


The second half ends
8:56 AM4 months ago


Jacob Holm scores in the right corner
8:51 AM4 months ago


Hasen displaces the goalkeeper to score from seven meters
8:44 AM4 months ago


Overview: The second half has suspensions for both sides. Sweden manages to keep up the pace and keep the upper hand. Denmark, on the other hand, is not on top of its game. When they do manage to create, the Swedish goalkeepers get the better of them.


Denmark 54%

Sweden: 63%

8:40 AM4 months ago


Sandell falls with the Danish arrival, but manages to send it into the net. 24x28.
8:35 AM4 months ago


IN THE CATEGORY! Pellas goes up high, gets past Moellgaard and scores a beautiful goal. 21x24
8:33 AM4 months ago


Sweden with one more. Saugstrup suspended for two minutes
8:31 AM4 months ago


Hasen downsizing 20x23 on seven-meter goal
8:29 AM4 months ago


Claar spins over his marker and leaps to the corner
8:28 AM4 months ago


Andreas Palick uma parede para defender bola de Gidsel
8:20 AM4 months ago


Back to the game
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END OF THE FIRST HALF. Denmark 13x17 Sweden
8:04 AM4 months ago


Hasen throws on the three-meter line, hitting the corner: 12x16
8:01 AM4 months ago


Andreas Palick makes another save from seven yards out. Mikkel Hansen looked for the angle, but the goalkeeper got the better of him
7:58 AM4 months ago


Petterson is suspended for two minutes. He grabbed Gidsel
7:56 AM4 months ago


Suécia abre quatro pontos sobre Dinamarca: 10x14
7:54 AM4 months ago


Denmark has a great chance on the seven-meter line. Mikkel Hansen is stopped by a great save by Andreas Palick
7:50 AM4 months ago


Mikkel Hansen misses in the attack. Sweden goes ahead freely, Hampus Wanne only has the job of scoring without a goalkeeper
7:46 AM4 months ago


Overview: Sweden manages to be more effective on the counterattacks. Denmark, on the other hand, takes too long and relies on Gidsel's set-pieces
7:43 AM4 months ago


Yellow card for Denmark's Saugstrup
7:40 AM4 months ago


Carlsboagard gives a great pass to Max Darj, who half unbalanced, sends it to the goal
7:38 AM4 months ago


Kevin Moeller makes good save on Claar's shot
7:32 AM4 months ago


Johan Hasen
7:31 AM4 months ago


The match is about to start
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Team Sweden

Goalkeepers: Andreas Palick, Mikael Aggefors
Socks: Felix Claar, Jim Gottfridsson
Shipowners: Jonathan Carlsboagard, Albin Largergren, Oskar Sunnefeldt, Lukas Sandell
Wing: Niclas Ekberg, Hampus Wanne, Daniel Pettersson, Lucas Pellas
Pivot: Frederic Petterson, Max Darj
7:00 AM4 months ago

Team Denmark

Goalkeepers: Kevin Moeller, Niklas Landin
Midfielders: Mads Mensah, Morten Olsen
Mariners: Henrik Moellgaard, Mikkel Hansen, Jacob Holm
Wing: Magnus Landin, Emil Jakobsen, Lasse Svan, Johan Hasen
Pivot: Magnus Saugstrup, Henrik Toft Hansen
6:55 AM4 months ago

Other Services

IHF Official: Dragan Nachevski (Macedonia)

IHF Timekeeper: Stella Vartanyan (Russia)

IHF Scorer: Arijana Vojic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

6:50 AM4 months ago


Referee 1: Robert Schulze (Germany)

Referee 2: Tobias Tonnies (Germany)

Reserve Referee 1: Bojan Lah (Slovenia)

Reserve Referee 2: David Sok (Slovenia) 

6:45 AM4 months ago

When is the Denmark-Sweden match and how to follow it LIVE?

Championship: Tokyo Olympics
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium
Time: 8:30 am ET
Where to Watch: NBC
Real Time: VAVEL USA
6:40 AM4 months ago

Results from Sweden

Sweden 32-31 Bahrain
Japan 26-28 Sweden
Sweden 29-28 Portugal
Sweden 27-22 Egypt
6:35 AM4 months ago

How Sweden is coming

Sweden are right behind in second place with the same eight unbeaten points. However, it has a disadvantage in goals for (116) and against (107).
6:30 AM4 months ago

Denmark's Results

Denmark 47-30 Japan
Egypt 27-32 Denmark
Denmark 31-21 Bahrain
Portugal 28-34 Denmark
6:25 AM4 months ago

How Denmark gets there

The reigning Olympic champion Denmark leads Group B with eight points. With a 100% record, the red and white team has the best scoring record with 144 pro and conceded the fewest goals - 106
6:20 AM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Yoyogi National Stadium

The Denmark vs Sweden game will be played at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Japan, with a capacity of 13,291 people. It was opened for the 1964 Olympics.
6:15 AM4 months ago


Denmark vs Sweden live in the Olympic Games on Sunday (1), at the Yoyogi National Stadium, at 8:30 am ET. The clash is valid for the fifth round of the competition.
6:10 AM4 months ago

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