Highlights: USA 79-59 Serbia in Basketball semiinal match at Tokyo 2020
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1:33 AM2 years ago

End of coverage

Our coverage of the United States vs Serbia in the basketball semifinals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games comes to an end. Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sports.
1:21 AM2 years ago

Next game

The Americans await an opponent between France and Japan to decide the winners of the women's basketball tournament at the Olympic Games.
1:15 AM2 years ago

End of game

Game over, UNITED STATES WON! Victory of the champions 79-59 to qualify to the final game of the basketball tournament at the Olympic Games.
1:14 AM2 years ago

4th | 1:00

Last minute of match.
1:11 AM2 years ago

4th | 2:15

The Serbians already assume their destiny, but do not give up the fight until the end. 70-49.
1:08 AM2 years ago

4th | 3:30

The only thing left to do is to finish the time. 24 points of advantage for the Americans.
1:04 AM2 years ago

4th | 6:15

Timeout. The Serbians have not been able to do enough damage to close the gap.
1:00 AM2 years ago

4th | 8:15

CHELSEA GRAY! Three pointer by the USA player. Five more points of advantage for the Americans.
12:58 AM2 years ago

Fourth period begins

Last 10 minutes of the game.
12:56 AM2 years ago

End of third quarter

58-39 at the end of the third period. Scoreboard in favor of the Americans.
12:54 AM2 years ago

3rd | 0:10

TRIPLE!Great shot by Chelsea Gray to end the third quarter. 58-39.
12:52 AM2 years ago

3rd | 1:10

TRIPLE! Yvonne Anderson scores for Serbia.
12:51 AM2 years ago

3rd | 2:00

Serbia is working to try to keep the 20-point lead held by the Americans at bay.
12:45 AM2 years ago

3rd | 5:45

The United States goes over 50 points. Sue Bird scores. 51-26.
12:42 AM2 years ago

3rd | 7:57

Three baskets for the Americans right out of the gate. 47-23.
12:41 AM2 years ago

Third quarter begins

The game is restarted.
12:22 AM2 years ago

2nd | 0:23

Aleksandra Crvendakic scores two of three free throws. 39-23.
12:21 AM2 years ago

2Q | 0:44

Chelsea Gray scores two free throws. 39-21.
12:20 AM2 years ago

2nd | 1:06

The Americans woke up. They are now 16 points ahead. 37-21.
12:18 AM2 years ago

2nd | 2:21

Way to go A'ja Wilson! He scores two points and gets a free throw that he then converts3. 33-21.
12:17 AM2 years ago

2nd | 2:41

Serbia closes the gap! 30-21.
12:15 AM2 years ago

2nd | 3:04

Timeout. 11 points difference between Americans and Serbians.
12:13 AM2 years ago

2nd | 4:00

Little effectiveness of the United States in this quarter. 30-17.
12:11 AM2 years ago

2nd | 6:10

TRIPLE! Sasa Cado closes the gap to the Americans. 28-17.
12:10 AM2 years ago

2nd | 6:59

TRIPLE! Sue Bird scores for the United States.
12:09 AM2 years ago

2nd | 7:40

Yvonne Anderson scores the first points of the quarter. 25-14.
12:07 AM2 years ago

Second quarter begins

The second quarter of the game is underway.
12:05 AM2 years ago

End of first quarter

Dominance of the United States. 25-12 first 10 minutes.
12:04 AM2 years ago

1st | 0:03

Yvonne Anderson scores before the end of the first quarter. 25-12.
12:02 AM2 years ago

1st | 1:03

Breanna Stewart again! 23-8 up United States.
12:01 AM2 years ago

1st | 1:36

The difference is already 13 points in favor of the Americans.
11:58 PM2 years ago

1st | 3:06

Timeout. Breanna Stewart scored for the United States, which has been slowly stretching the lead.
11:56 PM2 years ago

1st | 4:52

A'ja Wilson scores two free throws. 11-4.
11:54 PM2 years ago

1st | 5:00

The teams miss a lot of shots on the last few possessions they have had. The game is 9-4 at this point.
11:52 PM2 years ago

1st | 6:21

The judges call a personal foul on Jelena Brooks and on the double free throw, Brittney Griner scores both points.
11:51 PM2 years ago

1st | 6:30

The match is 5-4 for the United States. Very physically hard fought match so far.
11:49 PM2 years ago

1st | 8:22

Triple point for the United States! Captain Sue Bird gives the Americans the lead.
11:48 PM2 years ago

1st | 9:16

Jelena Brooks scores the first two points for Serbia.
11:46 PM2 years ago

Match starts!

The game between the United States and Serbia is underway.
11:45 PM2 years ago

Teams on the court

The players of the United States and Serbia come out.
11:44 PM2 years ago

Match judges

Crew chief: Antonio Conde (Spain)
Referee: Jung Yu (Chinese Taipei)
Referee: Andreia Silva (Brazil)
Commissioner: Andreas Papadopoulos (Greece)
11:39 PM2 years ago

Serbian team

5- Sonja Vasic - Alero       
6- Sasa Cado - Escolta     
8- Nevena Jovanovic - Escolta    
9- Jelena Brooks (C) - Ala Pivot  
10- Dajana Butulija - Base
11- Aleksandra Crvendakic - Ala Pivot  
12- Yvonne Anderson - Base      
14- Dragana Stankovic - Pivot     
23- Ana Dabovic - Escolta
24- Maja Skoric - Ala Pivot           
32- Angela Dugalic - Ala Pivot
33- Tina Krajisnik - Pivot
11:38 PM2 years ago

U.S. team

4- Jewell Loyd - Base
5- Skylar Diggins - Base
6- Sue Bird (C) - Base
7- Ariel Atkins - Base
8- Chelsea Gray - Escolta
9- A'ja Wilson - Alero
10- Breanna Stewart - Ala Pivot
11- Napheesa Collier - Alero
12- Diana Taurasi - Escolta
13- Sylvia Fowles - Pivot
14- Tina Charles - Pivot
15- Brittney Griner - Pivot
11:28 PM2 years ago

Teams is being prepared

Both teams are already at the Saitama Super Arena. This match will determine the first team to qualify for Saturday's final. The other finalist will be known later in the match between Japan and France.
11:23 PM2 years ago

Less than one hour to start

Soon, the ball will be raised at the Saitama Super Arena and we will know the first finalist team in women's basketball at the Tokyo Olympics. Will the Americans take advantage of their favoritism or will we see another surprise from the competent Serbian team?
11:18 PM2 years ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you this game between the United States and Serbia for a place in the women's basketball final at the Olympic Games.
11:13 PM2 years ago

Tune in here USA vs Serbia Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the latest news from the USA vs Serbia live match, as well as the latest information coming out of the Saitama Super Arena. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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How to watch USA vs Serbia Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Olympic Games (official web page).

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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What time is the USA vs Serbia match?

This is the start time of the game USA vs Serbia of 5th August 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 01:40 hrs. (August 6)
Bolivia: 00:40 hrs. (August 6)
Brazil: 01:40 hrs. (August 6)
Chile: 00:40 hrs. (August 6)
Colombia: 23:40 hrs.
Ecuador: 23:40 hrs.
Spain: 6:40 hrs. (August 6)
México: 23:40 hrs.
Paraguay: 00:40 hrs. (August 6)
Perú: 23:40 hrs.
Uruguay: 01:40 hrs. (August 6)

10:58 PM2 years ago

Key player - Serbia

In the Serbian team the presence of Ana Dabovic stands out, who has become the team's top scorer, with 19 in 4 games.
10:53 PM2 years ago

Key player - United States

In the American team the presence of A'ja Wilson stands out, who has established herself as the top scorer of the team, with 71 points in 4 games.
10:48 PM2 years ago

Serbians aim for another upset

Serbia met the Americans in the quarterfinals after a surprise elimination of China PR. The European team ignored Chinese favoritism, played a safe game and won 77-70.
10:43 PM2 years ago

Americans aim to stay on top of their game

The Americans are still at 100% in the Olympics. To get the pass to the semifinals, the United States overcame Australia with a 79-55 victory. The favorites beat the Australian team without any problems and did not have any scare to get here.
10:38 PM2 years ago

Serbia's first-round campaign

Unlike the United States, Serbia did not have a consistent campaign in the first round. They advanced from Group A with two wins - over Canada and the Republic of Korea - and one loss - to Spain. However, they have grown in the tournament and will look to build on that success by eliminating the heavy favorites for gold.
10:33 PM2 years ago

The U.S. first-round campaign

Favorites to win gold from the start of the competition, the U.S. girls are undefeated at the Olympics. In the first round, they qualified as Group B leaders. In three games, the Americans have won three matches, highlighted by a strong performance against France, which is also in the semifinals.
10:28 PM2 years ago


The USA vs Serbia semifinal match in women's basketball will be played at the Saitama Super Arena, located in the city of Saitama in Japan. It has a capacity for 37,000 people.
10:23 PM2 years ago


Hello everyone! Welcome to the coverage of the USA vs Serbia match corresponding to the women's basketball semifinal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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