Resume and Highlights Spain vs Denmark at Men's Handball Tokyo 2020 Olympics (23-27)
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Save the date

The definition of the podium in handball is on Saturday 7th, in a double round that begins with the dispute for bronze between Egypt and Spain at 4am ET. Later, at 8am ET, Denmark defends its title against France.
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Top Scorers

Spain (23): Dujshebaev A., Figueras A. (5), Gómez A. (4), García A. (3), Entrerríos R., Sarmiento D. (2), Fernández Á., Migallón M.
Denmark (27): Mikkel Hansen (12), Gidsel (5), Mensah Larsen (4), Toft Hansen (2), Holm, Johan Hansen, Magnus Landin Jacobsen, Svan
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Match Statistics: Spain 23-27 Denmark

Goals/shots - Spain: 23/46, Denmark: 27/46
Goals/fast breaks - Spain: 0/1, Denmark: 1/1
Goals/7m shots - Spain: 3/3, Denmark: 5/6
Saves/shots - Spain: 12/39, Denmark: 12/35
Turnovers - Spain: 8, Denmark: 7
2-min. Suspensions - Spain: 4, Denmark: 2
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Game over. With the victory, the Danish team keeps alive the dream of two Olympic titles against the French in a repeat of the final that happened five years ago at the Rio 2016 Games. Meanwhile, the Spanish need to re-establish themselves to face Egypt in the bronze medal match.
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Last goal

29' Mikkel Hansen serves Mads Mensah, who hits a shot from 6 meters at a speed of 104 km/h
9:35 AM2 months ago


28' Johan Hansen gives Denmark back a three-goal lead, and 10 seconds later Dujshbaev is blocked as he attempts a shot from the 9-meter line
9:33 AM2 months ago

Shortly to go

23-25! Time-out for Jordi Ribera, then Sarmiento cuts the score
9:28 AM2 months ago

What a goal

25' Denmark make a tactical reversal and are without a goalkeeper. Perez de Vargas expedites the ball replacement and Sanchez-Migallon scores from the back
9:24 AM2 months ago


23' Entrerrios hits the ball and Spain is back on the scoreboard
9:22 AM2 months ago

Time out Denmark

20-22. Jacobsen stops the game.
9:12 AM2 months ago


16' Efficiency - Spain: 53%, Denmark: 60%
9:11 AM2 months ago


15' Sarmiento falls to the ground after being pressed by Møllgaard and Toft Hansen on the edge of the box, but recovers without needing medical attention
9:08 AM2 months ago


11' Efficiency - Spain: 47%, Denmark: 61%
9:05 AM2 months ago

Garcia Robledo out

38' 2-minute suspension. Personal foul penalty in Gidsel. Score: 14-17.
9:01 AM2 months ago


Denmark takes advantage of the numerical advantage and increases the score
8:58 AM2 months ago

Sarmiento out

2-minute suspension. Score: 12-14
8:54 AM2 months ago


3' Turnovers - Spain: 6, Denmark: 5
8:54 AM2 months ago


Sarmiento Melian opens the scoring with a throw of 81 km/h
8:52 AM2 months ago


00' The second period begins. Guardiola takes the opening shot. Score: 10-14.
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Top Scorers

Spain (10): Figueras Trejo (4), Garcia Robledo (2), Gomez, Fernandez Perez, Dujshebaev, Sarmiento
Denmark (14): Mikkel Hansen (5), Gidsel (3), Mensah, Landin, Toft Hansen, Svan
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First half stats

Goals/shots - Spain: 10/23, Denmark: 14/24
Goals/fast breaks - Spain: 0/1, Denmark: 1/1
Goals/7m shots - Spain: 1/1, Denmark: 1/2
Saves/shots - Spain: 6/20, Denmark: 6/6
Turnovers - Spain: 6, Denmark: 3
2-min. Suspensions - Spain: 2, Denmark: 1
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Half time

30'Mikkel Hansen scores, then the first half ends and Denmark goes to the locker room with a four-goal lead
8:39 AM2 months ago

Guardiola Villaplana out

27' 2-minute suspension. Spain are down a player. Score: 9-12.
8:34 AM2 months ago

Time out Denmark

9-11! Spain drafts a reaction with two goals from Garcia Robledo and Jacobsen stops the game.
8:30 AM2 months ago


Denmark widens the gap to four goals with Mads Mensah's 6-meter shot. It is the highest score so far.
8:23 AM2 months ago

Match stats

19' Score: 6-9
Turnovers - Spain: 6, Denmark: 3
Efficiency - Spain: 38%, Denmark: 53%
Save shots - Spain: 3/6, Denmark: 0/2
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Time out Spain

Denmark opens 8-5 and Jordi Ribera stops the game
8:20 AM2 months ago


Denmark led 3-1, Spain equalized, then came back from two goals down to make it 5-5
8:14 AM2 months ago


8' Save shots - Spain: 3/6, Denmark: 0/2.
8:12 AM2 months ago

Saugstrup out

2-minute suspension for Denmark
8:08 AM2 months ago


Turnovers - Spain: 4, Denmark: 2
8:08 AM2 months ago


Perez de Vargas stretches his arms above his head and defends Lasse's shot
8:05 AM2 months ago

Look at him

In the very first minute, Mikkel Hansen puts Denmark ahead with a 9-meter shot that reached 101 km/h
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Kick off Denmark
8:00 AM2 months ago


Arthur Brunner and Morah Salah (Switzerland)
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Turn it up, DJ!

Play the National Anthems of Spain and Denmark.
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Here we go

Teams take the court at Yoyogi National Stadium
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Last matches between Spain-Denmark

Photo by Real Federación Española de Balonmano
Photo by Real Federación Española de Balonmano
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Chance for a rematch

In January, Denmark beat Spain 35-33 in the semifinal of the World Championship, held in Cairo (Egypt). Dujshebaev and Mikkel Hansen were the standouts of the match. The Nordics won the title by beating Sweden 26-24 and the Hispanics finished in 3rd place after beating France (35-29).
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Hey! We're back with the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, and more about the opening match of the men's handball semifinals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Defending champions Denmark face Spain, who are fighting for an unprecedented final. Come with us so you don't miss a thing!
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How to watch Spain vs Denmark Live Stream on TV and Online?

Handball at Tokyo 2020 - Men's Semifinal
Match: Spain vs Denmark
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo, Japan)
Time: 8:00 am EST
Where to watch: La1, RTVE Play, Eurosport (Spain), SporTV+ (Brazil), NBC Sports (USA)
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
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Where and how to watch Spain vs Denmark online and live Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

The first semifinal between the Spanish and the Danish is this Wednesday (5), at 8:00am ET. To watch the game you can tune in to La1, RTVE Play, Eurosport (Spain), SporTV+ (Brazil) or NBC Sports (USA). You can also watch the match in real time here on VAVEL US minute by minute.
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Medal table

So far Spain is in 34th place and has 10 achievements, including one gold, four silvers and five bronzes. Denmark is a little higher up, at 25th place, with two gold, two silver, and three bronze (seven in total).
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Denmark squad list

Niklas Landin (THW Kiel), Kevin Moller (FC Barcelona), Magnus Landin (THW Kiel), Lasse Svan (Flensburg), Johan a Plogv Hansen (Hanovre), Mads Mensah Larsen (Flensburg), Mikkel Hansen (Paris Saint-Germain HB), Lasse Bredekjaer Andersson (Füchse Berlín), Jacob Tandrup Holm (Füchse Berlín), Henrik Møllgaard (Aalborg), Morten Olsen (GOG Gudme), Mathias Gidsel (GOG Gudme), Magnus Saugstrup Jensen (Aalborg), Henrik Toft Hansen (Paris Saint-Germain HB), Emil Jacobsen (GOG Gudme) e Simon Hald (Flensburg-Handewitt).
Técnico: Nikolaj Jakobsen.
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Spain squad list

Adrian Figueiras Trejo (HBC Nantes), Aleix Gómez Abello (FC Barcelona), Alex Dujshebaev Dovichebaeva (HC Lomza Vive Kielce), Ángel Fernández Pérez (FC Barcelona), Antonio García Robledo (Club Balonmabo Granollers), Daniel Sarmiento Melian (Saint-Raphäel Var Handball), Eduardo Gurbindo Martínez (HC Vardar 1961), Ferran Solé Sala (Paris Saint-Germain HB), Gedeon Guardiola Villaplana (TBV Lemgo), Gonzalo Perez de Vargas Moreno (FC Barcelona), Jorge Maqueda Peño (Telekom Veszprem), Julen Aguinagalde Aquizu (Club Deportivo Bidasoa), Miguel Sánchez Migallón Naranjo (HC Lomza Vive Kielce), Raúl Entrerríos Rodríguez (FC Barcelona), Rodrigo Corrales Rodal (Telekom Veszprem).
Coach: Jordi Ribera.
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Next stop

Whoever wins this clash between the spanish and the danes faces Egypt or France in the final on Saturday 7th, at 8am ET. On the same day, at 4am ET, there is the dispute for the bronze medal.
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To crown a generation

Out of the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Hispanos seek an unprecedented final. Besides champion Denmark, in Brazil the French took the silver medal and Germany completed the podium. The best result of the Spaniards was in Beijing 2008, when they won the bronze by beating Croatia 35-29. This also happened in Sydney 2000 and Atlanta 1996.
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Denmark comes in hot

Considered one of the handball powerhouses, it is the current Olympic champion and two-time world champion. The Nordic countries have a tradition in the sport, so much so that three of the 12 classified for Tokyo came from there (Norway and Sweden, besides the Danes).
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Round by round

24/07 - Germany 27-28 Spain
24/07 - Denmark 47-30 Japan
26/07 - Spain 28-27 Norway
26/07 - Egypt 27-32 Denmark
28/07 - Brazil 25-32 Spain
28/07 - Denmark 31-21 Bahrain
30/07 - France 36-31 Spain
30/07 - Portugal 28-34 Denmark
01/08 - Denmark 30-33 Sweden
01/08 - Spain 36-27 Argentina
03/08 - Denmark 31-25 Norway
03/08 - Sweden 33-34 Spain
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Time travel

Men's handball has been part of the Olympic program since Berlin 1936, when Germany, Austria and Switzerland stood on the podium. Denmark joined the ranks of champions at the Rio 2016 Games, joining Croatia, France, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union (2), East Germany, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Russia.
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The match will be played at the Yoyogi National Stadium

Denmark are the reigning Olympic champions and to stay alive in the fight for a second Olympic title they need to beat Spain on Thursday 5th at 8 am ET.
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Welcome to’s coverage of the match Spain vs Denmark Live Updates!

Hi everyone! My name is Bia Palumbo and I’ll be your host for this match at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Today we bring you the emotions of the handball semifinal between Spain and Denmark, who on Thursday (5) will fight for a place in the final. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.