Highlights: Greece 14-5 USA in water polo at the Olympic Games 2020
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11:39 PM2 years ago

End of transmission

Thank you very much for joining us in the transmission of this match, we will meet again in the next opportunity.
11:36 PM2 years ago

Greece leads its group, USA qualifies

Today's victorious team finished top of Group A with four wins and a draw, while the United States only managed to qualify.
11:35 PM2 years ago

Game ends

The game ends with a score of 14-5 in favor of Greece. The Europeans were far superior to their U.S. counterparts.
11:33 PM2 years ago

One minute left

Only one minute left in the match. The Greek team was far superior.
11:30 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

14 and counting, Fountoulis scores again and now has 4 in his personal account.
11:29 PM2 years ago


Greece's coach called a timeout with 3 minutes and 58 seconds left in the game.
11:26 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Now the difference is 8 goals. Kolomvos makes it 13-5.
11:25 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Again Konstantinos scores and increases the difference to 7 goals. Team USA is being widely outplayed.
11:22 PM2 years ago

Last quarter beggins

The last quarter begins between Greece and the United States.
11:21 PM2 years ago

Third quarter ended

After an exciting third quarter that ended 5-2 (11-5 overall), the winner of the match is beginning to emerge.
11:19 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Captain Fountoulis appeared again and scored the eleventh goal for his team.
11:19 PM2 years ago


The United States has had possession for 14 minutes, while Greece has had it for only 8 minutes. Effectiveness.
11:18 PM2 years ago


With 45 seconds left in the quarter, the U.S. coach calls a timeout.
11:15 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

The fourth for Konstantinos and the tenth for Greece, which now has double digits on its scoreboard.
11:14 PM2 years ago

USA's goal

Alex Obert puts the second in his personal account and the fifth for his team. The difference is cut to 4 goals.
11:12 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Argyropoulos increases the difference to 5 and the Americans are subdued by the Europeans.
11:11 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Again Konstantinos, who scores the third in his personal account and the eighth for his team.
11:10 PM2 years ago

USA arrived

Luca Cupido hesitated a lot at the moment of shooting and the ball did not even graze the goal.
11:08 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Konstantinos scored a free kick after an infringement. Again the gap widens.
11:06 PM2 years ago

USA's goal

Irving scored the first goal of the quarter and reduced the deficit for his team.
11:05 PM2 years ago

Greece arrived

Konstantinos, after a great team move, sent a shot that was controlled by the American goalkeeper.
11:04 PM2 years ago

USA arrived

Woodhead had the first attempt of the quarter, but it was well defended by the Greek goalkeeper.
11:03 PM2 years ago

The third quarter began

The third quarter started with possession for the Greek team.
11:02 PM2 years ago


On the official website of the Olympic Games you can follow the detailed statistics.
11:00 PM2 years ago

Second quarter ends

At halftime the game is 6-3 with great Greek dominance, however, the second quarter ended 2-2.
10:58 PM2 years ago

USA arrived

Alex Obert tried again but this time the goalkeeper got in his way. The score remained 6-3.
10:56 PM2 years ago

USA's goal

Obert scores after a great control and the difference is again cut to 3 goals. Only one shot was needed to score.
10:55 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal!

Kanakakis increases the difference to 4 goals again. The reaction of the Greeks is interesting.
10:54 PM2 years ago

USA's goal!

Stevenson managed to reduce the score and now the difference is only 3 touchdowns.
10:53 PM2 years ago

Time off

After a short pause requested by the United States to reassemble its strategy, play resumes.
10:52 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal!

Vlachopoulos charged an infringement near the goal and did not miss the shot. Now the difference is 4 goals.
10:50 PM2 years ago

Arrivals for both

The game is now a little more fluid and there are arrivals from both sides. First there was a stick from the United States and now it's for Greece.
10:48 PM2 years ago

Greece arrived

Once again Alex Bowen saved his team from the European goal, which seems closer than the American one.
10:47 PM2 years ago

First possession for the United States

Once again, the first possession is for the American team that seeks to reduce the difference.
10:46 PM2 years ago

Second quarter on

The second quarter of this game, dominated by the Europeans, has already begun.
10:44 PM2 years ago

First quarter ends

Despite the large score in favor of Greece, the possession in this first half has been for the American team. The score at the end of the first half was 4-1.
10:42 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal!

Once again Fountoulis, the captain, scored the second goal in his personal account and the fourth for his team.
10:41 PM2 years ago

U.S. defense saved

Hannes Daube saved another goal for Greece, deflecting a shot that was heading for goal.
10:40 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal!

Genidounias again increases the difference for his team that has now scored 3. The game is still quite close.
10:38 PM2 years ago

USA's goal

Alex Bowen, wearing the number 9 jersey, sent a powerful long-range shot to give the United States its first goal.
10:37 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal!

This time it was captain Fountoulis who scored his team's second goal. Greece is now 2-0 up.
10:36 PM2 years ago

USA is close

An American player sent a powerful shot that hit the upper post of the goal.
10:35 PM2 years ago

Cut game

The North American team has committed a large number of infractions, thus cutting off the development of the game.
10:33 PM2 years ago

Greece's goal

Skoumpakis surprised from half distance and scored.
10:31 PM2 years ago

First possession for the United States

Thanks to Johnny Hooper, the American team had the first action of the match. There were also a couple of infractions on U.S. players.
10:30 PM2 years ago

Game on!

This water polo match corresponding to group A of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has already started.
10:23 PM2 years ago

USA is coming

Now it is the American team that is present in the pool so that the engagement can begin.
10:22 PM2 years ago

Teams are coming

Both teams are coming out to the pool to start tonight's match. The Greek team is out first.
10:18 PM2 years ago

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Greece arrives unbeaten

The only team that did not lose to Greece was the Italian team, as they managed to tie the game at 6 goals. The other two teams (South Africa and Japan) were beaten by the Greeks.
10:08 PM2 years ago

The match between Italy and Hungary is over

The two teams played to a 5-goal draw after a thrilling match. Hungary dominated the entire game and Italy tied it in the last minute.
10:01 PM2 years ago

United States arrives on a losing streak

The U.S. team has now lost 2 consecutive games. They lost to Hungary (8-11) and Italy (11-12).

The American team will face the Greek with the firm intention of continuing to go through rounds in search of the golden medal.

9:55 PM2 years ago

Group B matches

Group B will see Serbia vs Montenegro, Spain vs Croatia and Australia vs Kazakhstan.
9:45 PM2 years ago

Later in Group A

Five hours after this match, Japan and South Africa will meet to close Group A of these Olympic Games.
9:40 PM2 years ago

Another match

At this moment Hungary and Italy are playing for the last date of group A, also at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center.
9:35 PM2 years ago

We're back!

Good evening! We are ready to start following this exciting match valid for the last day of Group A of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
9:30 PM2 years ago

Where and how to watch Greece vs United States online and live Olympic Games 2020

The match will be played at 21:30 p.m. Mexican time and can be seen live on CNBC (USA) and through Marca Claro's YouTube channel for all of Latin America.

If you prefer to follow the match online, VAVEL.com is your best option.

9:25 PM2 years ago

Match Time

The match will start at 22:30 p.m (E.T.)
9:20 PM2 years ago


These teams have met on 3 occasions, with 2 wins for Greece and 1 for the United States. The last match ended 11-9 in favor of Greece.
9:15 PM2 years ago

USA's last matches

The United States comes in second in Group A after 2 wins and 2 losses. The American team defeated Japan (15-3) and South Africa (20-3) and lost to Hungary (11-8) and Italy (12-11).
9:10 PM2 years ago

Grecce's last matches

Greece leads its group with 7 points after winning three times and drawing once. The team has beaten South Africa (28 to 5), Japan and Hungary (10 to 9) and tied against Italy with 6 goals.
9:05 PM2 years ago

Team USA

Johnny Hooper, Marko Vavic, Alex Obert, Hannes Daube, Luca Cupido, Ben Hallock, Dylan Woodhead, Alex Bowen, Ben Stevenson, Jesse Smith, Max Irving, Drew Holland.
9:00 PM2 years ago

Greece's Team

Emmanouil Zerdevas, Konstantinos Genidounias, Dimitrios Skoumpakis, Marios Kapotsis, Ioannis Fountoulis, Alexandros Papanastasiou, Georgios Dervisis, Stylianos Agryropoulos Kanakakis, Konstantinos Mourikis, Christodoulos Kolomvos, Konstantinos Gkiouvetsis, Angelos Vlachopoulos.
8:55 PM2 years ago

Polo Center for the match

The match will be played at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center. The stadium was designed by architect Mitsuru Senda and has a capacity of 3600 spectators, which due to the pandemic cannot be occupied.

Tatsumi Water Polo Center. Photo: Olympics.com.
Tatsumi Water Polo Center. Photo: Olympics.com.


8:50 PM2 years ago


Greece and the United States will meet in the final group stage match of Group A of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
8:45 PM2 years ago

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