Summary and highlights of France 27-23 Egypt in Handball Tokyo 2020
France player. Source: Das Handball


5:38 AM2 months ago


The French national team after finishing fourth in the last World Cup is assured of a medal and will fight for the gold medal;
5:28 AM2 months ago

End of the match

France will playá the final  after winning 27 to 23 to Egypt.
5:25 AM2 months ago


Ludovic Fabregas brings France closer to the final with a stunning goal.
4:56 AM2 months ago

2P 4:49

Another goal from Nicolas to put the French team ahead;
4:54 AM2 months ago

2P 0:33

France takes the lead with Nicolas Tournat's goal, Egypt responds with Ahmed Mohamed's goal;
4:37 AM2 months ago

1P 30:00

The first half ends with a save by goalkeeper Gerard to leave the score tied at 13;
4:28 AM2 months ago

1P 24:09

The French coach stops the game with a time-out;
4:23 AM2 months ago

1P 20: 16

Mohamed Ali's long-range strike to bring the score back to level;
4:21 AM2 months ago

1P 17:43

The French team takes the lead with Hugo's goal from seven meters. 
4:18 AM2 months ago

1P 14:41

France ties the match with a goal by Nedim Remili 
4:14 AM2 months ago

1P 11:38

Yahia Omar's goal again to put one more three 
4:12 AM2 months ago

1P 10:09

France came from behind and Dika's goal brought them within one goal of equalizing the match;
4:07 AM2 months ago

1P 5:00

Mohamed Ahmed's goal made it three for the Egyptian national team.
4:06 AM2 months ago

1P 4:06

Egypt got off to a good start with a 3-1 lead;
7:13 PM2 months ago

Where and how to watch France vs Egypt online and live Olympic Games 2020

The match will be played at 10:00 Spanish peninsular time and can be seen live on Eurosport.

If you prefer to follow the match online, is your best option.¡

7:08 PM2 months ago
The match will be played at 10:00 Spanish peninsular time and can be seen live on Eurosport.

If you prefer to follow the match online, is your best option.

7:03 PM2 months ago

What time is the France vs Egypt match?

This is the kick-off time of the match  in several countries:

Argentina: 05:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 03:00 hrs.
Brazil: 04:00 hrs
Chile: 03:00 hrs.
Colombia: 03:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:00 hrs.
Spain: 10:00 hrs.
Mexico: 03:00 a.m
Paraguay: 04:00 hrs
Peru: 03:00 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:00 hrs.                                                                                   Egypt: 11:00 hrs.

6:58 PM2 months ago

Egypt's match at the World Cup

6:53 PM2 months ago

France vs. Norway

6:48 PM2 months ago

Egypt matches

Egypt's national team has also lost only one game to Denmark by 28-33;
6:43 PM2 months ago

France matches

In this tournament, the French national team has only lost one match against Norway;
6:38 PM2 months ago


The last official match between the two teams was in the 2015 World Cup qualifiers, where the French won;
6:33 PM2 months ago


The match will be played at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo.
6:28 PM2 months ago

Preview of the game

France and Egypt will play in the semifinals of the Olympic Games.
6:23 PM2 months ago

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