Highlights: Evandro/Bruno Schmidt 0-2 Plavins/Tocs in beach volleyball at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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1:04 AM2 months ago

See you later

We will stop here with our broadcast. Thank you very much for choosing VAVEL and staying with us following the duel between Evandro/Bruno Schmidt x Plavins/Tocs . Have a great morning and see you next time!
1:01 AM2 months ago

Other Brazilians?

With the victory won by 2 sets to 0 (19/21 and 18/21), Plavins/Tocs await their next opponent, which will be the match between Alison/Álvaro (Brazil) x Gaxiola/Rubio (Mexico)
12:57 AM2 months ago


Evandro/Bruno Schmidt couldn't stay ahead for long. Good on the defensive side, Plavins/Tocs took advantage of the good moment, broke the Brazilians' unbeaten streak and are now in the quarterfinals
12:53 AM2 months ago


Tocs places with tranquility on the Brazilian side. End of set
12:51 AM2 months ago


Important point! Evandro serves strong, takes away the opponents' pass and scores on the block
12:47 AM2 months ago


Plavins takes away from Evandro's blockade, who gets a kick from Bruno to close
12:46 AM2 months ago


Tocs wins network dispute
12:44 AM2 months ago


Plavins sees Bruno early and scores from headline
12:43 AM2 months ago


Great point! Bruno makes a great save and he puts himself on the diagonal
12:42 AM2 months ago


Plavins on Evandro's head
12:39 AM2 months ago


Bruno in the punch
12:37 AM2 months ago


Brazil misses a serve
12:32 AM2 months ago


Plavins stays in the blockade
12:31 AM2 months ago


Bruno stays in the net
12:29 AM2 months ago


After rally, Brazilian duo passes to the other side, but falls on the outside
12:27 AM2 months ago


Evandro explores blocking
12:25 AM2 months ago


Latvian point. End of set
12:24 AM2 months ago


Evandro's ball drips in the background
12:22 AM2 months ago


Plavins widens and Latvians get closer at the end of the set
12:20 AM2 months ago


ACE! Evandro on the edge
12:18 AM2 months ago


Bruno lifts in the measure for Evandro to diminish
12:14 AM2 months ago


Evandro! Brazilian wall working.
12:12 AM2 months ago


Evandro stumps Plavins
12:09 AM2 months ago


Bruno ties
12:07 AM2 months ago


Evandro tries to return, but the ball goes outside the aerial
12:03 AM2 months ago


Plavins attacks on short diagonal
12:00 AM2 months ago

Let's get started

Athletes being introduced
11:58 PM2 months ago

Not long to go

Ball is already flying. The pairs are already on the sand!
11:53 PM2 months ago

When is the Evandro/Bruno Schmidt vs Plavins/Tocs game and how to follow it LIVE?

Championship: Tokyo Olympics
Place: Shiokaze Park
Time: 00:00 am ET
Where to watch: SporTV (Brazil)
Real time: VAVEL USA
11:48 PM2 months ago

Latvian Results

Perusic/Schweiner (Czech Republic) 0 x 2 Plavins/Tocs (Latvia): No score | DNS
Krasilnikov/Stoyanovskiy (ROC) 1 x 2 Plavins/Tocs (Latvia): 21/13, 19/21 and 11/15
Plavins/Tocs (Latvia) 0 x 2 Gaxiola/Rubio (Mexico): 18/21 and 16/21
11:43 PM2 months ago

Doubles from Latvia

Participating in Group B in beach volleyball, Martins Plavins and Edgars Tocs finished in second place with five points. The Latvians lost against the Mexicans Gaxiola/Rubio by 2 sets to 0.
11:38 PM2 months ago

Strong Mind

After the match against the Poles, Evandro mentions the strong mindset to get the positive results at the Tokyo 2020

"We had two errors at the end of the first set, where Poland managed to turn and win. In the second we managed to impose our rhythm and give the team's face. In the third, the mental spoke louder at the end of the game. Our psychology is very good, we talked a lot inside the court and managed to come out with the victory".

11:33 PM2 months ago

Three games and three wins

Evandro/Bruno Schmidt (Brazil) 2 x 1 Grimalt E./Grimalt M. (Chile): 21/15, 16/21 and 15/12
Evandro/Bruno Schmidt (Brazil) 2 x 0 Abicha/Elgraoui (Morocco): 21/14 and 21/16
Evandro/Bruno Schmidt (Brazil) 2 x 1 Bryl/Fijalek (Poland): 19/21, 21/14, and 17/15
11:28 PM2 months ago

Undefeated Brazilians

The duo formed by Evandro and Bruno Schmidt qualified for the final round with 100% success. After beating Bryl/Fijalek, from Poland, by 2 sets to 1, with scores of 19/21, 21/14, and 17/15, they secured the first place in Group E.
11:23 PM2 months ago

The decisive phase

Evandro/Bruno Schmidt x Plavins/Tocs live face off this Monday (2), at Shiokaze Park, at 00:00 am ET, for the Olympic Games. The clash is valid for the round of 16 of the competition.
11:18 PM2 months ago

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