Highlights: Alison/Álvaro Filho 0-2 Plavins/Tocs in beach volleyball at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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We will stop here with our broadcast. Thank you very much for choosing VAVEL and staying with us to follow the duel between Alison/Alvaro vs Plavins/Tocs. Have a great night and see you next time!
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Next opponent

The Latvians Plavins/Tocs will meet Norway's Mol/Sorum on Thursday (5)
9:47 PM2 years ago


Latvia wins 2 sets to 0, with scores of 21/16 and 21/19, and goes to the semifinals.
9:44 PM2 years ago


ALISON! Another one of blocking
9:42 PM2 years ago


Brazilian Invasion
9:41 PM2 years ago


Ace of Plavins
9:38 PM2 years ago


Alison attacks the opponent's hand to score
9:34 PM2 years ago


Alison takes the arm off and Plavins sends it over the top
9:28 PM2 years ago


Tocs takes the power out and the ball drips on the court
9:26 PM2 years ago


Touches without locking
9:25 PM2 years ago


Plavins attacks Alison, who can't pass
9:21 PM2 years ago


Latvia wins first set against Brazil
9:21 PM2 years ago


Alison misses an attack
9:18 PM2 years ago


Tocs gives a slap to score
9:13 PM2 years ago


Mamute misses two attacks in a row
9:07 PM2 years ago


Alvaro speeds up for Alison to attack hard
9:06 PM2 years ago


Alvaro turns
9:03 PM2 years ago


Alison in the hit on Plavins
9:01 PM2 years ago


Plavins in the background
8:59 PM2 years ago

The ball will already fly

Athletes being introduced
8:29 PM2 years ago

Dates of Finals

Semifinals on Thursday, August 5. The final will be on the following day, Friday, August 6th.
8:24 PM2 years ago

How is the situation?

From the beginning, Mol/Sorum are ahead of the scoreboard. They already have a four-point lead: 11-15.
8:19 PM2 years ago

Future adversary in the sand!

As soon as the ball goes up, the winner of this match will already know the next opponent pair: Leshukov/Semenov or Mol/Sorum. The match is already underway at Shiokaze Park.
8:14 PM2 years ago

When is the Alison/Álvaro Filho vs Plavins/Tocs game and how to follow it LIVE?

Championship: Tokyo Olympics
Venue: Shiokaze Park
Time: 9pm ET
Where to watch: TV Globo and SporTV (Brazil)
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
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Alison evaluates the opposing duo

Alison, also known as Mamute, emphasizes that there is no easy game and recognizes the Latvians' skills.

"The Olympic competition starts with the 24 best pairs, and now there are eight left. There is no easy game. This Latvian duo is made up of Plavins, who took bronze in London 2012. Tocs has a very aggressive block. It is a team that makes few mistakes".

8:04 PM2 years ago

Plavins/Tocs Result

Perusic/Schweiner (Czech Republic) 0-2 Plavins/Tocs (Latvia): No result
Krasilnikov/Stoyanovskiy (ROC) 1-2 Plavins/Tocs (Latvia): 21/13, 19/21 and 11/15
Plavins/Tocs (Latvia) 0-2 Gaxiola/Rubio (Mexico): 18/21 and 16/21
Evandro/Bruno Schmidt (Brazil) 0-2 Plavins/Tocs (Latvia): 19/25 and 18/21
7:59 PM2 years ago

How Latvians Come

Participating in Group B in beach volleyball, Martins Plavins and Edgars Tocs finished in second place with five points. The Latvians lost against the Mexicans Gaxiola/Rubio by 2 sets to 0. They are Evandro/Bruno Schmidt's opponents in the round of 16
7:54 PM2 years ago

Alison/Álvaro Filho Results

Alison/Álvaro Filho (Brazil) 2-0 Azaad/Capogrosso (Argentina): 21/16 and 21/17
Alison/Álvaro Filho (Brazil) 2 Lucena/Dalhausser (USA): 22/24, 21/19 and 13/15
Alison/Álvaro Filho (Brazil) 1-2 Lucena/Dalhausser (USA): 22/24, 21/19 and 13/15
Alison/Álvaro Filho (Brazil) 2-0 Gaxiola/Rubio (Mexico): 21/14 and 21/13
7:49 PM2 years ago

Brazil's path to the quarterfinals

Brazil's only chance to reach the podium in beach volleyball, Alison and Álvaro Filho played four matches. Of these, only one had a negative result - in the group phase against Lucena/Dalhausser, from the United States, in a tie-break. The three wins ensured the first place in Group D. The duo's confirmation to the quarterfinals came after eliminating Gaxiola/Rubio (MEX). 
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Alison/Álvaro Filho vs Plavins/Tocs live face off this Tuesday (3), at Shiokaze Park, at 9pm ET, for the Olympic Games. The confrontation is valid for the quarterfinals of the competition.
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