Highlights: Viktor Axelsen 2-0 Chen Long in badminton final match at Olympic Games 2020
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9:04 AM2 months ago


Our coverage of the final match of the badminton tournament between Viktor Axelsen of Denmark and Chen Long of China at the Olympic Games comes to an end. Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sport.
9:02 AM2 months ago

Medal winners

🥇 Viktor Axelsen (Denmark)

🥈 Chen Long (China)

🥉 Anthony Ginting (Indonesia)

8:48 AM2 months ago


The Danish player has just done it! The new badminton champion at the Olympic Games bursts into tears! 21-15 and 21-12.
8:46 AM2 months ago

Championship point for Axelsen

Unforced error by Chen Long. Eight chances for the Danish player to close the match.
8:42 AM2 months ago

Axelsen, four points away from gold medal

The Danish player makes the score of the second set 17-10.
8:39 AM2 months ago

Axelsen is already seven ahead

The Danish player is going long. 14-7.
8:37 AM2 months ago

12-7 for Axelsen

The Danish player takes a five-point lead.
8:33 AM2 months ago

Axelsen won't be tied!

The Danish player keeps three points of difference. 9-6.
8:30 AM2 months ago

Chen Long tries to wake up.

The score is now 6-4.
8:26 AM2 months ago

Four points ahead for Axelsen

The second set is quickly 5-1 in favor of the Danish player.
8:24 AM2 months ago

Second set begins

The players change sides. Chen Long must go for all or nothing.
8:22 AM2 months ago


Chen Long had cut two points, but the Danish player led him to make an error and takes the lead in the match. 21-15.
8:20 AM2 months ago

Set point for Axelsen

The Danish player has seven chances to take the set.
8:17 AM2 months ago

Great point for Axelsen

Good offensive play from both sides, but in the end, it is the danish who gets the point. 17-12.
8:13 AM2 months ago

Axelsen extends the lead

The Danish keeps up a good defensive game and now makes the score 15-11.
8:10 AM2 months ago

Axelsen takes a two-point lead

The Dane makes his fourth point in a row and goes on to win it 11-9.
8:09 AM2 months ago

Axelsen takes the lead

Three good downward drives by the Dane that his opponent did not reach. 10-9.
8:08 AM2 months ago

Chen takes two points of advantage

The Chinese player demands his opponent and leads him to make two errors. 9-7.
8:04 AM2 months ago

Chen Long takes the lead

Axelsen had taken a two-point lead, but the Asian player recovered well to come back. 6-5.
8:00 AM2 months ago

Good point for Chen Long

The Chinese player ties it with a good winning shot after a good sequence of both players. 3-3.
7:59 AM2 months ago

Good start for Axelsen

First it was an out by the Dane, but then he pulled it together with three smashes. 3-1.
7:57 AM2 months ago

Match start!

The game is underway between Axelsen and Chen.
7:55 AM2 months ago

Players leave

Viktor Axelsen vs Chen Long are already on the court - the final is coming!
7:47 AM2 months ago

The start of the game is just a few minutes away

In a few moments the players will be coming to the field.
7:45 AM2 months ago

Previous match

The match that preceded this great final was between Kevin Cordon (Guatemala) and Anthony GInting (Indonesia), a contest that just ended with a victory for the Indonesian by 21-11 and 21-13 to win the bronze medal.
7:40 AM2 months ago

Referee's Time

Referee: Trish Gubb (New Zealand)

Service Judge: Fine Chinnamma Dathan (India)

7:35 AM2 months ago

We start

We are ready to bring you the thrills of this great badminton final between Viktor Axelsen and Chen Long, Denmark vs China, in minutes!
7:30 AM2 months ago

Tune in here Denmark vs China Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the Viktor Axelsen vs Chen Long live stream, as well as the latest information from the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.

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How to watch Denmark vs China Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Olympic Games (official web page).

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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What time is Denmark vs China badminton final match for Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the game Viktor Axelsen vs Chen Long of August 2, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 08:50 hrs.
Bolivia: 07:50 hrs.
Brazil: 08:50 hrs.
Chile: 08:50 hrs.
Colombia: 06:50 hrs.
Ecuador: 06:50 hrs.
Spain: 14:50 hrs.
Mexico: 06:50 hrs.
Paraguay: 07:50 hrs.
Peru: 06:50 hrs.
Uruguay: 08:50 hrs.

7:15 AM2 months ago

Tournament table

7:10 AM2 months ago

Chen Long's road to the final

J1 - Group N: 21-10 and 21-9 vs Raul Must (Won)

J2 - Group N: 21-11 and 21-10 vs Pablo Abian (Won)

Round of 16: 8-21, 21-19 and 21-5 vs Zii Jia Lee (won)

Quarterfinals: 21-14, 9-21 and 21-14 vs Tien-Chen Chou (Won)

Semifinal: 21-16 and 21-11 vs Anthony Ginting (Won)

7:05 AM2 months ago

Viktor Axelsen's road to the finals

J1 - Group E: 21-12 and 21-11 vs Luka Wraber (Won)

J2 - Group E: 21-9 and 21-13 vs Kalle Koljonen (Won)

Round of 16: 21-16 and 21-14 vs Tzu-Wei Wang (He won)

Quarterfinals: 21-13 and 21-13 vs Yu Qi Shi (Won)

Semifinal: 21-18 and 21-11 vs Kevin Cordon (Won)

7:00 AM2 months ago

Chen Long, a big rival looking for the gold medal for China

The current number 6 in the world ranking is one of China's hopes for another gold medal and will want to win the delegation's 25th gold medal in the competitions.
6:55 AM2 months ago

Viktor Axelsen to give Denmark the gold medal

The Danish player, in accordance with his status as world number 2, has had a good tournament and arrives at the final as the great favorite to win the gold medal.
6:50 AM2 months ago


The match between Viktor Axelsen and Chen Long will be played at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza. This venue has a capacity of 7,200 spectators.
6:45 AM2 months ago


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