Highlights: Japan 0-3 Brazil in Men's Volleyball Olympic Games 2020
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11:02 AM2 months ago

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1:44 AM2 months ago

End | 3 - Set

20-25 | Brazil reaches the number, takes the third set and wins the match.
1:39 AM2 months ago

3 | Set

18-22 | Brazil has continued to be dominated, and is within three points of taking its third set win and, therefore, the match victory.
1:34 AM2 months ago

3 | Set

6-11 | Brazil wants to finish the match this set, and has taken a considerable lead over Japan.
1:29 AM2 months ago

End | 2 - Set

22-25 | Brazil comes from behind, comes from behind against Japan and takes the set; they are one set away from taking the victory to advance to the semifinals.
1:24 AM2 months ago

2 | Set

17-20 | Brazil rallies and is already winning the second set; it is five points away from putting the game 0-2.
1:19 AM2 months ago

2 | Set

17-16 | The final stretch of the second set is approaching, and Brazil has closed the gap on the scoreboard.
1:14 AM2 months ago

2 | Set

12-8 | Japan has not let go of the lead in this set, looking to even the match at one.
1:09 AM2 months ago

2 | Set

6-4 | The Japan squad has taken a slight lead in this second set.
1:04 AM2 months ago

End | 1 - Set

20-25 | By five points difference, Brazil takes the first set of the game.
12:59 AM2 months ago

1 | Set

18-20 | Brazil calls timeout; Japan has cut the deficit by one point.
12:54 AM2 months ago

1 | Set

14-17 | Great point by Brazil after a great spike by Ricardo Lucarelli; Japan still can't get within three points.
12:49 AM2 months ago

1 | Set

9-12 | Japan calls timeout; Brazil did not give in and continued to hold a three-point lead.
12:44 AM2 months ago

1 | Set

3-6 | Brazil has taken a quick and important lead.
12:39 AM2 months ago

The first set begins!

The teams of Japan and Brazil are looking for their pass to the semifinals of the men's volleyball tournament in Tokyo 2020.
12:34 AM2 months ago

These are the players available to Japan

12:29 AM2 months ago

This is Brazil's roster of players

12:24 AM2 months ago

Tune in here Japan vs Brazil Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Japan vs Brazil live, as well as the latest information from the Ariake Arena. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
12:19 AM2 months ago

How to watch Japan vs Brazil Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Japan vs Brazil live on TV, your options is: NBC.

If you want to directly stream it: NBC app.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

12:14 AM2 months ago

How did Brazil fare in their last game?

Last Saturday, the Brazilian team defeated France 3-2, with sets of 25-22, 25-17 and 20-18.
12:09 AM2 months ago

How did Japan fare in their last match?

Yesterday, the Japanese team defeated Iran 3-2, with sets of 25-21, 25-22 and 15-13.
12:04 AM2 months ago

Brazil, to confirm its power

The Brazilian team is in second place in its group with 10 points, after winning four matches and losing only one.
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(Photo: Getty)
11:59 PM2 months ago

Japan, looking to take advantage of home advantage

Japan is in fourth place in its group after accumulating eight points, the result of three wins and two losses.
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(Photo: Getty)
11:54 PM2 months ago

Groups A and B of the Men's Volleyball tournament at the Olympic Games

The first group was made up of Poland, Italy, Canada, Japan, Iran and Venezuela, while the second was made up of Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Tunisia, the United States and France.
11:49 PM2 months ago

What is the format of the men's volleyball tournament in Tokyo 2020?

There were 12 countries that started the men's volleyball competition in this edition of the Olympic Games; before this, they were divided into two groups, each of six teams.

The group phase consisted of facing their five rivals; subsequently, the four best-placed teams in each sector advanced to the direct elimination rounds, which will be the quarterfinals, semifinals and medal finals.

As a point to clarify in the first round (sectors), in matches won 3-0 or 3-1, three points will be awarded to the winner and zero to the loser; while if the result is 3-2, the winner will receive two points and the loser, one.

11:44 PM2 months ago

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