Highlights and Best Moments: Slovenia 89 - 90 France in Tokyo 2020
The block of Batum / Source : FIBA


9:05 AMa month ago

Thank You

Thank you very much to all Vavel readers for following this live match between Slovenia and France in Tokyo 2020. Best regards and see you next time.
9:03 AMa month ago

Best players of the match

On the part of the winners, the performances of the New York Knicks point guard, Evan Fournier with 23 points and 5 rebounds, Rudy Gobert who had 9 points and 16 rebounds and of course the best player of the French team was Nando de Colo with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.

Great game also by Mike Tobey, the Slovenian center made 23 points and 8 rebounds, being the top scorer of the Slovenian team.


8:58 AMa month ago

Historical performance

Despite his first defeat with the Slovenian national team, Luka Doncic made history and achieved the third triple-double in the history of the Olympic Games (16 pts-18a-10reb), but it was not enough to qualify for the final against the USA.
8:54 AMa month ago

Final del partido (89-90)

Tremendous the end of the game with which France manages to qualify to the final of these Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Nicolas Batum secured the victory with one of, if not the most important block in the history of France.
8:49 AMa month ago

4Q 0:00

Nicolas Batum wins the game with a great block on Klemen Prepelic. FRANCE TO THE FINAL.
8:46 AMa month ago

4Q 0:30

8:45 AMa month ago

4Q 0:45

Evan Fournier commits his 5th foul and is ejected.
8:42 AMa month ago

4Q 0:56

IMPORTANT TRIPLE for France. No miss for Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot and 5 up for France.
8:41 AMa month ago

4Q 1:30

Rudy Gobert misses 2 of his 2 free throws.
8:39 AMa month ago

4Q 3:00

Klemen Prepelic and Mike Tobey with two consecutive baskets and fouls. Very hot game.
8:37 AMa month ago

4Q 3:30

Vincent Collet asks for a review of a possible illegal block and receives the technical and possession for Slovenia.
8:34 AMa month ago

4Q 4:27

De Colo doesn't miss today and scores the third three-pointer of the game for him. The advantage is back for France.
8:32 AMa month ago

4Q 5:00

Mike Tobey picks up another offensive rebound and ties the game again.
8:30 AMa month ago

4Q 6:35

Luka Doncic doesn't miss his free throws and connects another alley-oop with Mike Tobey.
8:27 AMa month ago

4Q 7:30

Vlatko Cancar scores the layup and Evan Fournier responds with a very important three-pointer for France.
8:24 AMa month ago

4Q 9:15

Jaka Blazic again hits from the 6.75-meter line and the game is only 3 points ahead for France.
8:22 AMa month ago

End of the third quarter (65-71)

France comes back after a great fourth quarter by Nando De Colo. Slovenia will have to make changes in this last quarter to try to come back.
8:20 AMa month ago

3Q 0:25

Jaka Blazic scores the stepback three-pointer over Gobert to close the gap.
8:18 AMa month ago

3Q 2:00

Gregor Hovrat scores the key three-pointer to keep Slovenia in the game after Luka Doncic's assist.
8:13 AMa month ago

3Q 4:15

Great quarter by Nando De Colo who scored his 17th point of the game with another three-pointer.
8:11 AMa month ago

3Q 5:25

Jaka Blazic finds his sensations again and scores the layup. 7 down Slovenia.
8:05 AMa month ago

3Q 7:05

Great start of France in this third quarter and with Nando de Colo who has 6 points and 2 assists in this quarter.
8:01 AMa month ago

3Q 8:00

Gobert smashes the rim after a great assist from Nando De Colo.
7:59 AMa month ago

3Q 9:40

Luka Doncic and Nicolas Batum exchange baskets to start this quarter.
7:47 AMa month ago

End of second quarter (44-42)

Slovenia went to halftime with a two-point lead thanks to the great on-court connection between Luka Doncic (12pts-7reb-8a) and Mike Tobey (12pts-5reb).

On the French side, the scoring of Luwawu-Cabarrot from the triple with 10 points and also the 7 points from 4 different French players (Yabusele, Gobert, Fournier and De Colo) was very important.

7:42 AMa month ago

2Q 0:03

Last possession of the first half for Slovenia and Vlatko Cancar scores a very important basket to end the quarter.
7:40 AMa month ago

2Q 1:30

Incredible poster Rudy Gobert to Mike Tobey that ties the game.
7:39 AMa month ago

2Q 2:00

Klemen Prepelic again breaks Slovenia's drought in this second quarter and is being Slovenia's best in this second quarter.
7:37 AMa month ago

2Q 3:30

Vlatko Cancar wanted to look for the 1v1 against Yabusele but takes the stopper under Gobert's hoop.
7:33 AMa month ago

2Q 5:00

Luka Doncic returns to the game and claims a possible 2+1 by Rudy Gobert.
7:31 AMa month ago

2Q 5:25

Real Madrid point guard Thomas Heurtel scores both free throws.
7:28 AMa month ago

2Q 6:37

Thomas Heurtel makes a 2 point shot and breaks the drought that started this second quarter. France timeout.
7:25 AMa month ago

2Q 8:40

Luwawu-Cabarrot scores again from mid-range and already has 10 points in the game.
7:24 AMa month ago

End of first quarter (29-27)

Statement of intentions of both teams in this first half where the connection between Mike Tobey (10 pts) and Luka Doncic (10pts-5 assists) has stood out.

In France the surprise factor is being Luwawu-Cabarrot with 8 pts.

7:18 AMa month ago

1Q 1:15

Two consecutive three-pointers for Brooklyn Nets forward Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot.
7:15 AMa month ago

1Q 2:22

Rudy Gobert scores both free throws to cut the lead to 6.
7:12 AMa month ago

1Q 3:30

Beautiful assist by Luka Doncic between Rudy Gobert's legs for Mike Tobey's easy layup.
7:09 AMa month ago

1Q 5:40

8 points from the Dallas Mavericks player and Luka Doncic's second three-pointer with stepback over the French defense.
7:06 AMa month ago

1Q 7:00

Yabusele scores a mid-range shot to put them ahead on the scoreboard.
7:04 AMa month ago

1Q 8:30

Nando de Colo's free triple from the corner and Mike Tobey responds with another long-range shot.
7:02 AMa month ago

1Q 10:00

First possession of the game for Luka Doncic and Jaka Blazic scores in transition.
7:00 AMa month ago

Starting five

Slovenia lineup: Mike Tobey, Jaka Blazic, Zoran Dragic, Vlatko Cancar and Luka Doncic

France lineup : Nicolas Batum, Guerschon Yabusele, Evan Fournier, Nando de Colo and Rudy Gobert

6:45 AMa month ago

It will be a historic match

While the Slovenia of Luka Doncic and company are looking to surprise the world and sneak into an Olympic final in their very debut in the competition, France wants to secure a medal that has eluded them since Sydney 2000.


6:42 AMa month ago

The other semifinal

A few hours ago the other elimination game between USA vs Australia was closed, a semifinal where the Americans have managed to secure a new Olympic medal by winning the game 97-78. Kevin Durant was the top scorer of the game with 23 points.
6:35 AMa month ago

We begin with the coverage of the match

We begin with the minute-by-minute coverage of the second semifinals of these Olympic Games in which Slovenia vs France will face each other in the fight for a place in the men's basketball final.
6:30 AMa month ago

Follow live coverage of the match between Spain and France.

Just before the game starts, we will share with you the Spain vs France starting lineups live in the women's basketball group stage of the 2020 Olympic Games, as well as the latest information from the Saitama Super Arena. Don't miss any detail of the match with VAVEL's live online minute-by-minute coverage.
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Where and how to watch France vs Slovenia online and live Olympic Games 2020

The match will kick off at 08:00 ET and can be enjoyed live on EuroSport.

However, the best way to follow this exciting match online is through VAVEL.com.

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"La menace" of France

Despite the great ability that France has on the offensive side of the court, undoubtedly the differential factor in these Olympic Games is being the center of Utah Jazz and current DPOY in the NBA, Rudy Gobert. The French interior will be the key in today's game both in the points he can score and the defensive presence he has for the opposing offense.
Gobert's block against Gallinari / Source : FIBA
Gobert blocking against Gallinari / Source : FIBA
6:15 AMa month ago

Luka Doncic and his ode to the impossible

Luka Doncic is being by far the best player of these Olympic games with some scandalous offensive averages and will seek to put his country in an Olympic final in his own debut. If he were to win today's game, he would string together a record of 18 wins and 0 losses in official games with Slovenia. His stats are 26.3 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists.
Luka vs Germany / Source : FIBA
Luka vs Germany / Source : FIBA
6:10 AMa month ago

Narrative of the match

While Slovenia is the tournament debutant and will be looking for a surprise and a place in the Olympic final, France will be seeking its third medal at the Olympic Games, adding to the medals won in London 1948 and Sydney 2000 (both silver).
6:05 AMa month ago

France's call-up list

Andrew Albicy, Frank Ntilikina, Thomas Heurtel, Nando de Colo, Evan Fournier, Nicolas Batum, Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot, Petr Cornelie, Guerschon Yabusele, Rudy Gobert, Vincent Poirier and Moustapha Fall are the 12 chosen by French coach Vincent Collet.
6:00 AMa month ago

Slovenia's call-up list

Luka Doncic, Luka Rupnik, Aleksej Nikolic, Klemen Prepelic, Zoran Dragic, Jaka Blazic, Vlatko Cancar, Jakob Cebasek, Gregor Hrovat, Edo Muric, Ziga Dimec, Mike Tobey will be the 12 players representing Slovenia at these Olympic Games.
5:55 AMa month ago

In the search of gold

Both Germany and Slovenia come into these semifinals undefeated, so both have high expectations to dream of a gold medal. The opponent in the final will be either the USA or Australia.
5:50 AMa month ago

Where will the game be played?

The game will be played at the main venue for basketball at these 2020 Olympic Games: the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.
5:45 AMa month ago

Welcome to the live coverage of the match between Slovenia and France at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games here on VAVEL.com.

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