Goals and Highlights: Australia 1(2)-1(3) Belgium in Olympic Hockey Final
Belgium vs Spain, field field hockey Tokyo 2020 // Source: Olympic Games


7:42 AMa month ago


Belgium is proclaimed for the first time champion of the Olympic Games, after tying 1-1 and winning in the shoot-out. That's all for today, until next time. Stay tuned on VAVEL.
7:37 AMa month ago

End of the match

The shoot-out round ended, the last Whetton missed. Belgium is Olympic champion with a dramatic ending, the video referee reviewed, replayed again, and missed it again, what a finish we had.
7:31 AMa month ago


Tied at three, Denayer missed the ball, a blunder by the Belgian.

The same thing happens to Simmonds, the Belgian goalkeeper is doing well. Belgium will have a chance to take the lead.

7:28 AMa month ago


The first is missed by Australia (Govers), well saved by Vanasch.

Belgium's first is scored by Van Aubel. 0-1.

7:23 AMa month ago

Match ends

The match ends at the Oi Hockey Stadium, tied at one between Australia and Belgium. The final will be decided in the decisive shots.
7:06 AMa month ago

47' Australia goal

Wickham tied the match after his teammates fought for the ball inside the box, finally it fell to the Australian who tied the match, 1-1.
7:03 AMa month ago

The last quarter begins

The last fifteen minutes start with 0-1 on the scoreboard, Australia has to score to have a chance, otherwise the Belgians will take the gold.
7:01 AMa month ago

End of the third quarter

The Belgians were saved from a draw. Australia, since the goal, has been pressing hard and has had several chances to equalize. Everything will be decided in the last quarter.
6:58 AMa month ago

40'| Vanasch saves

The Australians had a penalty-corner, where Hayward shot but the Belgian goalkeeper cleared it for a corner, Australia is trying.
6:55 AMa month ago

39' | The Australians hit the post

Zalewski shot inside the box and the Belgian goalkeeper saves it but the ball ends up hitting the post. Australia had a chance, it's still 0-1...
6:51 AMa month ago

35'| De Kerpel could have scored.

Another move by the Belgians, who could have scored the second goal through De Kerpel. Australia has increased the pressure and is looking for the Red Lions' goal.
6:47 AMa month ago

32'| Belgium goal

The Belgian goal was scored by Van Aubel, who beat the goalkeeper to score. The score was 0-1 at the Oi Hockey Stadium.
6:44 AMa month ago

The game restarts

The second half begins, the Red lions have the first possession of the third quarter.
6:35 AMa month ago


At the end of the second quarter with the score at 0-0, Belgium now dominated more and had two chances to score from penalty corners.
6:29 AMa month ago

25'| Penalty corner for Belgium

The Belgians make the move, Hendrickx goes to shoot but hits a defender, there will be another penalty-corner. There goes the second one... the Belgian defender misses again.
6:26 AMa month ago

22' | What a save by Charter

Another great move by Belgium, who are now dominating the ball a bit more, where Kina finished the play with a great shot into the top corner to which Charter reacted by making a great save.
6:22 AMa month ago

18'| Charlier had it

A good counter-attack by the Belgians down the left flank ends with Charlier's shot being cleared by the Australian goalkeeper.
6:19 AMa month ago

Second quarter begins

The ball is rolling again, both teams continue with the same formations. The Australians keep pressing high up the field.
6:17 AMa month ago

First quarter completed

At the end of the first quarter, both teams are very well positioned and both have had approaches to the opponent's goal but without any clear goal scoring chances.
6:11 AMa month ago

9'|Testing minutes

The match is very intense but it is being very tactical, there are no clear chances, the Australians are in control. The score is still 0-0.
6:03 AMa month ago

The meeting begins

The field field hockey final begins, the "Red Lions" put it in play, let's see who will win it. Make your predictions.
6:01 AMa month ago

This is about to begin

The players are already on the pitch, the referee is waiting for instructions for the final to begin, and the great Olympic final is about to begin.
7:21 PMa month ago

Opponents who have faced Belgium

As for Belgium, they have faced Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Africa and Canada in their group, Spain in the quarterfinals and India in the semifinals.
7:16 PMa month ago

Rivals who have faced Australia

On the one hand, Australia has had to face India, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand and Japan in its group, the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and Germany in the semifinals to reach the final.
7:11 PMa month ago

Who will win the gold?

In this match, two great powers in this discipline will face each other. On the one hand, the Kookaburras will go for their second gold medal, while the Belgians will try to get this medal for the first time, since in Rio 2016 they lost the final against Argentina.
7:06 PMa month ago

Where will it be televised?

The match between Australia vs Belgium will be broadcasted on Claro Sport, NBC and Eurosport at 19.00 Japanese time.
7:01 PMa month ago

Schedule and venue

The match will be played on August 5 at the Oi Hockey Stadium at 19:00 local time (12:00 Spanish time). 
6:56 PMa month ago

Photo of India vs Belgium

India vs Belgium, Olympic Games // Source: India National Team
India vs Belgium, Olympic Games // Source: India National Team
6:51 PMa month ago

Belgium's last match

Belgium defeated India by a resounding 2-5, in a match where the Indians came back from the 0-1 of the Belgians. Then, the Belgian team came back and beat their rival.
6:46 PMa month ago

Photo of Australia vs Germany

Australia vs Germany, Olympic Games // Source: Australia National Team
Australia vs Germany, Olympic Games // Source: Australia National Team
6:41 PMa month ago

Australia's last match

In the previous meeting, the Australians faced Germany where they won 3-1, thanks to goals from Brand, Govers and Sharp.
6:36 PMa month ago

Welcome to VAVEL

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