Highlights: Men's 10m Platform Diving Final in Tokyo 2020
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Yuan Cao 582.35 Gold
Jian Yang 580.40 Silver
Thomas Daley 548.25 Bronze
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Last round

Thomas Daley closed with a round performance his participation in Tokyo and secures the bronze. China makes it one two.

Yuan Cao 582.35 Gold
Jian Yang 580.40 Silver 
Thomas Daley 548.25 Bronze

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With one dive to go, the medal standings are starting to be defined, this is what the score looks like:
Yuan Cao CHINA 479.75
Jian Yang CHINA 467.65
Thomas Daley 456.45 
These three divers lead the competition, Mexico's Isaac Villareal is at the bottom of the table.
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Round 4

Yuan Cao 378.00
Jian Yand 365.05
Thomas Daley 362.10
Aleksandr Bondar 336.75
Viktor Minibaev 326.20
Rikuto Tamai 320.65
Oleksii Sereda 306.70
Jordan Windle 269.80
Cassiel Rousseau 269.55
Kawan Pereira 265.75
Brandon Loschiavo 244.90
Isaac Villareal 228.60
1:30 AM2 years ago

Round 2

Thomas Daley 1899.80
Jian Yang 184.60
Yuan Cao 183.60
Aleksandr Bondar 167.00
Oleksii Sereda 162.40
Viktor Minibaev 160.60
Rikuto Tamai 158.40
Jordan Widle 141.40
 Kaean Pereira140.00
Isaac Villareal 126.60
Brandon Loschiavo 126.60
Cassiel Rousseau 118.80
1:15 AM2 years ago

Round 1

Thomas Daley 98.60
Jian Yang 90.10
Oleksii Sereda 83.20
Aleksandr Bondar 75.20
Rikuto Tamai 72.00
Jordan Windle 68.80
Viktor Minibaev 68.80
Isaac Villareal 67.20
Brandon Loschiavo 67.20
Kawan Figueredo 60.80
Cassiel Rousseau 57.60
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Almost ready

We are minutes away from the start of the first round of jumps in the Men's 3m Platform Grand Final.
12:45 AM2 years ago

Closing of the aquatic competitions

This competition will officially close the aquatic activities of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where new champions will be sought for each medal.
12:40 AM2 years ago

Mexico still has hope

Although Mexico sent two participants for this 10m platform event, the experienced Iván García was unable to qualify for the semifinals and thus evidently missed the chance to fight for the Olympic podium.
12:35 AM2 years ago

Finalist competitors

These are the athletes who advanced to the Grand Finals 

Kawan Figueredo
Isaac Villareal
Brandon Loschiavo
Jordan Windle
Rikuto Tamai
Oleskii Sereda
Cassiel Rousseau
Viktor Minibaev 
Thomas Daley
Aleksandr Bondar
Jian Yang 
Yuan Cao

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Isaac Villareal

Villareal was the only one of the two Mexicans to qualify to the semifinals and will be looking to put Mexico's name in the final. Villareal is 24 years old and will compete in his first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.
12:15 AM2 years ago

Last champions

This was the podium of Rio 2016:
Chen Aisen, China
German Sanchez,Mexico
David Boudia,United States
12:10 AM2 years ago

Mexico participations

In the individual category, Mexico has six Olympic medals distributed among four divers: Joaquín Capilla (bronze in London 1948, silver in Helsinki 1952 and gold in Melbourne 1956), Álvaro Gaxiola (silver in Mexico 1968), Jesús Mena Campos (bronze in Seoul 1988) and Germán Sánchez (silver in Rio 2016). Andres Villarreal will be looking to reach the final to add his name to the prestigious list.
12:05 AM2 years ago


Of the 29 entries, only 18 participants qualified for the semifinal that will be played hours before the grand final:

#1 Jian Yang (China) - 546.90 points

#2 Yuan Cao (China) - 529.30 points

#3 Aleksandr Bondar (Russian Olympic Committee) - 513.85 points

#4 Thomas Daley (Great Britain) - 453.70 points

#5 Nathan Zsombor-Murray (Canada) - 443.85 points

#6 Oleksii Sereda (Ukraine) - 435.90 points

#7 Haram Woo (South Korea) - 427.25 points

#8 Cassiel Rousseau (Australia) - 423.55 points

#9 Andrés Villarreal (Mexico) - 410.30 points

#10 Sebastian Villa Castañeda (Colombia) - 407.30 points

#11 Brandon Loschiavo (United States) - 403.85 points

#12 Rafael Quintero Diaz (Puerto Rico) - 396.90 points

#13 Timo Barthel (Germany) - 395.70 points

#14 Viktor Minibaev (Russian Olympic Committee) - 391.95 points

#15 Jordan Windle (USA) - 390.05 points

#16 Rikuto Tamai (Japan) - 374.25 points

#17 Kawan Figueredo Pereira (Brazil) - 371.65 points

#18 Yeongtaek Kim (South Korea) - 366.80 points


12:00 AM2 years ago

10m Platform Diving

There were 29 competitors registered for this event:

Australia: Samuel Frickers, Cassiel Rousseau
Brazil: Kawan Figueredo, Isaac Souza
Canada: Rylan Wien, Nathan Zsombor
China: Yuan Cao, Jian Yang
Colombia: Sebastían Villa
Egypt: Mohab Ishak
France: Matthieu Rosset
Great Britain: Thomas Daley, Noah Williams
Germany: Tino Barthel, Jaden Eikermann
Japan: Reo Nishida, Rikuto Tamai
Korea: Yeongtaek Kim, Haram Woo
Mexico: Ivan Garcia, Isaac Villareal
Puerto Rico: Rafael Quintero
ROC: Aleksandr Bondar,Viktor Minibaev
Singapore: Jonathan Chan
Ukraine: Oleksii Sereda
USA: Brandon Loschiavo, Jordan Windle
Venezuela: Oscar Ariza


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Tokyo Aquiatics Center

The Tokyo Aquatics Center has been one of the new constructions, and has been built on the Tatsumi-no-Mori waterfront. After the 2020 Games, the venue will host domestic and international competitions.

Venue capacity
Olympic water sports (swimming, diving, synchronized swimming) : 15,000

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