Summary and highlights of France 29-27 Sweden in Handball Tokyo 2020
Spain vs Sweden. Source: Eurosport. 


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4:30 AM2 years ago

End of the match

France enters the final in a frantic match that was decided in the final moments;
4:28 AM2 years ago

30: 00

The match is over; France beats Sweden by 29 to 27;
4:25 AM2 years ago

2P 28:23

Johanna Westberg's goal from seven meters to close the gap;
4:20 AM2 years ago

2P 24:13

A goal by Meline Nocandi to give France a three-goal lead, the Swedish coach stopped the game with a time-out;
4:17 AM2 years ago

2P 22:32

Sweden's superiority after Laura's sending off and they are one up with Johanna's goal;
4:14 AM2 years ago

2P 19:17

Pauleta Foppe gives France a two-goal lead;
4:11 AM2 years ago

2P 16:40

A goal by Emma Lindovist to put the Swedes one up;
4:06 AM2 years ago

2P 12: 57

Time-out called by the Swedish coach.
4:05 AM2 years ago

2P 11:22

Jamina Roberts' fall to equalize the match;
4:02 AM2 years ago

2P 40:05

Oceane puts France back in the lead;
3:58 AM2 years ago

2P 6:45

Two goals by Emma to turn the score around and put Sweden ahead;
3:55 AM2 years ago

2P 3:24

Another goal by Zaadi to put France two up;
3:54 AM2 years ago

2P 2:38

The second half started with a goal for both teams;
3:37 AM2 years ago

1P 30:00

France takes a one-goal lead into halftime thanks to a goal by Laura Flippes;
3:29 AM2 years ago

1P 23:30

France takes the lead after Chloe Valentine's counterattack;
3:21 AM2 years ago

1P 17:43

Oceane ties the game, putting the 7 to 7 on the scoreboard 
3:18 AM2 years ago

1P 14:48

Zaadi scored again to bring France to within one goal of tying the match;
3:08 AM2 years ago

1P 6:16

Another goal from Johanna from seven meters to give the Swedes a two-goal lead;
3:04 AM2 years ago

1P 2:27

The equalizer came with a goal by Grace Zaadi 
3:03 AM2 years ago

1P 1:27

Sweden's first goal was scored by Johanna Westberg from 7 meters;
3:01 AM2 years ago

The match begins

The first possession of the match goes to Sweden 
6:41 PM2 years ago

Where and how to watch France vs Sweden online and live Olympic Games 2020

The match will be played at 10:00 Spanish peninsular time and can be seen live on Eurosport.

If you prefer to follow the match online, is your best option.

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What time is the France vs Sweden match?

This is the start time of the match  in several countries:

Argentina: 05:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 03:00 hrs.
Brazil: 04:00 hrs.
Chile: 03:00 hrs.
Colombia: 03:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:00 hrs
Spain: 10:00 hrs.
Mexico: 03:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:00 hrs.
Peru: 03:00 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:00 hrs.
France: 10:00 hrs.
Sweden: 10:00 hrs.

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Sweden matches

The Swedish team, on the other hand, came out on top of the group and beat South Korea in the quarterfinals;
6:26 PM2 years ago

France matches

The French team qualified for the quarterfinals as third and beat the Netherlands;
6:21 PM2 years ago


The last official match between the two teams was in the last European Championship where the French won by 31 to 25;
6:16 PM2 years ago

Sweden call-up list

Budsen, Ryde, Carin Stromberg, Linn Blohm, Jamina Roberts, Melissa, Mathilda, Westberg, Anna, Emma, Nathalie, Kristin, Elin y Jenny. 
6:11 PM2 years ago

France call-up list

Amandine, Darleux, Nocandy, Coatenea, Chloe, Pineau, Coralie, Zoadi, Niakate, Lura Flippes, Beatrice, Pauletta, Estelle, Alexandra. 
6:06 PM2 years ago


France and Sweden will play in the semifinals of the Olympic Games.
6:01 PM2 years ago

Preview of the game

France and Sweden will play in the semifinals of the Olympic Games.
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