Goals and Highlights: Argentina 2-1 India in Field Hockey in Tokyo Olympics
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Now Argentina faces the Netherlands in the final, which takes place on Friday (6) at 6am! At 9:30 pm on Thursday (5), India faces Great Britain for the bronze medal!
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Argentina is in the field field hockey final at the Olympics!
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Game on and nothing to score!
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With 20 seconds left, the goalkeeper saved a shot from a distance! The VAR now reviews a dangerous ball from the goalkeeper.
7:29 AM2 years ago


With 53% of possession, Argentina tries to dictate the rules of the game at this end, trying more and more to get into the opponent's area!
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Now India has a penalty corner, as the ball caught the Argentine defender. In the end, goalkeeper Succi made a beautiful save!
7:22 AM2 years ago


Argentina tries to attack, but sends the shot wide, missing the chance to increase the score.
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The fourth and final half begins with possession for Argentina! And we go to the last 15 minutes of the game that will decide another finalist in the field field hockey Olympics!
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With India going on the attack, but unable to finish, the third quarter ends with a partial victory for Argentina!
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Possession at the moment is 52% for Argentina to 48% for India. A slight change after last time.
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And Argentina has a penalty corner after the ball catches the defender's feet! Argentina's shot was stopped twice, but with another penalty corner, which this time was for the goal, that after review of the VAR was confirmed, with the turnaround of Argentina with Barrionuevo's goal once again!
6:57 AM2 years ago


After reviewing the VAR the penalty corner was not given. We still have 1-1 on the scoreboard!
6:57 AM2 years ago


A penalty corner is reviewed for Argentina at the moment.
6:53 AM2 years ago


Os times já estão em campo mais uma vez para dar início ao segundo tempo, que tem saída da Argentina no terceiro quarto!
6:44 AM2 years ago


With one goal each, the second quarter ends in a tie! And now we go to halftime of the match, which will be back in a moment!
6:40 AM2 years ago


Now the one with the penalty corner is Argentina, with a play on the left side where the Indian player touched the Argentinean forward with her stick! The shot was blocked by the Indian defense!
6:39 AM2 years ago


The free kick was reviewed and overturned! We continue with a 1-1 score and possession for Argentina.
6:37 AM2 years ago


A penalty corner - the famous free kick - for India, which would be the third in a row, is being reviewed by the "VAR" at the moment.
6:35 AM2 years ago


On a play from the left, the ball caught Argentina's hand, generating a free kick for India, who hit it hard but the Argentina goalkeeper caught it! And soon after, in the tirade of the defense happened gold free kick because the ball caught in the legs of the defender. And this time India couldn't even finish!
6:33 AM2 years ago

6' stats at the moment

The ownership is even - literally, with 50% each. In the chances to get close to the goal, Argentina has entered the circle nine times, against five for India. 
6:30 AM2 years ago


On a high ball Jankunas got it close to the goal, but on the finish... it went wide! It's still 1-1!
6:26 AM2 years ago


And in yet another free kick for Argentina, the Argentines equalize! In a quick move, the ball was sent in from the left and the shot came in strong, in the left corner, equalizing the match with Barrionuevo's goal!
6:23 AM2 years ago


Argentina now has a free kick! On a play from the left the ball caught the legs of the Indian player! The Indian defenders were able to close out the shot, which was blocked out!
6:21 AM2 years ago


And the second quarter begins, already with possession for India!
6:20 AM2 years ago

Rules - final part

And in cards, there are three. Green is for something light and unsportsmanlike, almost a warning. The yellow is for medium fouls, with a temporary suspension. The red one, on the other hand, removes the player for the rest of the game.
6:20 AM2 years ago


At the moment two players hit their heads while attempting a move. Gorezlany from Argentina and an unidentified one from India. And that was the end of the first quarter! India goes on to win and qualify for the grand final!
6:17 AM2 years ago

Rules - part 4 (important)

The teams have 11 starters, with 11 starters and five reserves. And on the question of one of the main rules is penalty kicks. There is the penalty-corner, which is a short penalty. It is a free kick inside the attack, taken 10 meters from the goal, where only five defenders stand in front of the goal next to the goalkeeper. The penalty kick, on the other hand, is taken from 6.4 meters, with only the goalkeeper in front of the goal. Both penalties require one touch on the ball before the shot is taken. 
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Rules - part 3

Like in ice hockey, the players use sticks, which weigh between 350 and 700 grams. And the goalies are the only ones who can touch the ball with any part of their body.
6:16 AM2 years ago

Rules - part 2

The field is 91.40 meters long by 55 meters wide, and the goalposts are 2.14 meters high and 3.66 meters wide. In terms of time, there are four, with 15 minutes each.
6:15 AM2 years ago

Rules - part 1

Now with the game calmed down we can post some of the explanations of the rules: Since Field Hockey is not a sport with much fame, let's get down to some rules and measurements. It is a sport similar to soccer, being decided by goals and even cards.
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Now Argentina has a free kick - I will explain more about the penalties in the game in a moment. But with Gorezlany, Argentina hit the mark and missed the chance for an equalizer!
6:09 AM2 years ago

India line-up

Argentina did not release their starting lineup, but India did, who are fielding:

6:05 AM2 years ago


And we have barely started on goal! On a free kick India opens the scoring early on with Gurjit!
6:05 AM2 years ago

Good morning

We now begin the broadcast of the match between Argentina and India, in the semifinal of the Field Hockey tournament!
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Where it happens?

The matches take place at the Oi Hockey Stadium, opened for the Olympics!
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India's Squad

India's squad for the match is: Chanu, Devi, Punia, Malik, Toppo, Nisha, Udita, Goyal, Navjot Kaur, Lalremsiami, Navneet Kaur, Khokhar, Gurjitt Kaur,Tete, Ekka, Kataruia, Pradhan and Rampal.
10:25 PM2 years ago

Argentina's Squad

Argentina's squad for the match is: Trinchinetti, Biondi, Albertarrio, Toccalino, Retegui, Maria José Granatto, Succi, Victoria Granatto, Focherio, Raposo, Barrionuevo, Moccia, Jankunas, Gorzelany, Maccari, Alonso, Sauze, and Merino.
10:20 PM2 years ago

Group A

In Group A India went through in fourth place with six points, compared to nine for Great Britain, 12 for Germany, and 15 for the Netherlands, who went through undefeated.
10:15 PM2 years ago

Group B

Argentina finished third in group B with nine points, tied with Spain and six behind Australia, the group leader. The last spot went to New Zealand, who scored six points.
10:10 PM2 years ago

Sentence: Índia

India opened the group stage by being thrashed by the Netherlands, who won 5-1. In the second match another defeat, this time by 2-0 to Germany. In the third round a 4-1 loss to Great Britain. In the penultimate round India beat Ireland 1-0, and in the last one they beat South Africa 4-3. In the quarterfinals India beat Australia 1-0.
10:05 PM2 years ago

Sentence: Argentina

Argentina started by being defeated 3-0 by New Zealand. In the second round they beat Spain 3-0. In the third round they managed a 3-2 win over China, and followed it up with another victory, this time over Japan, 2-1. In the last round a 2-0 defeat came against Australia. In the quarterfinals Argentina beat Germany 3-0.
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